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Nice Love SMS

Nice Love SMS 2020

Hypocrite In The World…

Love Message Of The Day :

Our Heart Is The Best Hypocrite In The World…
We Think It Beats For Us Inside…
It Beats For Someone Else Who Is Inside It.. !!

Respect Your Loved Ones…

When A Guy Calls You,
He Wants To Be With You…

When A Guy Is Quite,
He Is Listening To You…

When A Guy Isn’t Arguing,
He Realizes He Is Wrong…

When A Guy Says I’M Fine,
After A Few Minute He Means It…

When A Guy Stares At You,
He Wishes You Would Care About Him
And Wonders If You Do…

When A Guy Calls/Messaging/Comments You Everyday,
He Is In Love With You…

When A (Good) Guy Tells You- He Loves You,
He Mean It….

When A Guy Says He Cant Live Without You,
He Is With You Until You’Re Done….

When A Guy Says- I Miss You…
He Misses You More Then
You Could Have Ever Missed Him Or Anything Else!

Respect Your Loved Ones !!

The Most Precious Gift…

The Most Precious Gift
We Can Offer Others Is Our Presence.
When Mindfulness Embraces Those We Love,
They Will Bloom Like Flowers. !!

Love Is Like The Seasons…

Love Is Like The Seasons,
Each Flying Past Spring Is New Score.
That First Heat Wave Of Summer
Winter Is The Matured Knowledge Of Our Lives
But Autumn Is The Scent I Love The Most
And You Crave For.. !!

True Love Is Not Something…

True Love Is Not Something That Comes Every Day,
Follow Your Heart,
It Knows The Right Answer…

When You Think About Someone…

When You Think About Someone…
It’S Because You Miss Him Constantly In Your Thoughts,
In Your Dreams In Your Heart…

There Is Never A Time…

There Is Never A Time Or Place For True Love.
It Happens Accidentally,
In A Heartbeat,
In A Single Flashing, Throbbing Moment… !!

When The Power Of Love Overcomes…

When The Power Of Love Overcomes
The Love Of Power,
The World Will Know Peace..!!

Stay In My Life…

Look Into My Eyes…You’Ll See Love For You.
Listen To My Heartbeat…It Calls Out To Only You.
Come Into My Arms…Its Comfort Is For You.
Rest On My Lips And You Taste All The Love
I Have For You.
Stay In My Life…For I’Ll Always Love Only You.. !!

Nice Love Messages 2020

Many Memories In My Life…

I Have Embraced Many Memories In My Life,
But The One I Admire The Most Is When I Met You…

I Was Lost Until You Found Me…

I Was Lost Until You Found Me.
Something Was Missing, But Then You Held Me.
You Are The Sun That Shines On Me And
The Moon That Glows Within Me…

I Will Carry You…

I Will Carry You With Me To The End Of My Days,
Remembering All Those Moments
You Taught Me To Trust My Own Heart To Be Alive…

Relationships Flourish When Both People…

Relationships Flourish When Both People Are
Able To Share Their Innermost Feelings
And Thoughts About Themselves And Each Other.
To Be Fully Seen By Someone, In Raw Form,
And Be Adored Anyhow, Is What Love Is. !!

I Walked Into Love With You…

I Didn’t Fall In Love With You.
I Walked Into Love With You,
With My Eyes Wide Open,
Choosing To Take Every Step Along The Way.
I Do Believe In Fate And Destiny,
But I Also Believe
We Are Only Fated To Do The Things That
We Would Choose Anyway.
And I Would Choose You;
In A Hundred Life Times, In A Hundred Worlds,
In Any Version Of Reality,
I Would Find You And I Would Choose You !!

Those Who Love You…

Those Who Love You
Are Not Fooled By Mistakes You Have Made
Or Dark Images You Hold About Yourself.
They Remember Your Beauty
When You Feel Ugly.
Your Wholeness When You Are Broken..
Your Innocence When You Feel Guilty..:
Your Purpose When You Are Confused.. !!

Most Powerful Force In The Universe…

Love Is The Most Powerful Force In The Universe
And Is The Very Essence Of Who We Are.
It Moves Through Our Veins,
It Powers Our Hearts
And It Enlightens Our Consciousness…

Its So Funny How We Set Qualifications…

Its So Funny How We Set Qualifications
For The Right Person To Love,
While A The Back Of Our Minds
We Know That The Person
We Truly Love Will Always Be An Exception…..!!!

A Fabulous Day To Everyone..
Keep Smiling…! Life Is Beautiful.. !!

I Will Love You…

As Long As I Can Dream,
As Long As I Can Think,
As Long As I Have A Memory,
I Will Love You…
As Long As I Have Eyes To See,
As Long As I Have Ears To Hear,
As Long As I Have Lips To Speak,
I Will Love You…
As Long As I Have A Heart To Feel,
As Long As I Have A Soul Stirring Within Me,
As Long As I Have An Imagination To Hold You,
I Will Love You…
As Long As There Is Time,
As Long As There Is Love,
As Long As There Is You,
And As Long As I Have A Breathe To Speak Your Name,
I Will Love You…
Because I Love You More Than Anything In The World.. !!

Some People Get Hurt Because Of Love…

Some People Get Hurt Because Of Love.
Others Hurt For Love..
The Rest…Love To Hurt… !!

Real Man Stay Faithful…

Real Man Stay Faithful.
They Don’t Have Time To Look For Other Woman
They Are Too Busy
Looking New Ways To Love Their Own…!

Gestures Of Love…

It Is The Simplest Of Things,
Gestures Of Love, Attention.
They Don’t Cost Anything Except Your Time.
Your Woman Will Value Them Like Diamonds…

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