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Hot Love SMS 2020

Your Lips Are Like Honey…

Your Lips Are Like Honey
And Your Hugs Are Warmer Than The Blanket.
Your Kisses Are Like Wine,
I Want To Get Drunk.

I Want To Feel Your Scent…

I Want To Feel Your Scent,
Taste, And Skin Tonight
And Each Night We Are Together.

My Ideal Body Weight…

My Ideal Body Weight Is Yours On Mine,
You Are My Dream.

I Love The Way…

I Love The Way
You Explore My Body Using Your Hands
And The Way You Call Me Your Girl.

Butterflies In The Stomach…

Butterflies In The Stomach?
I Don’t Feel Them
Because When You Kiss Me,
I Feel The Whole Zoo In My Body.

You Are An Ideal Woman…

You Are An Ideal Woman!
You Are A Cold Queen In Public And In Private,
You Become My Little Naughty Girl.

I Am Crazy About You…

I Am Crazy About You!
You Are In My Heart,
In My Soul And
In My Inappropriate Thoughts.

I Get Horny Each Time…

I Get Horny Each Time
I See Your Beautiful Eyes,
Seducing Lips, And An Amazing Body.
You Are The Only Woman
Whom I Will Never Get Tired Of Loving.

Sexuality Is Something…

Sexuality Is Something You Can’t Acquire.
A Woman Is Either Born With It Or Not.
You Are The Embodiment Of Sensuality For Me.

I Get Horny Each Time…

I Get Horny Each Time
I See You And It’s Your Fault
You Are Extremely Sexy!

I Love Everything About You…

I Love Everything About You.
The Only Thing,
Which Bothers Me,
Is Your Clothes. Take It Off.

The Way You Look At Me…

The Way You Look At Me,
The Way You Touch Me,
The Way You Tease Me Drives Me Crazy.

I Can’t Stop Thinking About You…

I Can’t Stop Thinking About You.
You’re At Home In Your Bed
And I Am Alone In My Bed.
One Of Us Is In The Wrong Place.

When I Look Into Your Eyes…

When I Look Into Your Eyes,
I Feel Euphoria,
But When You Kiss My Neck,
I Taste The Paradise.

I’ve Always Been A Modest Girl…

I’ve Always Been A Modest Girl,
But When I See You,
I Want To Do Bad Things With You.

Leave Love Notes…

Leave Love Notes
All Over My Your Bite Marks
Are The Signs I Want To Get.

It’s Been A Long Day…

It’s Been A Long Day…
All I Need Is Your Hugs,
Which You’ll Give Me In Our Bed.

I Love All Facets…

I Love All Facets Of Your Personality,
But I Should Admit That
Your Wild Side Is My Favorite.

We Are An Ideal Couple…

We Are An Ideal Couple:
A Real Gentleman And His Nasty Girl!
Thanks For Loving Me Unconditionally.

All I Can Think About…

All I Can Think About
When We Are Together Is
About Your Body On Mine.

All I Want Is To Be…

All I Want Is To Be Irresistibly Desired By You.

A Fire Inside Me…

A Fire Inside Me Is Burning Brightly,
Kiss Me And Set Me Free From
This Thirst For Your Sweet Lips.

My Passion For You…

My Passion For You Is Intoxicating.
But I’d Rather Be Burned With Desire For You
Rather Than Live My Life
Without Experiencing These Awesome Emotions.

You’re Super Hot…

You’re Super Hot!
But Not Only Your Curves, Eyes
And Lips Make You So Sexy.
You Exude Sensuality The Way You Walk,
The Way You Talk
And The Way To Think.

I Have A Crush On Your Mind…

I Have A Crush On Your Mind
And On Your Heart,
Your Sexy Body Is A Huge Bonus!

The Most Productive Thing…

The Most Productive Thing
I’ve Done Today Is Dreaming
About You Naked.

I Hope You Are Enjoying…

I Hope You Are Enjoying Your
And I Hope It Is As Sexy
And Beautiful As Your Lips.

You’ve Got New Pants…

Hey, Baby!
You’ve Got New Pants. I Like Them!
Can I Test A Zipper?

I Can Fall Madly In Bed…

I Can Fall Madly In Bed With You
Because You Are So Sexy,
That You Can’t Be Ignored.

I Am A Monster In Bed…

I Am A Monster In Bed
Because I Can Sleep For Days!

I Didn’t Like Candies At All…

I Didn’t Like Candies At All,
But When I Tasted Your Lips,
I Became Addicted To Sweets
Because Your Lips Are
The Yummiest Thing In The World!

Sex With You Is Just Like Money…

Sex With You Is Just Like Money,
Even Too Much Isn’t Enough.

To Have You In Bed With Me…

To Have You In Bed With Me,
Hearing Your Breathing,
Feeling Your Hands And
Smelling The Scent Of Your Hair Is A Miracle For Me.

You Share With Me All Joys In Life…

You Share With Me All Joys In Life:
Love, Affection, Care, Attention
And The Most Awesome Sex I’ve Ever Had.

I Want To Kiss Every Corner…

I Want To Kiss Every Corner Of Your Body
To Express All Love,
Which I Have In My Heart.

There Is Only One Thing…

There Is Only One Thing In The World
That Was Proved To Wake Me Up
Better Than Coffee. It’s Morning Sex With You.

Do What You Love…

Everybody Says “Do What You Love”,
So The Only Thing
I Want To Do In My Life Is To Make Love To You.

You Look Like A Nymph….

You Look Like A Nymph.
Your Golden Hair Falls To The Buttocks
And You Are Beautiful In Your Nakedness.
Your Hair Is The Only Clothes
That You Should Wear. You’re Beautiful.

You’re An Amazing Woman…

You’re An Amazing Woman.
Your Smile Awakens Butterflies In My Stomach,
Your Eyes Make My Heart Skip A Beat
And Your Kisses Make Me Horny.

One Kiss Burns Around 6 Calories…

One Kiss Burns Around 6 Calories.
Do You Want To Work Out With Me?

You’re The Best Man …

You’re The Best Man On The Planet!
You Are A Gentleman,
Who Holds My Hand And The Man,
Who Pulls My Hair.

Be Naughty With Me…

Be Naughty With Me
Then I Can Spank You Legally.

Even If Each Inch Of My Body…

Even If Each Inch Of My Body
Is Pressed Tightly Against Your Body,
I Will Still Tell You “Hold Me Closer.”

I Wish You Were Here…

I Miss You.
I Wish You Were Here, Next To Me.
Naked, Of Course.

I Wouldn’t Mind Having…

I Wouldn’t Mind Having A Weekend,
Full Of Passionate Kisses,
Tender Cuddles, And Sexy Words.

I’ve Tasted Your Lips In My Dreams…

I’ve Tasted Your Lips In My Dreams
And When I Woke Up,
I Knew For Sure What I Wanted For Breakfast.

Some Girls Are Very Funny…

Some Girls Are Very Funny.
They Always Laugh During Sex,
Regardless What They Are Reading.

I’ve Decided To Stay In Shape…

I’ve Decided To Stay In Shape
And I’ve Heard
That Sex Is The Best Form Of Exercising.
Will You Be My Coach?

The Sex Was So Good…

The Sex Was So Good,
That After It Has Finished,
Even Neighbors Went Out To Smoke.

Endorphin Make Us Happier…

Endorphin Make Us Happier.
Both Chocolate And
Sex Help The Body To Release Them.
I Don’t Like Sweets,
But I Need To Be Happy.
Will You Try Another Way With Me?

I Saw This World…

With You,
I Saw This World In Colorful Shades
And Only You Has Shown Me A Road
To The Paradise In Our Bedroom.

The Best Way To Start…

The Best Way To Start My Day Is
To Meet With Your Lips
And Cover Your Body With My Hands.

I Dream About You In My Bed…

I Dream About You In My Bed Every Night.
I Don’t Have A Dirty Mind,
I Just Have A Sexy Imagination.

I Just Want You…

I Just Want You.
With All Your Silly Jokes,
Sarcasm, Smiles,
Flaws And Mistakes.
I Want All Of You.

Only You Can Give Me …

Only You Can Give Me The Feeling
That I Have Wings
And Fly Each Time I Embrace You.

Kissing Eliminates Stress…

Kissing Eliminates Stress
And Reduces The Blood Pressure.
I Am So Stressed Today,
Will You Give Me A Remedy?

I Wanna Be The Man…

I Wanna Be The Man,
Who Will Conquer Your Heart
And Rumple Your Sheets.

I Love When I Catch You…

I Love When I Catch You Looking At Me.
My Heart Beats Faster
And A Liquid Fire
Begins To Flow Through My Veins.

I Promise I Am More Delicious…

Kiss Me, Sweetheart.
I Promise I Am More Delicious
Than Your Favorite Candies.

Your Lips Are Both Wonderful…

Smile Always, Love.
Your Lips Are Both Wonderful
When You Kiss Me And Smile For

You Are So Hot…

You Are So Hot That
You Should Have Been Born With A Warning Label.

Good Girls Always Go To Heaven…

Good Girls Always Go To Heaven,
But Bad Girls Make You Feel
As If You Are In A Paradise.

I Don’t Have To Stay In Shape…

I Don’t Have To Stay In Shape
Because I’ve Reached The Perfect Fit.
Kissing And Cuddling With You
Is The Best Workout Ever!

You’re Awesome…

You’re Awesome.
You Do Bad Things And
You Do Them Very Well.

Your Intelligence…

Your Intelligence, Kindness,
And Openness Are Very Sexy
And They Turn Me On.

When I Saw You For The First Time…

When I Saw You For The First Time,
I Caught Myself Thinking “Bad Idea,”
But I Like Bad Ideas.

I Want To See You Tonight…

I Want To See You Tonight
In A Perfect Position Ever – Next To My Body.

I Crave That Side Of You…

I Crave That Side Of You,
Which You Show To Nobody:
Your Kind Soul,
A Clear Mind, And A Perfect Body.

I Am Totally Into You…

Baby, I Am Totally Into You.
I See The Fire In Your Eyes
And I Am Ready To Play With It.

You’re A Unique Woman…

You’re A Unique Woman.
You Have A Fantastic Combination Of Intelligence
And A Dirty Mind. I Like That.

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