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First Love SMS

First Love SMS 2020

The Future For Me Is…

The Future For Me Is
Already A Thing Of The Past,
You Were My First Love
And You Will Be My Last
― Bob Dylan

I Was In Love…

I Was In Love,
And The Feeling Was Even More Wonderful
Than I Ever Imagined It Could Be.
― Nicholas Sparks

Falling In Love Is Very Real…

Falling In Love Is Very Real,
But I Used To Shake My Head
When People Talked About Soul Mates,
Poor Deluded Individuals Grasping
At Some Supernatural Ideal Not Intended For Mortals
But Sounded Pretty In A Poetry Book.
Then, We Met, And Everything Changed,
The Cynic Has Become The Converted,
The Sceptic, An Ardent Zealot.
― E.A. Bucchianeri

It Cannot Happen Twice…

I Am Glad It Cannot Happen Twice,
The Fever Of First Love.
For It Is A Fever, And A Burden,
Too, Whatever The Poets May Say.
― Daphne Du Maurier

There’s No Love…

There’s No Love Like The First.
― Nicholas Sparks

The First Stab Of Love…

The First Stab Of Love Is Like A Sunset,
A Blaze Of Color — Oranges, Pearly Pinks, Vibrant Purples…
― Anna Godbersen

Everything Else In Life…

Love, Like Everything Else In Life,
Should Be A Discovery, An Adventure,
And Like Most Adventures,
You Don’t Know You Are Having One
Until You Are Right In The Middle Of It.
― E.A. Bucchianeri

A Man Is Lucky…

A Man Is Lucky
If He Is The First Love Of A Woman.
A Woman Is Lucky
If She Is The Last Love Of A Man.
― Charles Dickens

I Have Never Been In Love Before…

I Have Never Been In Love Before,
” Julian Said. “You Are My First-And You Will Be My Only.
― L.J. Smith

The First Kiss Can Be…

The First Kiss Can Be As Terrifying As The Last.
― DaíNa Chaviano

Maybe We Tried To Leave…

Maybe We Tried To Leave
As Much Memories Of Ourselves With Each Other
Because We Knew One Day
We Wouldn’t Be Together Any More.
― Makoto Shinkai

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