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Don’t Force Someone…

Relationship, Life Quotes - Don’t Force Someone To Remember You All The Time

“Don’t Force Someone To Remember You All The Time.
Just Stay Silent And Let Them Realize
How Will They Be Without You In Their Life”.. !!

No One Is Always Busy…

Life Quotes - No One Is Always Busy...

No One Is Always Busy.
It Just Depends On What Number You Are On Their Priority List.. !!

Somewhere Deep Inside Of Me…

Somewhere Deep Inside Of Me,
Are Precious Things You Will Never See.
They Make Me Laugh Or Cry And Sing To The Top Of My Lungs…
Extreme Emotions They Can Bring..
Sometimes, Life Is Tough With What It May Deal…
But I Would Never Change How Much I Feel…
Strength Is The Essence Of Sensitivity.
My Feelings Help Me Made “Me”
When We Are Struggling To Cope
And Don’T Feel Quite “Whole”
Look To The Infinite Precious Things
Within Your Soul. !

Nature Will Always Heal…

Nature Will Always Heal.
If I Have Had A Bad Day
And Feel The Need To Start Over,
I Just Lay On The Grass
And Watch The Clouds Pass By.
Or I Will Run On The Beach
And Watch The Sunset,
Even Just Seeing The Ocean Is Enough.
Or I Will Sit Under A Tree And Meditate.
Let Nature Heal You.

Abc Of Life…

the abc of life
Abc Of Life!!
Accept Differences; Be Kind;
Count Your Blessings; Dream;
Express Thanks; Forgive; Give Freely;
Harm No One; Imagine More;
Jettison Anger; Keep Confidences;
Love Truly; Master Something;
Nurture Hope; Open Your Mind;
Pack Lightly; Quell Rumors;
Reciprocate; Seek Wisdom;
Touch Hearts; Understand;
Value Truth; Win Graciously;
Xeriscape; Yearn For Peace;
Zealously Support A Worthy Cause.

Someday You Will Forget The Closeness We Have…

Someday You Will Forget The Closeness We Have
And The Jokes We Shared.
You Will Meet Someone
Who Can Get Along With You More Than I Can…
What I Hope Is Someday You Will Realize That
I Am Someone Who Has Touched Your Life.. !!

Some People Are Not Loyal To You…

Some People Are Not Loyal To You,
They Are Loyal To Their Need Of You.
Once Their Needs Change,
So Does Their Loyalty.

Sometimes The Worst Is The Best…

Sometimes The Worst Is The Best And The Best Is The Worst.
Life Has Its Ups And Downs And
When They Come You Just Have To Go With It..

There Will Always Be The Last Time…

The Saddest Truth About Life…

There Will Always Be The Last Time You Do Something Or Meet Someone,
And You Won’T Know That It Was The Last Time.

The Last Time You Played Gully Cricket In Your Hometown.
The Last Time All 5 Of Your Best Friend Gang Went On A Trip.
The Last Time You Met The School Teacher You Liked The Most.
The Last Time You Slept In Your Room In The Home You Grew Up In.
The Last Time You Wore Those Jeans!

Life Seems Like A Series Of Things We Move On To,
While Letting Go Of The Past Events. One At A Time.

I Think The Saddest People Always Try…

I Think The Saddest People Always Try Their Hardest
To Make People Happy Because
They Know What It’S Like To Feel Absolutely Worthless
And They Don’T Want Anyone Else To Feel Like That.

People Have Different Reasons…

People Have Different Reasons
For They Way To Live Their Lives…
You Cannot Put Everyone’S Reasons In The Same Box.

Why We All Meet In This Journey Of Life…

Relationship Special…

Nobody Understands The Reason Why We All Meet In This Journey Of Life..
We May Not Be Related By Blood..
We May Not Know Each Other From The Beginning
But God Puts Us Together To Share Wonderful Relations Through Our Heart..

Life Is Like A Notebook…

Life Is Like A Notebook,
Two Pages Are Already Written By God..
First Page Is ‘Birth’ & Last Page Is ‘Death’
Only Center Pages Are Empty,
Fill Them With Happiness, Honesty & Love !!

The Difference Between Gifts And Choices…

What I Want To Talk To You About Today Is
The Difference Between Gifts And Choices.
Cleverness Is A Gift, Kindness Is A Choice.
Gifts Are Easy — They’Re Given After All.
Choices Can Be Hard.
You Can Seduce Yourself With Your Gifts
If You’Re Not Careful,
And If You Do,
It’Ll Probably Be To The Detriment Of Your Choices.

Life Is Too Short To Wake Up With Regrets…

Life Is Too Short To Wake Up With Regrets.
Don’T Waste Precious Moments Being Angry,  Sad Or Bitter…
Let It Go Of What You’Re Holding On. Wake Up… Smile…
Be Better, Be Stronger And Be Happier.
Enjoy The Time With Those Who Truly Matters

He Only Who Acts Scrupulously Towards Himself…

Depend On No Man,
On No Friend,
But Him, Who Can Self-Dependent.
He Only Who Acts Scrupulously Towards Himself,
Will Act So Towards Others, And Vice Versa!!

Time Is Fast Like A Water…

Time Is Fast Like A Water,
Hear The Reply After Asking Question….
Don’T Dance So Fast,
Enjoy The Music Before Song Gets Over!
Because Life Is Not All About Getting Somewhere
It’S About Enjoying,
It’S Journey One Need To Go Through. !!

Those Who Want To Live…

Those Who Want To Live,
Let Them Fight,
And Those Who Do Not Want To Fight
In This World Of Eternal Struggle
Do Not Deserve To Live.”

Take Time To Laugh…

Take Time To Laugh For Its The Music Of The Soul…
Take Time To Love Its A God-Given Privilege.
Take Time To Live For Today May Be The Day Of Your Life.. !!

Life Is A Gamble…

Life Is A Gamble. There Are No Sureties.
If You Want Something Badly,
You Would Have To Trust Your Heart And
Your Instincts And Then Take A Leap Of Faith….!!!

Do Not Be A Parrot In Life…

Life Quotes - Do not be a parror in life

Do Not Be A Parrot In Life,
Be An Eagle.
A Parrot Talks Way Too Much
But Can’T Fly High
But An Eagle Is Silent
And Has The Will Power To Touch The Sky.

Life Is Like A Party…

Life Is Like A Party.
You Invite A Lot Of People; Some Go,
Some Join You, Some Laugh With You,
Some Don’T Come.
But In The End, After The Fun,
There Would Be A Few Who Would Clean Up The Mess With You
& Most Of The Time, Those Were The Uninvited Ones.

Not All The Puzzle Pieces Of Life…

Not All The Puzzle Pieces Of Life Will Seem To Fit Together At First,
But In Time You’Ll Realize They Do, Perfectly.
So Thank The Things That Didn’T Work Out,
Because They Just Made Room For The Things That Will.
No Matter How Good Or Bad You Have It,
Wake Up Each Day Thankful For Your Life.
Someone Somewhere Else Is Desperately Fighting For Theirs.
Instead Of Thinking About What You’Re Missing,
Try Thinking About What You Have That Everyone Else Is Missing….

We Are So Scared We Scream…

There Are Times In Our Life When We Are So Scared We Scream,
And There Are Times We Are So Beyond Scared We Just Freeze!!

Never Regret Anything…

“Never Regret Anything Because At One Time It Was Exactly What You Wanted”
Living Life With Regrets Is In A Sense…
Not Really Living Life….
Picture Yourself Trying To Drive Somewhere…
Sure We Have All Made Mistakes….
And Sometimes We Wish That Things Could Have Gone Differently….
But It Is Impossible To Keep Reliving These Moments….
And Expect To Move Forward In Life….
In Order To Move Forward In Life Take The Experiences From Your Past….
And Use Them As Stepping Blocks In Order To Reach Your New Goals And Dreams….
In Other Words… Don’T Let Your Past Hold You Back….
Learn From Your Past And Use It To Help You Further Your Future….
Be Who You Are Now… And Not Who You Used To Be….

Be As Simple As You Can Be…

Be As Simple As You Can Be;
You Will Be Astonished To See How Uncomplicated
And Happy Your Life Can Become..!!

We Do Not Believe In Ourselves…

We Do Not Believe In Ourselves
Until Someone Reveals That Deep Inside Us Something Is Valuable,
Worth Listening To,
Worthy Of Our Trust,
Sacred To Our Touch.
Once We Believe In Ourselves We Can Risk Curiosity, Wonder, Spontaneous Delight
Or Any Experience That Reveals The Human Spirit.. !!

Everything Is Changing…

Everything Is Changing. Day By Day We Don’T Notice,
But Just Look Back Over The Past Year And You Will Realize Everything Has.
People You Thought Were Going To Be There Forever Aren’T,
And The People You Never Imagined You’D Be Speaking To Are Now Some Of Your Closest Friends.
Life Makes Little Sense, And The More We Grow,
The Less Sense It Will Make. So Make The Most Of Right Now,
Before It All Changes Once Again,
Because In The Near Future All Of Right Now Is Only Going To Be Memories..!!

Life Is A Mixture Of Sunshine And Rain…

Life Is A Mixture Of Sunshine And Rain,
Teardrops And Laughter, Pleasure And Pain
But There Was Never A Cloud That The Sun
Didn’T Shine Through..!

Celebrate The People In Your Life…

Celebrate The People In Your Life Who Are There
Because They Love You For No Other Reason
Than Because You Are You.. !

The Rhythm Of The Body…

The Rhythm Of The Body,
The Melody Of The Mind
And The Harmony Of The Soul
Creates The Symphony Of Life.. !!

It’S Killing Us Or Making Us Stronger…

Sometimes We Can’T Tell
If It’S Killing Us Or Making Us Stronger.
Believe Me When I Tell You It’S The Latter.
Have Faith In The Journey.. !!

The Same Boiling Water That Softens The Potato…

The Same Boiling Water That Softens The Potato
Also Hardens The Egg.
It’S About What You’Re Made Of,
Not The Circumstances.. !!

Have Courage For The Great Sorrows Of Life…

Have Courage For The Great Sorrows Of Life
And Patience For The Small Ones.
When You Have Laboriously Accomplished Your Daily Task,
Go To Sleep In Peace. God Is Awake..!!

To Laugh Often And Love Much…

To Laugh Often And Love Much ;
To Win The Respect Of Intelligent Persons
And The Affection Of Children;
To Earn The Approbation Of Honest Citizens
And Endure The Betrayal Of False Friends;
To Appreciate Beauty; To Find The Best In Others;
To Give Of One’S Self; To Leave The World A Bit Better,
Whether By A Healthy Child, A Garden Patch Or
A Redeemed Social Condition; To Have Played And Laughed
With Enthusiasm And Sung With Exultation;
To Know Even One Life Has Breathed Easier
Because You Have Live……
This Is To Have Succeeded.. !!

In The Midst Of The Flurry – Clarity…

In The Midst Of The Flurry – Clarity
In The Midst Of The Storm – Calm
In The Midst Of Divided Interests – Certainty
In The Many Roads – A Certain Choice…!

Life Is A Garden…

Life Is A Garden – Tend It With Care
And Plant Lovely Flowers
To Bloom Everywhere
Flowers Of Kindness – And Warm Thoughtfulness
The Kind That Bring Pleasure
And Spread Happiness.
Cultivate Friendship.- The Forever Kind.
Let Love Be The Sunshine – And Surely You’Ll Find
That Your Garden Will Flourish –
As Blessings Impart.
And The Most Beautiful Flowers
Will Bloom In Your Heart…

You Will Find Meaning In Life Only…

You Will Find Meaning In Life Only,
If You Create It.
It Is A Poetry To Be Composed.
It Is A Song To Be Sung.
It Is A Dance To Be Danced..!!

This Is The Key To Life…

This Is The Key To Life:
The Ability To Reflect,
The Ability To Know Yourself,
The Ability To Pause For A Second Before Reacting Automatically.
If You Can Truly Know Yourself,
You Will Begin The Journey Of Transformation….!!!

Choose To Love Rather Than Hate…

Choose To Love Rather Than Hate,
Choose To Smile Rather Than Frown,
Choose To Build Rather Than Destroy,
Choose To Persevere Rather Than Quit,
Choose To Praise Rather Than Gossip,
Choose To Heal Rather Than Wound,
Choose To Give Rather Than Grasp,
Choose To Go Rather Than Delay,
Choose To Forgive Rather Than Curse,
Choose To Pray Rather Than Despair!!

There Are Two Kind Of People In The World…

Life Quote - There Are Two Kind of People In The World

There Are Two Kind Of People In The World
1- Those Who Remember Names..
2- Those Whose Names Are Remembered.. !!

Two Fears In The World…

There Are Only Two Fears In The World:
Fear Of Losing What We Have And
Fear Of Not Getting What We Want.. !!

When Someone Exits Your Life…

Sometimes When Someone Exits Your Life,
They Are Doing You A Favor.
They Leave An Empty Space For Someone
Who Deserves To Be There !!

Everyone Has A Purpose In Life…

“Everyone Has A Purpose In Life…
A Unique Gift Or Special Talent To Give To Others.
And When We Blend This Unique Talent With Service To Others,
We Experience The Ecstasy And Exultation Of Our Own Spirit,
Which Is The Ultimate Goal Of All Goals”

Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon A Time…

When Window Was Just A Square Hole In A Room
And Application Was Something Written On A Paper…

When Keyboard Was A Piano…

When File Was An Important Office Material
And Hard Drive Just An Uncomfortable Road Trip…

When Cut Was Done With Knife And Paste With Glue…

When Web Was A Spider’S Home And Virus Was Flu…

When Apple And Blackberry Were Just Fruits…

That’S When We Had A Lot Of Time For Family And Friends!!
Awesome Were Those Days

Instead Of Keeping Us Connected,
Social Media Has Just Become A Medium For Showing Off!!

Do Spare Time For Near N Dear Ones In Real Life
Rather Than This Virtual World…!!

When You Hesitate To Convey…

When You Hesitate To Convey Something To Someone,
It Just Means That
Someone Is Very Much Important Than That Something.. !!

Heart Without Words…

“It’S Better To Have A Heart Without Words
Than Words Without Heart”.. !!

When We Care Deeply…

Determination, Energy, And Courage Appear Spontaneously
When We Care Deeply About Something.
We Take Risks That Are Unimaginable In Any Other Context.. !!

Undisciplined Mind Does Greater Harm…

More Than Those Who Hate You,
More Than All Your Enemies,
An Undisciplined Mind Does Greater Harm.. !!

Life Will Break You…

Life Will Break You.
Nobody Can Protect You From That,
And Living Alone Won’T Either,
For Solitude Will Also Break You With Its Yearning.
You Have To Love. You Have To Feel.
It Is The Reason You Are Here On Earth.
You Are Here To Risk Your Heart.
You Are Here To Be Swallowed Up.
And When It Happens That You Are Broken,
Or Betrayed, Or Left, Or Hurt, Or Death Brushes Near,
Let Yourself Sit By An Apple Tree
And Listen To The Apples Falling All Around You In Heaps,
Wasting Their Sweetness.
Tell Yourself You Tasted As Many As You Could.. !!

We Have Come A Long Way…

We Have Come A Long Way
But We Have A Longer Way To Go.
We Have Many More Highs
To Share Along With A Few Lows.
Today Is That Point In Our Love’S Journey…
Where We Can Pause
And Realize How We Have Been So Lucky.. !!

Never Lose Your Openness…

Put Yourself Into Life And Never Lose Your Openness,
Your Childish Enthusiasm Throughout The Journey That Is Life,
And Things Will Come Your Way.. !!

The True Way To Live Is To Enjoy…

The True Way To Live Is To Enjoy Every Moment As It Passes,
And Surely It Is In The Everyday Things Around Us
That The Beauty Of Life Lies.. !!

No One Is Looking At Your Imperfections…

Remember This:
No One Is Looking At Your Imperfections;
They’Re All Too Busy Worrying About Their Own.. !!

Life Is Like A Camera Lens…

Life Is Like A Camera Lens.
Focus Only On What’S Important
You Will Capture It Perfectly.. !!

Every Little Is Needed…

Every Little Is Needed To Make A Happy Life;
It Is All Within Yourself, In Your Way Of Thinking.. !!

Let Us Dance In The Sun…

Let Us Dance In The Sun,
Wearing Wild Flowers In Our Hair
Let Us Huddle Together As Darkness Takes Over.
We Are At Home Amidst The Birds And The Trees,
For We Are Children Of Nature.. !!

When You Recover Or Discover Something…

When You Recover Or Discover Something
That Nourishes Your Soul And Brings Joy,
Care Enough About Yourself
To Make Room For It In Your Life.. !!

When We Least Expect It…

When We Least Expect It,
Life Sets Us A Challenge To Test Our Courage And Willingness To Change;
At Such A Moment,
There Is No Point In Pretending That Nothing Has Happened
Or In Saying That We Are Not Yet Ready.
The Challenge Will Not Wait.
Life Does Not Look Back.
A Week Is More Than Enough Time For Us
To Decide Whether Or Not To Accept Our Destiny.. !!

Sometimes You Don’T Have To Be Famous…

“Sometimes You Don’T Have To Be Famous.
You Just Have To Make Your Parents
And Teachers Proud Of You.” !!

As We Expect In Our Life…

Not Everything Will Go As We Expect In Our Life.
This Is Why We Need To Drop Expectations,
And Go With The Flow Of Life….
Take A Deep Breath ,Release All The Stress…

Sometimes Things Happen…

Unexpected People, Unexpected Personalities,
Unexpected Hate And Unexpected Love.
Sometimes Things Happen In Life That Are Not Part Of The Plan.
When That Happens, Don’T Give Up..!
Just Find Another Way To Reach It.
Everything Is Going To Be Alright,
Maybe Not Today, But Eventually
Because Beautiful Things Happen In Life
When You Distance Yourself From All The Negative Things.. !!

If You Can Change Your Mind…

If You Can Change Your Mind, You Can Change Your Life.
The Greatest Weapon Against Stress,
Is Our Ability To Choose One Thought Over Another.. !!

Without A Measure Of Darkness…

Even A Happy Life Cannot Be Without A Measure Of Darkness.
And The Word Happy Would Lose Its Meaning If It Were No Balanced By Sadness.
It Is Far Better Take Things As They Come Along With Patience And Equanimity.. !!

We Are Not Here Just To Survive…

We Are Not Here Just To Survive And Live Long.
We Are Here To Live Life In All Its Dimensions.
To Experience Life In Its True Richness,
Exploring All Available Possibilities,
Never Holding Back From Life’S Challenges,
Pushing Forward In Curiosity.
Only Then Does Life Fully Bloom.
My Life Has Bloomed, And For That I Thank You !!

How Some People Will Treat You…

You Can’T Control How Some People Will Treat You
Or What They Say About You.
But You Can Control How You React To It…

If You Take Everything Personally…

I Have Learned…
If You Take Everything Personally,
You Will Remain Offended For The Rest Of Your Life.
What Other People Do Is Because Of Them, Not You.
Never Permit The Behavior Of Other People
To Tell You How You Feel.. !!

It’S Better To Look Back…

It’S Better To Look Back On Life And Say:
I Can’T Believe I Did That….<
Than To Look Back And Say: I Wish I Did That.. !!

The Thoughts You Think And The Way You Feel…

The Thoughts You Think And The Way You Feel
Are At The Center Of What You Attract.
Rather Than Looking For Things Outside Of You
That Cause You To Feel Better,
It Is Much Easier To Decide To Feel Better First
And Then Attract From The Outside, Things That Do.. !!

The Fastest Way To Bring…

The Fastest Way To Bring More Wonderful Examples Of Abundance Into Your
Personal Experience Is To Take Constant Notice Of The Wonderful Things That
Are Already There..!!

Sometimes The Blessings…

Sometimes The Blessings Are Not In What He Gives;
But In What He Takes Away.. !!

Do Your Own Thing…

Do Your Own Thing,
Dance Your Own Dance,
Sing Your Own Song,
Find Your Own Rhythm,

When You Are “You”
Then You Will Feel Naturally Attached To Your Life,
To The World, And To Happiness.

People That Are Happy, Confident, Courageous
And At One With Their Naturalness Do Not Hate Life.

I Believe In Going With The Flow…

I Believe In Going With The Flow.
I Don’T Believe In Fighting Against The Flow.
You Ride On Your River
And You Go With The Tides And The Flow.
But It Has To Be Your River, Not Someone Else’S.
Everyone Has Their Own River,
And You Don’T Need To Swim,Float,Sail On There’S,
But You Need To Be In Your Own River
And You Need To Go With It.
And I Don’T Believe In Fighting The Wind.
You Go And You Fly With Your Wind.
Let Everyone Else Catch Their Own Gusts Of Wind
And Let Them Fly With Their
Own Gusts Of Wind,
And You Go And You Fly With Yours..!!

People Know Your Name Not Your Story…

People Know Your Name, Not Your Story.
They Have Heard What You Have Done,
But Not What You Have Been Through.
So Take Their Opinions Of You With A Grain Of Salt.
In The End,
It’S Not What Others Think,
It’S What You Think About Yourself That Counts.
Sometimes You Have To Do Exactly What Is Best For You And Your Life,
Not What Is Best For Everyone Else.. !!

I Wanted A Perfect Ending…

I Wanted A Perfect Ending.
Now I Have Learned, The Hard Way,
That Some Poems Don’T Rhyme,
And Some Stories Don’T Have A Clear Beginning, Middle, And End.
Life Is About Not Knowing,
Having To Change, Taking The Moment
And Making The Best Of It,
Without Knowing What’S Going To Happen Next.. !!

We Have Been Placed…

Is The Timing Perfect…No
Is The Distance Great…Yes
We Have Been Placed In Each Others Life For A Reason..!!

We Can Not Control Everything…

We Can Not Control Everything.
Sometimes We Just Need To Relax
And Have Faith That Things Will Work Out.
Let Go A Little And Just Let Life Happen.
Sometimes The Truths You Can’T Change,
End Up Changing You
And Helping You Grow..!!

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