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Good Quotes Of Swami Vivekananda

The Thing Always Happens That You Really Believe In;
And The Belief In A Thing Makes It Happen.

If A Man Does Not Keep Pace With His Companions,
Perhaps It Is Because He Hears A Different Drummer.
Let Him Step To The Music Which He Hears, However Measured Or Far Away.

Nothing Is Good Or Bad, But Thinking Makes It So.

When One Door Of Happiness Closes, Another Opens;
But Often We Look So Long At The Closed Door That We Do Not See The One Which Has Been Opened For Us.

If You Are Distressed By Anything External,
The Pain Is Not Due To The Thing Itself,
But To Your Estimate Of It;
And This You Have The Power To Revoke At Any Moment.

The Greatest Part Of Our Happiness Depends On Our Dispositions, Not Our Circumstances.

An Optimist Is The Human Personification Of Spring.

The Remarkable Thing Is That We Really Love Our Neighbor As Ourselves:
We Do Unto Others As We Do Unto Ourselves.
We Hate Others When We Hate Ourselves.
We Are Tolerant Toward Others When We Tolerate Ourselves.
We Forgive Others When We Forgive Ourselves.
We Are Prone To Sacrifice Others When We Are Ready To Sacrifice Ourselves.

You Cannot Dream Yourself Into A Character;
You Must Hammer And Forge Yourself One.

The truth Is That Our Finest Moments Are Most Likely To Occur
When We Are Feeling Deeply Uncomfortable, Unhappy, Or Unfulfilled.
For It Is Only In Such Moments, Propelled By Our Discomfort,
That We Are Likely To Step Out Of Our Ruts
And Start Searching For Different Ways Or truer Answersm.

Good Thoughts Of Swami Vivekananda

To Succeed, We Must First Believe That We Can.

We Who Lived In Concentration Camps Can Remember The Men Who Walked Through The Huts Comforting Others,
Giving Away Their Last Piese Of Bread. They May Have Been Few In Number,
But They Offer Sufficient Proof That Everything Can Be Taken Away From Man
But One Thing: The Last Of The Human Freedoms- To Choose One’s Attitude In Any Given Set Of Circumstances,
To Choose One’s Own Way.

You Really Can Change The World If You Care Enough.

Comfort Is No Test Of Truth. Truth Is Often Far From Being Comfortable.

They Alone Live, Who Live For Others.

We Reap What We Sow We Are The Makers Of Our Own Fate. The Wind Is Blowing; Those Vessels Whose Sails Are Unfurled Catch It, And Go Forward On Their Way, But Those Which Have Their Sails Furled Do Not Catch The Wind. Is That The Fault Of The Wind? We Make Our Own Destiny.

Neither Seeks Nor Avoids, Take What Comes.

Was There Ever A More Horrible Blasphemy Than The Statement That All The Knowledge Of God Is Confined To This Or That Book? How Dare Men Call God Infinite, And Yet Try To Compress Him Within The Covers Of A Little Book!

Man Is To Become Divine By Realizing The Divine. Idols Or Temples, Or Churches Or Books, Are Only The Supports, The Help Of His Spiritual Childhood.

Each Work Has To Pass Through These Stages—Ridicule, Opposition, And Then Acceptance. Those Who Think Ahead Of Their Time Are Sure To Be Misunderstood.

We Came To Enjoy; We Are Being Enjoyed. We Came To Rule; We Are Being Ruled. We Came To Work; We Are Being Worked. All The Time, We Find That. And This Comes Into Every Detail Of Our Life.

The Brain And Muscles Must Develop Simultaneously. Iron Nerves With An Intelligent Brain — And The Whole World Is At Your Feet.

The Moment I Have Realized God Sitting In The Temple Of Every Human Body, The Moment I Stand In Reverence Before Every Human Being And See God In Him – That Moment I Am Free From Bondage, Everything That Binds Vanishes, And I Am Free.

All Truth Is Eternal. Truth Is Nobody’s Property; No Race, No Individual Can Lay Any Exclusive Claim To It. Truth Is The Nature Of All Souls.

Swami Vivekananda Good Thoughts In Hindi

मेरा आदर्श अवश्य ही थोडे से शब्दों में कहा जा सकता है – मनुष्य जाति को उसके दिव्य स्वरूप का उपदेश देना, तथा जीवन के प्रत्येक क्षेत्र में उसे अभिव्यक्त करने का उपाय बताना।

यदि कोई तुम्हारे समीप अन्य किसी साथी की निन्दा करना चाहे, तो तुम उस ओर बिल्कुल ध्यान न दो। इन बातों को सुनना भी महान् पाप है, उससे भविष्य में विवाद का सूत्रपात होगा।

तमाम संसा हिल उठता। क्या करूँ धीरे – धीरे अग्रसर होना पड रहा है। तूफ़ान मचा दो तूफ़ान

तुम अपनी अंत:स्थ आत्मा को छोड़ किसी और के सामने सिर मत झुकाओ। जब तक तुम यह अनुभव नहीं करते कि तुम स्वयं देवों के देव हो, तब तक तुम मुक्त नहीं हो सकते

तुम  फ़ुटबाल  के  जरिये  स्वर्ग  के  ज्यादा  निकट  होगे  बजाये  गीता  का  अध्ययन  करने  के

तुम्हे  अन्दर  से  बाहर  की  तरफ  विकसित  होना  है . कोई  तुम्हे  पढ़ा  नहीं  सकता , कोई  तुम्हे  आध्यात्मिक  नहीं  बना  सकता . तुम्हारी  आत्मा  के आलावा  कोई  और  गुरु  नहीं  है

दिल  और  दिमाग  के  टकराव  में  दिल  की  सुनो

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