100+ Good Night Quotes…

Every time you are at my sight…

Every time you are at my sight,
You look a little more bright .
sometime the moon shies ,
and hides somewhere in the sky .
but what is there to do ?
I can hardly breath
when You are in front of me .
not a day go by ,
that i haven’t thought of You.
Good Night

Don’t use your blanket…

Don’t use your Blanket
Just think at My Love
It will Warm you,

Don’t use Pillow
just think at my hands
It will Trap your head,

Don’t close your Mouth
I will be kissing you all Night
Good Night, I Love you !!

Whats Missing…

Whats missing in H__RT? EA or You?
Pick EA & you’ll get a heart!
If you pick You, you will get hurt!
Id pick You because its better to get hurt,
Than have a heart without You.

When Ants crawl up the wall…

When Ants crawl up the wall.
No Matter how Busy they are
They Still Stop and Communicate with Each Other
Hope we will be like them,
Busy but in touch Always.. !! Good night..!!

When the night comes…

When the night comes,
Look at the sky,
If you see a falling star,
Don’t wonder why,
Just make a wish,
Trust me it will come true.
Because i did the same and found you .!!

New Hair Style…

There are many Amazing Things About Sleep
and One Of Them Is That,
You Always Wake Up With a New Hair Style..!
Good Night….!!

Art of living…

Art of living:
First of all,dont make friends.
If made,dont go close to them.
If gone,dont like them.
If liked,then plz.. dont leave them.
Good Night, sweet dreams…