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Advice Quotes, Advice SMS, Advice Messages

Advice Quotes 2020

Advice Is Like Snow…

Advice Is Like Snow
The Softer It Falls,
The Longer It Dwells Upon,
The Deeper In Sinks Into The Mind.. !!

It Takes One Minute…

It Takes One Minute To Make Someone’s Day
One Minute To Destroy Someone’s Life…
So Be Careful For What You Say.. !!

Before You Give Someone Advice…

Before You Give Someone Advice,
Be Sure That
You Would Follow Your Own Advice First.

Take Time To Pray……

Take Time To Pray…
It Helps To Bring God Near
And Washes The Dust Of Earth From Your Eyes.
Take Time For Friends…
They Are The Source Of Happiness.
Take Time For Work…
It Is The Price Of Success.
Take Time To Think…
It Is The Source Of Power.
Take Time To Read…
It Is The Foundation Of Knowledge.
Take Time To Laugh…
It Is The Singing That Helps With Life’s Loads.
Take Time To Love…
It Is The One Sacrament Of Life.
Take Time To Dream…
It Hitches The Soul To The Stars.
Take Time To Play…
It Is The Secret Of Youth. 🙂

The World Is Divided Into People…

The World Is Divided Into People….
Who Do The Work And People Who Take The Credit.
Try To Be In The First Group;
There Is Less Competition There. !!

Get Out Of Your Head…

Get Out Of Your Head
And Get Into Your Heart.
Think Less, Feel More.

Be Mindful Of What You Toss Away…

Be Mindful Of What You Toss Away,
Be Careful Of What You Push Away,
Think Hard Before You Walk Away… !!

Don’t Make Decision Based…

Don’t Make Decision Based Solely On Popularity,
Just Because Other People Are Doing
It Doesn’t Mean It’s The Best Choice.

Relationships Are Like Glass…

Relationships Are Like Glass,
Sometimes It’s Better
To Leave Them Broken
Than Try To Hurt Yourself
Putting It Back Together. !!

You Should Respect Each Other…

You Should Respect Each Other
And Refrain From Disputes;
You Should Not, Like Water And Oil,
Repel Each Other,
But Should, Like Milk And Water, Mingle Together !!

It Is Better To Keep Your Mouth Closed…

It Is Better To Keep Your Mouth Closed
And Let People Think You Are A Fool
Than To Open It And Remove All Doubt.

Choose A Job That You Like…

Choose A Job That You Like
You Will Never Have To Work A Day In Your Life

When Good People Consider You…

When Good People Consider You The Bad Guy,
You Better Develop A Heart To Help The Bad Ones.
You Actually Understand Them.

Nothing Hurts More In Love…

Nothing Hurts More In Love Than Avoiding,
Don’t Avoid The Person,
For Whom You Mean So Much,
Getting Avoided In Love Is Like Living In A Hell.

Be Careful About Reading…

Be Careful About Reading Health Books.
You May Die Of A Misprint.

The Only Way For A Rich …

The Only Way For A Rich Man To Be Healthy
Is By Exercise And Abstinence,
To Live As If He Were Poor.

We Must Become The Change…

We Must Become The Change We Want To See.

To Be A Good Professional…

To Be A Good Professional,
Always Start To Study Late For Exams…
Because It Teaches You..
How To Manage “Time” And Tackle “Emergencies”!!

Every Great Man Was Thought…

Every Great Man Was Thought
To Be Insane Before He Changed The World.
Some Never Changed The World.
They Were Just Insane.

Some People Should Consider…

Some People Should Consider
Having Multiple Facebook Accounts
To Go Along With
Their Multiple Personalities.

They Think You Are Crazy…

They Think You Are Crazy, And Sad.
They Think You Are Weird, And Mad.
They Call You Stupid, And Worthless,
Tell You That You Are Not Worth It.
But In Someone’s Eyes, You Are Perfect.

Live Your Life…

Live Your Life, Take Chances,
Be Crazy. Don’t Wait
Because Right Now Is The Oldest
You’Ve Ever Been And
The Youngest You’Ll Be Ever Again.

We Will Have To Repent…

We Will Have To Repent To This Generation,
Not Merely For The Hateful Words
And Actions Of Bad People,
But For The Appealing Silence Of Good People.

If The Mankind Were To Disappear…

If The Mankind Were To Disappear,
The World Would Regenerate
Back To The Rich State Of Equilibrium,
That Existed 10,000 Years Ago;
If Insects Were To Vanish,
The Environment Would Collapse Into Chaos.

The Best Time To Plant A Tree…

The Best Time To Plant A Tree Was 20 Years Ago;
The Second Best Time Is Now.

When People Make You Feel Unwanted…

When People Make You Feel Unwanted,
Don’t Leave To Make Them Feel Sad Or Guilty,
They Won’t Leave
Because You No Longer Have A Reason To Stay.
Sometimes You Have To Be Strong For Yourself.
What’s Meant To Be Will End Up Good
And What Is Not Will Not.

Love Is Worth Fighting For…

Love Is Worth Fighting For,
But Sometimes
You Can’t Be The Only One Fighting.

People Need To Fight For You…

At Times, People Need To Fight For You.
If They Don’t, You Just Have To Move On
Realise What You Gave Them Was More Than
They Were Willing To Give You !

Always Be A First-Rate Version…

Always Be A First-Rate Version Of Yourself,
Instead Of A Second-Rate Version Of Somebody Else.

You Shouldn’t Open Your Mouth…

You Shouldn’t Open Your Mouth
In Two Situations…
One While Swimming
The Other When You Are Angry !!

Silence Is The Fence Around Wisdom…

Silence Is The Fence Around Wisdom!!
If Your Foot Slips,
You Can Always Regain Your Balance..
But If Your Tongue Slips,
You Can Never Recall The Words…
So Think Before Saying Anything In Anger.

Coins Always Make Sound…

Coins Always Make Sound
But The Currency Notes Are Always Silent!
So When Your Value Increases
Keep Yourself Calm & Silent

Sorry Works When Mistakes Is Made…

Nice Saying:
Sorry Works When Mistakes Is Made..
But Sorry Does Not Work When Trust Is Broken..
So In Life Do Mistakes
But Never Break The Trust ..!