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Respect Your Loved Ones…

When a guy calls You,
He wants to be with you…

When a guy is quite,
he is listening to you…

When a guy isn’t arguing,
He realizes he is wrong…

When a guy says I’m fine,
After a few minute he means it…

When a guy stares at You,
He wishes you would care about him
And wonders if you do…

When a guy calls/Messaging/comments You everyday,
He is in love with you…

When a (good) guy tells You- He loves You,
He mean it….

When a guy says he cant live without You,
He is with You until You’re done….

When a guy says- I MISS YOU…
He misses You more then
you could have ever missed him or anything else!

Respect Your Loved Ones !! :)

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Friendship Ends when you Stop Sharing…


Life Ends when you Stop Dreaming

“Life Ends when you Stop Dreaming,
Hope Ends when you Stop Believing,
Love Ends when you Stop Caring,
Friendship Ends when you Stop Sharing…
So Share this With Whom Ever You Consider as a Friend“.. !!

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