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My Love SMS

My Love SMS 2020

Fights And Arguments…

Fights And Arguments,
Ups And Downs, Hugs And Kisses,
Smiles And Frowns.
We Will Sail Through It All Together,
Not Just Now But Forever. I Love You.

I Don’t Know How Long…

I Don’t Know How Long
I Am Going To Live But I Know That
Every Single Second Will Be Worth A Lifetime
Because It Will Be Spent With You. I Love You.

Just Seeing Your Face Brightens…

Just Seeing Your Face Brightens
Even The Darkest Of My Days.
Your Light Radiantly And
Adds Love In My Life. I Love You!

I Will Love You More…

I Will Love You More
And More Each Day With Every Beat Of My Heart,
Until The Day I Die And
My Heart Stops Beating. I Love You, My Love!

I Love You…

I Love You And That’s The Beginning
And End Of Everything. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

To Be Your Husband…

To Be Your Husband Was All I Ever Wanted;
To Be Yours Forever Was All I Ever Dreamt’
– Valerie Lombardo

You Give Me Hope…

You Give Me Hope In My Times Of Trial,
Joy In My Saddest Hours And Love In All I Do.

To Have You In My Life…

To Have You In My Life Is
A Blessing In Disguise.
I Am Truly Grateful To God For That.
Thanks For Being A Part Of My Life.
I Love You!

You May Hold My Hand…

You May Hold My Hand For A While,
But You Hold My Heart Forever,
My Life. I Love You!

The Person Who Enters Your Life…

The Person Who Enters Your Life Out Of Nowhere,
And Suddenly Means The World To You.
That’s You My Dear Love!

My Love Messages 2020

I Always Feel The Presence…

I Always Feel The Presence Of Your Love In My Life.
Everything You Do Makes Me Love You Even More.
I Feel Overwhelmed With Your Never-Ending Love.

 Every Moment And Every Minute…

My Dear Love, Every Moment And Every Minute
That I Spend With You,
My Life Becomes A Wonderful Dream Come True.
I Always Did And Will Always Love You!

You Changed My World…

You Changed My World
Since You Entered Into My Life.
The Change Is Not Simple And Subtle.
You Added Colors, Meaning,
And Happiness In My Life.
Words Cannot Describe
How Much You Mean To Me!

No Words Can Express…

No Words Can Express
How Much I Love You.
Just Always Remember That My Love Is True.
You Are Always On My Mind.
I Always Want You By My Side.

I Am So Lucky…

I Am So Lucky To Have An Affectionate
And Caring Love.
I Have Never Been So Happy Till I Met You.
I Love You, My Love.

All My Days And Nights…

All My Days And Nights
Are Filled With The Wonders Of Your Love.
A Lovely Morning To You
And Thanks For Being That Special
And Wonderful Woman In My Life. I Love You!

You Are The Reason…

You Are The Reason
Why I Am Happy In Life,
Let Me Tag You As The World’s Greatest Person,
Love You Lots,
My Sweetheart, Please Don’t Ever Part!

Just When I Think That…

Just When I Think That
It Is Impossible To Love You Anymore,
You Prove Me Wrong.

I Believe In You Completely…

I Believe In You Completely.
You Are My Dearest One.
My Reason For Life. – Ian Mcewan, Atonement

The Epitome Of Romance…

The Epitome Of Romance,
The Pinnacle Of Commitment,
And The Essence Of Marital Bliss,
Is What Our Love Life Is. I Love You.

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