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Romantic Love SMS

Romantic Love SMS 2020

No Matter What Has Happened…

No Matter What Has Happened.
No Matter What You’ve Done.
No Matter What You Will Do.
I Will Always Love You. I Swear It.

I Wanted To Tell You…

I Wanted To Tell You That Wherever I Am,
Whatever Happens,
I’ll Always Think Of You,
And The Time We Spent Together,
As My Happiest Time.
I’d Do It All Over Again,
If I Had The Choice. No Regrets.

Love Picture SMS - I Need You Like A Heart Needs A Beat

And In Her Smile…

And In Her Smile
I See Something More
Beautiful Than The Stars.

It’s One Thing To Fall In Love…

It’s One Thing To Fall In Love.
It’s Another To Feel Someone Else
Fall In Love With You,
And To Feel A Responsibility Toward That Love.

I Love You The Way…

I Love You The Way
A Drowning Man Loves Air.
And It Would Destroy Me
To Have You Just A Little.

I’m In Love With You…

I’m In Love With You,
And I’m Not In The Business Of Denying
Myself The Simple Pleasure Of Saying True Things.
I’m In Love With You,
And I Know That Love Is Just A Shout Into The Void,
And That Oblivion Is Inevitable,
And That We’re All Doomed
And That There Will Come A Day
When All Our Labor Has Been Returned To Dust,
And I Know The Sun Will Swallow The Only Earth
We’ll Ever Have, And I Am In Love With You.

Love Picture SMS - Important Encounters Are Planned

I Never Loved You…

I Never Loved You Any More Than I Do,
Right This Second.
And I’ll Never Love You Any Less Than I Do,
Right This Second.

Sometimes I Can’t See Myself…

Sometimes I Can’t See Myself
When I’m With You. I Can Only Just See You.

I Am Catastrophically…

I Am Catastrophically In Love With You.

I Knew The Second I Met You…

I Knew The Second I Met You That
There Was Something About You I Needed.
Turns Out It Wasn’t Something About You At All.
It Was Just You.

Romantic Love Messages 2020

I Love You…

I Love You. Remember. They Cannot Take It

I Want Everyone To Meet You…

I Want Everyone To Meet You.
You’re My Favorite Person Of All Time.

If My Love Were An Ocean…

If My Love Were An Ocean,
There Would Be No More Land.
If My Love Were A Desert,
You Would See Only Sand.
If My Love Were A Star-
Late At Night, Only Light.
And If My Love Could Grow Wings,
I’d Be Soaring In Flight.

Love Picture SMS - The More I Look

There Is Never A Time…

There Is Never A Time Or Place For True Love.
It Happens Accidentally,
In A Heartbeat,
In A Single Flashing, Throbbing Moment.

How Hard Being Together Is…

I Don’t Care How Hard Being Together Is,
Nothing Is Worse Than Being Apart.

I Want To Be The Friend…

I Want To Be The Friend You Fall Hopelessly In Love With.
The One You Take Into Your Arms
And Into Your Bed And Into The Private World
You Keep Trapped In Your Head.
I Want To Be That Kind Of Friend.
The One Who Will Memorize The Things You Say
As Well As The Shape Of Your Lips When You Say Them.
I Want To Know Every Curve,
Every Freckle, Every Shiver Of Your Body.
I Want To Know Where To Touch You,
I Want To Know How To Touch You.
I Want To Know Convince You To Design A Smile Just For Me.
Yes, I Do Want To Be Your Friend.
I Want To Be Your Best Friend In The Entire World.

You’ve Slipped Under My Skin…

But You’ve Slipped Under My Skin,
Invaded My Blood And Seized My Heart.

And I’ve Realized That The Beatles…

And I’ve Realized That The Beatles Got It Wrong.
Love Isn’t All We Need—Love Is All There Is.

Love Lets You Find…

Love Lets You Find Those
Hidden Places In Another Person,
Even The Ones They Didn’t Know Were There,
Even The Ones They Wouldn’t Have
Thought To Call Beautiful Themselves.

No Matter Where I Went…

No Matter Where I Went,
I Always Knew My Way Back To You.
You Are My Compass Star.

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