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Romantic Love Text

Romantic Love Text Messages 2018

Every Morning Our World…

Every Morning Our World,
Our Love, And Our Life Refresh,
So Let They Only Get Better
With Each Passing Day. I Am Living For You.

You Made My Spiritual World…

You Made My Spiritual World,
Full Of Chaos, Clear.
You Are My Salvation, Good Morning, Dear.

Romantic Love Text Messages

I’ve Been Always Dreaming…

I’ve Been Always Dreaming
About Meeting The Person,
With Whom I Can Choose The Beauty Of The Morning
And The Charm Of The Evening
And I’ve Met You. Good Morning,
The Queen Of My Heart.

I Cannot Give You…

I Cannot Give You
All The Material Wealth Of The World,
But I Can Give You My Tenderness
And Devotion. Good Morning.

Today Is The Day Of Fulfillment…

Good Morning, Darling!
Today Is The Day Of Fulfillment Of Your Dreams,
So If You Want,
I Will Forget About Twitter And Instagram.

I Envy The Screen Of Your Phone…

I Envy The Screen Of Your Phone
Because It Sees You First In The Morning.

I Wish You To Cry…

Good Morning! I Wish You To Cry From Happiness Today!

Do You Know How An Awesome…

Do You Know
How An Awesome Woman Feels In The Morning?
Of Course,
You Don’t Because
You Are A Gorgeous Woman In The World!

Romantic Love Text Messages

Romantic Love Text 2018

Have A Blessed Day Today…

Have A Blessed Day Today,
Remember, You’re Stunning.

I Have Two Drugs…

I Have Two Drugs:
You And My Sleep, So When Night Is Over,
I Meet You Every Day,
Thanks To It My Addiction Will Last Forever.

To Wake Up Next To You…

To Wake Up Next To You Is A True Happiness,
Your Hair Is Softer Than Any Pillow,
Except An Orthopedic Pillow.

Meet This Morning With The Luggage…

Meet This Morning With The Luggage Of Laughter,
Kindness, And Smiles, Leave The Rest In The Past. I Love You.

Love Is When She Looks More Beautiful…

Love Is When She Looks More Beautiful
In The Morning Than At Night,
So Definitely, I Am In Love With You. Good Morning.

Love Picture SMS - You Smile-I-smile

Every Day Is A New Performance…

Every Day Is A New Performance,
Let It Will Be Always A Comedy Or
A Fairy tale, But Never A Tragedy. Good Morning.

The Smell Of Your Skin Is Better…

The Smell Of Your Skin Is Better
Than The Smell Of Coffee,
So To Wake Up Every Morning I Need You.

A Complete Stranger For You…

Every Morning Is A Complete Stranger For You,
So Let It Become Your Best Friend. Good Morning.

You Woke Up Not To Be Sullen…

You Woke Up Not To Be Sullen,
But To Be Cheerful.
Charge The Whole World With Your Positive.

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