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Love Text SMS

Love Text SMS 2020

Love Is The Flower Of Life…

Love Is The Flower Of Life,
And Blossoms Unexpectedly And Without Law,
And Must Be Plucked Where It Is Found,
And Enjoyed For The Brief Hour Of Its Duration.. !!

True Love Is Loving That Someone…

True Love Is Loving That Someone
Even With Their Worst Faults And Flaws.
Forgiving And Forgetting Their Wrong Doings,
Enduring And Being Kind Always Trusting
And Not Easily Angered,
Always Trusting
And Hoping And Never Failing… !!

You Are The Only Thing…

You Are The Only Thing
I Have That Is Neither Duty Nor Obligation,
The Only Thing
I Chose For Myself. The Only Thing I Want..

Not Many Can Love Selflessly…

Not Many Can Love Selflessly
And Find Happiness In Happiness Of One They Love,
It Takes Heart To Love Someone
To The Core Even In Absence Of Them,
Yes That’s How True Love Is
And Those Who Do It Don’t Admit It Early
As They Don’t Wanna Spoil Someone’S Life
But Forget That The One They Love Is Their Life.. !!

When It’s Time For Souls To Meet…

When It’S Time For Souls To Meet,
There’S Nothing On Earth That
Can Prevent Them From Meeting,
No Matter Where Each May Be Located.. !!

Somebody Who Wants You…

There Is A Difference Between
Somebody Who Wants You
Somebody Who Would Do
Anything To Keep You !!

It Is Better To Lose Your Pride…

It Is Better To Lose Your Pride
With Someone You Love
Rather Than To Lose That Someone
You Love With Your Useless Pride. !!

Don’t Be Ashamed Of What You’Ve Had…

Love Your Past.
Love Your Present.
Don’t Be Ashamed Of What You’Ve Had
Don’t Be Sad
Because You No Longer Have It.. !!

A Real Love Declaration Is…

A Real Love Declaration Is,
In Fact,
An Honest Confession Of Our Weaknesses.
By Sincerely Admitting Our Flaws
Weakness We Are Getting Stronger.. !!

A Good Woman Will Not Try To Force You…

A Good Woman Will Not Try To Force You
To Love Her Right.
She May Be Hurt That You Don’t,
She Will Straighten Her Crown And Move On.. !!

Love Text Messages 2020

Soul Mates Are People….

Soul Mates Are People Who Bring Out The Best In You.
They Are Not Perfect
Are Always Perfect For You.. !!

The Entire Universe…

You Can Search Throughout The Entire Universe For
Someone Who Is More Deserving Of Your Love
And Affection Than You Are Yourself,
And That Person Is Not To Be Found Anywhere.
You, Yourself,
As Much As Anybody In The Entire Universe,
Deserve Your Love And Affection.. !!

Family Is…

We May Not Have It All Together
We Have It All.

If Someone Comes In To Your Life…

Someone Comes
Into Your Life ‘N Becomes A Part Of You,
But For
Some Reason He Couldn’T Stay,

Don’t Cry Too Much…

Just Be Glad That Your
Paths Crossed
Some How He Made You Happy
Even For A While..!!

I Will Leave Something For You…

I Will Leave Something For You
When I Leave This World…
Few Memories In Your Heart,
Few Tears In Your Eyes,
My Name On Your Lips,
And My Absence In Your Life.. !

Relation Between Rain And Tear…

Superb Comparison-
The Rain Falls
Because Sky Can No Longer Handle Its Heaviness.
Just Like Tears,
It Falls Because Heart Can No Longer Handle Pain..!

It Is Always Good To Check…

It Is Always Good To Check
Once In A While ‘N Make Sure
You Haven’T Lost The Things
That Money Cannot Buy..!!!”

One Who Is Kind At Heart…

One Who Is Kind At Heart,
Bad Tempered And Speak
Unkindly Cannot Be Deemed As A Good Person.

We Ignore The Once Who Adore Us…

Isn’T It Ironic?
We Ignore The Once Who Adore Us,
Adore The Ones Who Ignore Us,
Love The Once Who Hurt Us,
Hurt The Once Who Love Us,
Then Ask Why Does It Happen To Me?”

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