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Love Hurt SMS

Love Hurt Sms 2020

I Broke My Own Heart…

I Broke My Own Heart Loving You.

I Hate Getting Flashbacks…

I Hate Getting Flashbacks From
Things I Don’t Want To Remember.

I Self-Destruct Every Relationship…

I Self-Destruct Every Relationship
So That I Don’t Get Hurt But
In Truth
I Just Hurt Myself Worse In The Long Run.

I Broke My Own Heart…

I Broke My Own Heart Loving You.

The Deepest Of A Woman’s Insecurities…

The Deepest Of A Woman’s Insecurities
Often Come From The Men Who Have Hurt Them.

Those Who Are Faithful…

Those Who Are Faithful
Know Only The Trivial Side Of Love.
It Is The Faithless Who Know Love’s Tragedies.

Tears Are Words…

Tears Are Words The Heart Can’t Say.

Giving Lots Of Affection…

Giving Lots Of Affection
And Getting None In Return Hurts
More Than You Think.

It May Hurt To Let Go…

It May Hurt To Let Go,
Sometimes It Hurts More To Hold On.

I Want To See Your Smile…

I Want To See Your Smile
And Hear Your Laughter.
I Want Kiss Away Your Hurts
And Hold You Until You Know
Without A Doubt That This Is For Real.

Every Day I Fight The Urge…

Every Day I Fight The Urge
To Text You Or Call You,
Telling Myself That
If You Wanted To Talk To Me,
You Would Call Me First.

The Easiest Way To Not Get…

The Easiest Way
To Not Get Hurt Is To Not Care
That’s The Hardest Thing To Do.

There’s That One Person…

There’s That One Person
You’ll Never Get Over
No Matter How Long It’s Been.

It’s Hard To Sleep At Night…

It’s Hard To Sleep At Night
When There’s So Many Thoughts
Going Through Your Head.

It’s Hard To Wait Around…

It’s Hard To Wait Around For Something
You Know Might Never Happen,
But It’s Even Harder To Give Up
When It’s Everything You Want.

You’ve Got To Believe…

You’ve Got To Believe You Are Worth
More Than Being Repeatedly Hurt By Someone
Who Doesn’t Really Care About You.

The Reason It Hurts…

The Reason It Hurts So Much For Us
To Be Separated Is
Because Our Souls Are Connected.

When I’m With You…

When I’m With You,
I Feel Safe From The Things That Hurt Me Inside.

Sometimes All You Can Do Is Smile…

Sometimes All You Can Do Is Smile.
Move On With Your Day,
Hold Back The Tears And Pretend You’re Okay.

I Acted Like It Wasn’t A Big Deal…

I Acted Like It Wasn’t A Big Deal,
When Really It Was Breaking My Heart.

How He Treats You…

How He Treats You Is How He Feels About You.

It Doesn’t Matter Who Hurt You…

It Doesn’t Matter Who Hurt You,
Or Broke You Down,
What Matters Is Who Made You Smile Again.

Because Nothing Makes Me Happier…

Because Nothing Makes Me Happier
And Nothing Makes Me Sadder Than You.

It’s Not The Goodbye…

It’s Not The Goodbye That Hurts.
It’s The Flashbacks
And The Memories That Follow.

When You Care About Somebody…

When You Care About Somebody
You Do What’s Best For Them.
Even If It Sucks For You.

The Worst Feeling In The World…

The Worst Feeling In The World
Is Knowing You’ve Been Used And Lied To.

The Worst Feeling In The World…

The Worst Feeling In The World Is
When You Can’t Love Anyone Else
Your Heart Still Belongs To The One Who Broke It.

Never Cry For Someone…

Never Cry For Someone Who Hurts You,
Just Smile And Say:
“Thanks For Giving Me A Chance
To Find Someone Better Than You”

Love The Friends You Have…

Love The Friends You Have,
Forgive The Ones That Hurt You,
Never Let Go Of Happy Memories.

It Sucks When You Know…

It Sucks When You Know That
You Need To Let Go,
But You Can’t Because
You’re Still Waiting For The Impossible To Happen.

Most Relationships Fail…

Most Relationships Fail
Because One Person Was Being Loved Too Much
And The Other Wasn’t Being Loved Enough.

Respect Yourself Enough…

Respect Yourself Enough To
Let Go Of Someone Who Doesn’t See Your Worth.

If You Don’t Want Me…

If You Don’t Want Me,
Don’t Mess With My Feelings.

There’s That Occasional Night…

There’s That Occasional Night
When You Just Break Down
And Cry Because
You Know Things Will Never Be The Same.

I Learned That People Leave…

I Learned That People Leave.
Even If They Have Promised
A Thousand Times That They Won’t.

I Try To Not To Miss You…

I Try To Not To Miss You,
I Try To Let Go But In The End
You’re Always On My Mind.

It’s Sad How Someone…

It’s Sad How Someone Can Go
From Being The Reason You Wake Up Smiling,
To The Reason You Cry Yourself To Sleep.

Sometimes People Come…

Sometimes People Come Into Your Life
Just To Teach You How To Let Go.

I’m Insecure…

I’m Insecure,
But I’m Strong.
I’m Alone,
But I’m Loved.
I’m Sad,
But I Smile.

It’s Weird How You Can Actually Feel…

It’s Weird How You Can Actually Feel
It In Your Chest And Stomach
When Something Really Hurts Your Feelings.

What Hurts More Than Losing You…

What Hurts More Than Losing You
Is To Knowing That
You’re Not Fighting To Keep Me.

I Feel Really Stupid…

I Feel Really Stupid For Holding On To Things
That Just Keep On Hurting Me.

I’m Sick Of Getting…

I’m Sick Of Getting
My Hopes Up For Nothing.

It Takes A Strong Heart…

It Takes A Strong Heart To Love
But It Takes A Stronger Heart
To Continue To Love After It’s Hurt.

I Wish You Knew…

I Wish You Knew How Much
It Destroyed Me When You Left.

Moving On Isn’t About Not Loving…

Moving On Isn’t About
Not Loving Someone Anymore
And Forgetting Them.
It’s About Having The Strength
To Say I Still Love You
But You’re Not Worth This Pain.

That Feeling You Get In Your Stomach…

That Feeling You Get In Your Stomach
When Your Heart’s Broken.
It’s Like All The Butterflies Just Died.

We’ve Seen Coming…

It’s Ironic How Our Hearts
Can Still Get Hurt By Something
We’ve Seen Coming.

I Hope One Day I’ll Pop Up…

I Hope One Day I’ll Pop Up
In Your Head And
You’ll Think “I Shouldn’t Of Let Her Go.

One Of The Most Difficult…

One Of The Most Difficult Tasks
In Life Is Removing Someone From Your Heart.

It Hurts To Breathe…

It Hurts To Breathe
Because Every Breath I Take Proves
I Can’t Live Without You.

It Hurts To Love Someone…

It Hurts To Love Someone
And Not Be Loved In Return
But What Is The Most Painful Is To Love Someone
And Never Find The Courage
To Let The Person Know How You Feel.

Don’t Hold To Anger…

Don’t Hold To Anger,
Hurt Or Pain.
They Steal Your Energy
And Keep You From Love.

It Hurts When You Have Someone…

It Hurts When You Have Someone
In Your Heart,
You Can’t Have Them In Your Arms.

When Love Is Real…

When Love Is Real,
It Doesn’t Lie, Cheat, Pretend,
Hurt You Or Make You Feel Unwanted.
It’s Supposed To Be
A Cure To All Your Worries.

Spiteful Words Can Hurt…

Spiteful Words Can Hurt Your Feelings
But Silence Breaks Your Heart.

I Loved You Enough…

I Loved You Enough
To Let You Stumble,
Fall, Hurt, And Fail.

Nobody Is Worth Crying For…

Nobody Is Worth Crying For,
And Those That Are Worth
It Will Not Make You Cry.

I Have Found The Paradox…

I Have Found The Paradox,
That If You Love Until It Hurts,
There Can Be No More Hurt,
Only More Love.

I’ve Been Hurt…

I’ve Been Hurt But I’ll Continue To Love,
For That Gives Me Courage To Go On With My Life.

All You Need Is Love…

All You Need Is Love.
But A Little Chocolate Now
And Then Doesn’t Hurt.

Boys Never Realize…

Boys Never Realize How Much
One Little Thing Can Hurt A Girl.

When You Are In Love…

When You Are In Love
And You Get Hurt,
Its Like A Cut, It Will Heal,
There Will Always Be A Scar.

I Cut Myself In The Finger…

I Cut Myself In The Finger,
And It Pains Me: This Finger Is A Part Of Me.
I See A Friend Hurt,
And It Hurts Me, Too:
My Friend And I Are One.

We Don’t Always Recognize…

Why Is It That
We Don’t Always Recognize
The Moment Love Begins,
We Always Recognize The Moment It Ends.

When You Love…

When You Love That Which Is Unnatural,
A Stronger Appetite Is Created For The Hurtful Thing
Than The Natural Desire For What Is Harmless.

When You Care For Someone …

When You Care For Someone
More Than They Deserve,
You Get Hurt More Than You Deserve.

You Hurt Me…

You Hurt Me But I Still Love You.

Loving Someone Who…

Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back
Is Like Hugging A Cactus.
The Tighter You Hold On, The More It Hurts.

Have A Heart That Never Hardens…

Have A Heart That Never Hardens,
And A Temper That Never Tires,
And A Touch That Never Hurts.

It Hurts When You Realize…

It Hurts When You Realize
You Aren’t As Important To Someone
As You Thought You Were.

This Is The Meaning Of True Love…

This Is The Meaning Of True Love,
To Give Until It Hurts.

There Are Two Types Of Pain…

There Are Two Types Of Pain,
One That Hurts You
And The Other That Changes You.

To Treat You Poorly…

Don’t Allow Someone
To Treat You Poorly
Just Because You Love Them.

I’m Trying To Forget You…

I’m Trying To Forget You
I’m Also Waiting For You To Come Back.

When You’re Being Ignored…

It Hurts When You’re Being Ignored
By The Person Whose Attention Is The
Only Thing You Want In The World.

We Had The Right Love…

We Had The Right Love At A Wrong Time.

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