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Christmas Quotes About Family

Christmas Quotes About Family 2020

I Send My Thoughts Afar…

I Send My Thoughts Afar,
And Let Them Paint Your Christmas Day At Home
– Edward Rowland Sill

Our Hearts Grow Tender With Childhood…

Our Hearts Grow Tender With Childhood Memories
And Love Of Kindred,
And We Are Better Throughout The Year For Having,
In Spirit, Become A Child Again At Christmas-Time.

The Joy Of Christmas Lies…

The Joy Of Christmas Lies In The Heart
The Occasion To Take A Perfect Start
Happy Times That You Share
You Know That They Are There
To Give You Gifts And Care
Family Love Is Super On The Eve Of Christmas
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Singing Pretty Carols With Love…

Singing Pretty Carols With Love
Opening The Gifts Together
Sitting Under That Christmas Tree
Looking Ahead For Spending Spree
Shopping For All Your Loved Ones
That Is The Perfect Time For Family
Family Love Is All For You
Making It Things And Happen Through
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

The Best Present On Christmas…

The Best Present On Christmas
Is Spending Some Good Time With Family
Realizing The Importance Of Love
Sharing Things That Give You Real Joy
Christmas Is The Time To Enjoy
So Have Fun With Your Family
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Things Are Not The Same…

Things Are Not The Same
As The Spirit Of Christmas Is High
Things Are Not The Same
As There Is A Cheer In The Sky
This Christmas Let There Be Light
So That My World Be More Bright
With My Lovely Family Along
Merry Christmas To All!

Home Is Where The Heart Is…

Home Is Where The Heart Is
From Heart To The Family
Family Love Is The Best Thing
About Christmas
Spending Time And Spreading The Joy
There Are Many Reasons To Enjoy
Family Love Is The Best Love During Christmas
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

Christmas Weaves Magic…

Christmas Weaves Magic With Loved Ones Around
There Is Calm And Peaceful Aura That Surrounds
It Is The Best Feeling Being With Your Loved Ones
Christmas Is A Jolly Good Time
And It’S Just About To Begin,
Has Your Countdown Started As Yet
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

May You Feel The Love And Joy…

May You Feel The Love And Joy
This Holiday As You Enjoy
With The Loving Grace Of Your Loved Ones
With The Loving Grace Of Your Family
Make A Wish In Your Heart
That Everyone Stay So Happy
May This Be The Best Time For Them
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas To You…

Merry Christmas To You And Your Family
May You Surrounded By Wonderful Love Around
May You Be Surrounded By Things That Make You Profound
The Things That Make A Difference In Your Life
With All Your Loved Ones Besides
Merry Christmas To You And Your Family!
Have A Jolly Good Time!

Enjoy The Music And Spirit Of Christmas…

Enjoy The Music And Spirit Of Christmas
Enjoy The People You Are With
The Love And Warmth Is Truly In The Air
You See The Santa And You Know Its Truly There
The Spirit Of Christmas Is Finally Here
Merry Christmas To You And Your Family
Spread Across The Cheer
Christmas Time Is Almost Here!

Christmas Quotes For Family

Christmas Is The Season Of Joy…

Christmas Is The Season Of Joy,
Of Holiday Greetings Exchanged,
Of Gift-Giving, And Of Families United

The Merry Family Gatherings…

The Merry Family Gatherings– The Old,
The Very Young;
The Strangely Lovely Way They Harmonise In Carols Sung.

Christmas Is The Perfect Time…

Christmas Is The Perfect Time To Celebrate
The Love Of God And Family
And To Create Memories That Will Last Forever.
Jesus Is God’s Perfect, Indescribable Gift.
The Amazing Thing Is That
Not Only Are We Able To Receive This Gift,
We Are Able To Share It With Others On Christmas
And Every Other Day Of The Year.

Mankind Is A Great…

Mankind Is A Great,
An Immense Family this Is Proved
By What We Feel In Our Hearts At Christmas

The Joy Of Brightening Other Lives…

The Joy Of Brightening Other Lives,
Bearing Each Other’s Burdens,
Easing Other’s Loads
And Supplanting Empty Hearts
And Lives With Generous Gifts
Becomes For Us The Magic Of Christmas.

Christmas Is For Children…

Christmas Is For Children.
But It Is For Grown-Ups Too.
Even If It Is A Headache,
A Chore, And Nightmare,
It Is A Period Of Necessary Defrosting
Of Chill And Hide-Bound Hearts.

From Home To Home…

From Home To Home,
And Heart To Heart,
From One Place To Another.
The Warmth And Joy Of Christmas
Brings Us Closer To Each Other.

Christmas Means Fellowship…

For Centuries
Men Have Kept An Appointment With Christmas.
Christmas Means Fellowship, Feasting,
Giving And Receiving,
A Time Of Good Cheer, Home. – W. J. Tucker

The One Thing Women Do Not Want…

The One Thing Women Do Not Want
To Find In Their Stockings On Christmas Morning Is Their Husband

Ask Your Children Two Questions…

Ask Your Children Two Questions This Christmas
First: What Do You Want To Give To Others For Christmas?
Second: What Do You Want For Christmas?
The First Fosters Generosity Of Heart
And An Outward Focus
The Second Can Breed Selfishness If Not Tempered By The First

Christmas Is The Day…

Christmas Is The Day That Holds All Time Together. – Alexander Smith

It Is The Spirit Of Brotherhood…

It Is The Spirit Of Brotherhood
In The Cheer Of Christmas That Makes It So Glorious.
Brotherliness Is But The Manifestation Of The Spirit Of Christ.

That Something So Intangible…

Christmas – That Magic Blanket That Wraps Itself About Us,
That Something So Intangible That It Is Like A Fragrance.
It May Weave A Spell Of Nostalgia.
Christmas May Be A Day Of Feasting, Or Of Prayer,
But Always It Will Be A Day Of Remembrance –
A Day In Which We Think Of Everything We Have Ever Loved.

Happy Christmas…

Happy, Happy Christmas,
That Can Win Us Back To The Delusions
Of Our Childhood Days,
Recall To The Old Man The Pleasures Of His Youth,
And Transport The Traveler Back
To His Own Fireside And Quiet Home!

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