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Business Of Tomorrow Is…

Business Of Tomorrow Is
Always Going To Be Filled With Extreme Uncertainty And Chaos.
Survival Is Assured Only For Those
Who Can Master The Art Of Adaptation.

The Right Word And The Almost Right Word Is…

The Difference Between
The Right Word And The Almost Right Word Is
The Difference Between
Lightning And The Lightning Bug.

Keep Things Informal…

Keep Things Informal.
Talking Is The Natural Way To Do Business.
Writing Is Great For Keeping Records
And Putting Down Details,
Talk Generates Ideas.
Great Things Come From Out Luncheon Meetings
Which Consist Of A Sandwich,
A Cup Of Soup, And
A Good Idea Or Two. No Martinis.

Talkers Have Always Ruled…

Talkers Have Always Ruled.
They Will Continue To Rule.
The Smart Thing Is To Join Them.

Precision Of Communication Is Important…

Precision Of Communication Is Important,
More Important Than Ever,
In Our Era Of Hair Trigger Balances,
When A False Or Misunderstood Word May Create
As Much Disaster As A Sudden Thoughtless Act.

Regardless Of The Changes In Technology…

Regardless Of The Changes In Technology,
The Market For Well-Crafted Messages Will Always Have An Audience.

Developing Excellent Communication Skills Is…

Developing Excellent Communication Skills Is
Absolutely Essential To Effective Leadership.
The Leader Must Be Able To Share Knowledge
Ideas To Transmit A Sense Of Urgency
And Enthusiasm To Others.
If A Leader Can’T Get A Message Across Clearly
And Motivate Others To Act On It,
Then Having A Message Doesn’T Even Matter.

Far Better It Is To Dare Mighty Things…

Far Better It Is To Dare Mighty Things
Than To Take Rank With Those Poor Timid Souls
Who Know Neither Victory Nor Defeat.

We Have Too Many High Sounding Words…

We Have Too Many High Sounding Words,
And Too Few Actions That Correspond With Them.

Change Is Not A Threat…

Change Is Not A Threat,
It’S An Opportunity.
Survival Is Not The Goal,
Transformative Success Is.

The Trick Is In What One Emphasizes…

The Trick Is In What One Emphasizes.
We Either Make Ourselves Miserable,
Or We Make Ourselves Strong.
The Amount Of Work Is The Same.

You Only Have To Do…

You Only Have To Do
A Very Few Things Right In Your Life
So Long As You Don’T Do Too Many Things Wrong

Business Opportunities Are Like Buses…

Business Opportunities Are Like Buses,
There’S Always Another One Coming.

You Are Not Your Resume…

You Are Not Your Resume,
You Are Your Work.

A Meeting Is An Event…

A Meeting Is An Event
At Which The Minutes Are Kept
And The Hours Are Lost.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do…

We Are What We Repeatedly Do.
Excellence, Therefore, Is Not An Act But A Habit.

Opportunity Doesn’T Knock Twice…

“Knock, Knock.
Who’S There?
Don’T Be Silly – Opportunity Doesn’T Knock Twice!”

We Do Not Go To Work Only To…

We Do Not Go To Work Only To Earn An Income,
But To Find Meaning In Our Lives.
What We Do Is A Large Part Of What We Are.

Wherever You See A Successful Business…

Wherever You See A Successful Business,
Someone Once Made A Courageous Decision.

Things You Would Love To Say Out Loud At Work…

Things You Would Love To Say Out Loud At Work…

1. I Can See Your Point, But I Still Think You’Re Full Of S**T.

2. I Don’T Know What Your Problem Is, But I’Ll Bet It’S Hard To Pronounce.

3. How About Never? Is Never Good For You?

4. I See You’Ve Set Aside This Special Time To Humiliate Yourself In Public.

5. I’M Really Easy To Get Along With Once You People Learn To See It My Way.

6. I’Ll Try Being Nicer If You’Ll Try Being Smarter.

7. I’M Out Of My Mind, But Feel Free To Leave A Message.

8. I Don’T Work Here. I’M A Consultant.

9. It Sounds Like English, But I Can’T Understand A Damn Word You’Re Saying.

10. Ahhh…I See The Know-It-All Fairy Has Visited Us Again.

11. I Like You. You Remind Me Of Myself When I Was Young And Stupid.

12. You Are Validating My Inherent Mistrust Of Strangers.

13. I Have Plenty Of Talent And Vision; I Just Don’T Give A Damn.

14. I’M Already Visualizing The Duct Tape Over Your Mouth.

15. I Will Always Cherish The Initial Misconceptions I Had About You.

16. Thank You. We’Re All Refreshed And Challenged By Your Unique Point Of View.

17. The Fact That No One Understands You Doesn’T Mean You’Re An Artist.

18. Any Connection Between Your Reality And Mine Is Purely Coincidental.

19. What Am I? Flypaper For Freaks!?

20. I’M Not Being Rude. You’Re Just Insignificant.

21. Congratulations, You Have Officially Earned The Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks Award.

22. You Know The Acronym Behind Your Name Won’T Keep Me From Kicking Your Ass In The Parking Lot.

23. And Your Crybaby Whiny-Assed Opinion Would Be…?

24. Do I Look Like A People Person?

25. This Isn’T An Office. It’S Hell With Fluorescent Lighting.

26. I Started Out With Nothing & Still Have Most Of It Left.

27. Sarcasm Is Just One More Service We Offer.

28. If I Throw A Stick, Will You Leave?

29. Errors Have Been Made. Others Will Be Blamed.

30. Whatever Kind Of Look You Were Going For, You Missed.

31. I’M Trying To Imagine You With A Personality.

32. A Cubicle Is Just A Padded Cell Without A Door.

33. Can I Trade This Job For What’S Behind Door #1?

34. Too Many Freaks, Not Enough Circuses.

35. Nice Perfume. Must You Marinate In It?

36. Chaos, Panic, & Disorder – My Work Here Is Done.

37. How Do I Set A Laser Printer To Stun?

38. I Thought I Wanted A Career; Turns Out I Just Wanted A Salary.

40. Oh I Get It… Like Humor… But Different.

Funny Abbreviation Of Some Financial Terms…

Funny Abbrevation Of Some Finanacial Terms.
Bse = Bombay Se Exit
Nse = Nation Se Exit
F/O = Future Over
Nifty = No Income For This Year
Fii = Fraud International !!


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