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Love Messages, Love Status

Love Messages 2020

Wonderful Couples In This World…

Wonderful Couples In This World..
Heart And Beats..
Night And Moon..
Music And Songs..
Roses And Loves..
Fish And Water..
My Sms
Your Smile..

Tears Are More Truthful Than Smile…

Tears Are More Truthful Than Smile
Because You Can Smile In Front Of Everyone
But You Will Only Cry In Front Of
One Who Is Special For You.

Prayers Are Invisible…

Prayers Are Invisible,
But They Make Impossible Things Possible

It Is God’s Job To Work The Wonders.

Our Part Is The Most Simple Pray,
Believe N Wait…

Words Don’t Have The Power To Hurt You…

Words Don’t Have The Power To Hurt You…
Unless The Person Who Said It Means A Lot To You…
Think On It….!!

Anger Is A Killing Thing…

Anger Is A Killing Thing:
That Kills The Man Who Angers,
For Each Rage Leaves Him Less
Than He Had Been Before –
It Takes Something From Him.

I Feel The Anger Rise Up In Me…

I Feel The Anger Rise Up In Me.
The Same Anger That Makes Me Bleed Inside
In My Heart And In My Soul Killing Me.

God Does Everything With Purpose…

God Does Everything With Purpose.
He Created You, A Beautiful Angel,
Without Wings Only
To Make You Stay With Me Forever.

Small Minds Talk About Money…

Small Minds Talk About Money,
Average Minds Talk About Business,
Great Minds Talk About Growth,
But Champions Never Talk,
They Just Perform And World Talks.

Why Car’s Front Glasses So Large…

Why Car’s Front Glasses So Large And
The Back View Mirror Small?

Future Is More Import Than Past !
So Look Ahead With Bigger View Of Your Aim..!!!

Tomorrow’s Yesterday Is Today…

Tomorrow’s Yesterday Is Today,
And Yesterday’s Tomorrow Is Also Today…
Today’s Yesterday Was Yesterday’s Today,
So…Tomorrow’s Today Is Today’s Tomorrow.. !

Read Carefully.. !

Respect Our Differences…

No Matter Our Shapes,
Our Locations,
Our Skin Tone,
Our Religious Beliefs,
Or Our Mistakes That We Have Made.
We Have To Realize That We Are All Different.
No Two People Are The Same In This World.
Respect Our Differences,
And Admire The Beauty Of Being Your Own Person.. !

If Silence Is Meant…

A True Quote:

If Silence Is Meant To Be The Best For All Situations..
Then Why We All Get So Hurt
When People Don’t Talk To Us..?

Minimum Love Is Friendship…

Read Carefully And Get The Meaning…
Minimum Love Is Friendship
And Maximum Friendship Is Love

Strange But True.. !!

I Have Been Making A List…

I Have Been Making A List Of The Things They Don’t Teach You At School.
They Don’t Teach You How To Love Somebody.
They Don’t Teach You How To Be Famous.
They Don’t Teach You How To Be Rich Or How To Be Poor.
They Don’t Teach You How To Walk Away From Someone You Don’t Love Any Longer.
They Don’t Teach You How To Know What’s Going On In Someone Else’s Mind.
They Don’t Teach You What To Say To Someone Who’s Dying.
They Don’t Teach You Anything Worth Knowing.

Someone Said To God…

Someone Said To God,I Hate Life
God Said,Who Told You To Love The Life?
Just Love The Person Who Loves You
And The Life Itself Will Be Lovable !!

Time Takes It All Whether…

Time Takes It All Whether You Want It To Or Not,
Time Takes It All. Time Bares It Away,
And In The End There Is Only Darkness.
Sometimes We Find Others In That Darkness,
And Sometimes We Lose Them There Again.

Light Thinks It Travels Faster…

Light Thinks It Travels Faster
Than Anything But It Is Wrong.
No Matter How Fast Light Travels,
It Finds The Darkness Has Always Got There First,
And Is Waiting For It.

We Have Three Types Of Friends In Life…

We Have Three Types Of Friends In Life:
Friends For A Reason,
Friends For A Season,
And Friends For A Lifetime.

A Rose Given During Life…

A Rose Given During Life Is Better Than Orchids On The Grave.

If A Person Loves You…

If A Person Loves You,
You Should Be Thankful To That Person.
You Know Why?
There’s A Lot Of People
Who Love That Person More Than You.
But Still That Person Chooses To Love You.

We Have Found What Makes A House A Home…

We Have Found What Makes A House A Home,
These Ingredients Are Key.
Lots Of Love, Plenty Of Laughter,
And The Presence
Of Friends And Family!
Stop By Our New House
Soon . . . And Often!

The Worst-Tempered People…

The Worst-Tempered People
I Have Ever Met Were People
Who Knew They Were Wrong.

Education Makes A People Easy To Lead…

Education Makes A People Easy To Lead,
But Difficult To Drive;
Easy To Govern, But Impossible To Enslave.

Never Get Angry…

Never Get Angry.
Never Make A Threat.
Talk Politely With People.

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