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That Time Plus Distance Equaled Moving On From Your Ex.

Leave The World A Little Better Than You Found It.

Hatred Is Self-Punishment.

The Money From Selling A Dog Doesn't Bark

Nothing Will Work Unless You Do.

In A Totally Sane Society, Madness Is The Only Freedom.

Love Is The Most Dangerous Thing In The World.

Propaganda Is The Executive Arm Of The Invisible Government.

The Best Defense Against Propaganda: More Propaganda.

Whoever Wants To Reach A Distant Goal Must Take Small Steps.

The Mind Is The Reality. You Are What You Think.

Power Is Founded Upon Opinion.

Sin Is A Viper That Does Always Kill Where It Is Not Killed.

Love Is Energy Of Life.

If You Can't Do What You Want, Do What You Can.

Poverty Wants Few Things, Avarice Everything.

Silence Is Sometimes The Severest Criticism.

Even A Broken Clock Gets It Right Occasionally.

Do Things That Have Never Been Done.

A Person Who Makes Few Mistakes Makes Little Progress.

The Only true Wisdom Is Knowing That You Know Nothing.

If Your Ship Doesnt Come In, Swim Out To Meet It!

We May Encounter Many Defeats But We Must Not Be Defeated.

Be A Rainbow In Somebody Else's Cloud.

A Man Is About As Big As The Things That Make Him Angry.

The Secret Of Your Future Is Hidden In Your Daily Routine.

trust Opens Up New And Unimagined Possibilities.

It Is A Dangerous Thing To Reform Anyone.

An Alert And Learned Man Will Take Advice From Any Event.

Sex Alleviates Tension. Love Causes It.

Wealth, The Most Excellent Of All The Gods.

The Best Way To Pay For A Lovely Moment Is To Enjoy It.

The More A Man Judges, The Less He Loves.

The First Rule Of My Speaking Is: Listen!

I Have Nothing To Lose. My Personal Casualty Means Nothing.

We're Not Perfect, But We Do Have Democracy.

Courage Is Being Scared To Death, But Saddling Up Anyway.

As Long As Youre Going To Be Thinking Anyway, Think Big.

Capital Isnt Scarce; Vision Is.

Failure Defeats Losers, Failure Inspires Winners.

Poor People Have Big Tv. Rich People Have Big Library.

A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline.

If You Dont Have A Competitive Advantage, Dont Compete.

How Do You Defeat Terrorism? Dont Be Terrorized.

Islamic Killers Are Over Here Because We Are Over There.

Any Place Is A Palace If Your Heart Decides So.

The Beauty Of The Soul Is Shown In The Face

It Costs Nothing To Dream, But Everything If You Don't.

It Was Embarrassing For Us To Play The Way That We Played.

It Would Be Just Too Embarrassing If We Won Again.

Let Your Hopes, Not Your Hurts, Shape Your Future.

To Win Without Risk Is To triumph Without Glory.

The Secret Of Success Is Constancy To Purpose.

He That Waits Upon Fortune, Is Never Sure Of A Dinner.

Perseverance Does Not Equal Worthiness.

Those Who Seek Power Are Not Worthy Of That Power.

A Lie Has Speed, But truth Has Endurance.

It Is Not The Mountain We Conquer, But Ourselves.

Nothing Tastes As Good As Being Thin Feels.

The Shortest Answer Is Doing The Thing.

Desire, Like The Atom, Is Explosive With Creative Force.

We Make Our Own Fortunes And We Call Them Fate.

All Success Stories Begin With A Dream.

Without The Pain There Is No Gain.

In Life You Need Either Inspiration Or Desperation

All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy.

All Government Is An Ugly Necessity.

Heroism ... Is Endurance For One Moment More.

Genius Is Always Accompanied By Enthusiasm.

Christmas Is A Son Away From Home.

I Never Learned Anything While I Was Talking.

Dreams And Dedication Are A Powerful Combination.

Difficulties Are Things That Show A Person What They Are.

No One Has Ever Learned Fully To Know Themselves.

No Great Discovery Was Ever Made Without A Bold Guess.

When The Stomach Is Full, It Is Easy To Talk Of Fasting.

Better A Witty Fool Than A Foolish Wit.

Applause Is A Receipt, Not A Bill.

Applause Waits On Success.

Nothing That Is Worth Knowing Can Be Taught.

Humor Is Just Another Defense Against The Universe.

The Aims Of Life Are The Best Defense Against Death.

The Human Race Will Be The Cancer Of The Planet.

We Never Know The Worth Of Water Till The Well Is Dry.

In All Things Of Nature, There Is Something Of The Marvelous

Wildness Is The Preservation Of The World.

A Healthy Ecology Is The Basis For A Healthy Economy.

There Are No Passengers On Spaceship Earth. We Are All Crew.

A Good Heart Is Better Than All The Heads In The World.

Men May Move Mountains, But Ideas Move Men.

A Girl In A Convertible Is Worth Five In The Phonebook.

The Breath Of An Aristocrat Is The Death Rattle Of Freedom.

The Sin Is In Our Thoughts.

We Used To Build Civilizations. Now We Build Shopping Malls.

Any Plan Is Bad Which Is Not Susceptible Of Change.

Time Flies When You Are Anxious!

Excess Of Joy Is Harder To Bear Than Any Amount Of Sorrow.

All Human Power Is A Compound Of Time And Patience.

Those Who Spend Too Fast Never Grow Rich.

Challenge, And Not Desire, Lies At The Heart Of Seduction.

One Can Only Forget About Time By Making Use Of It.

Time Engraves Our Faces With All The Tears We Have Not Shed.

Think Like A Man Of Action, Act Like A Man Of Thought.

Before Anything Else, Preparation Is The Key To Success.

Love Ceases To Be A Pleasure When It Ceases To Be A Secret.

Money Speaks Sense In A Language All Nations Understand.

I Want To Seize Fate By The Throat.

As A Rule It Is Circumstances That Make Men.

That Which Is Man-Made Can Be Unmade.

Kill Your Doubt With The Coldest Of Weapons: Confidence.

Dissent Is The Mark Of Freedom.

trudeauism: The Highest Form Of Liberalism

War Is A Crime Which Involves All Other Crimes.

Art Is The Perfection Of Nature.

Thank God I'm An Atheist.

Genius Does What It Must, Talent Does What It Can.

The Things Which Must Be Must Be For The Best.

Take Away The Sword;States Can Be Saved Without It.

Rank Is A Great Beautifier.

Good Things Come In Good Time.

An Empty Man Is Full Of Himself.

Many Argue; Not Many Converse.

Death: The Only true Emotion Felt In An Apathetic World

Contentment Is The Capital Which Will Never Diminish.

Only He Who Has The Power To Punish Can Pardon.

A Wise Man's Bosom Is The Safe Of His Secrets.

A Poor Man Is Like A Foreigner In His Own Country.

There Is Nothing Impossible To Him Who Will try.

What Makes Bitter Things Sweet? Hunger.

The Basis Of A Democratic State Is Liberty.

Well Begun Is Half Done.

Man Is By Nature A Political Animal.

Charity Is No Substitute For Justice Withheld.

An Unjust Law Is No Law At All.

War Is What Happens When Language Fails.

Those Who See The Invisible Can Do The Impossible.

Politics Is History In The Present Tense.

Width Of Life Is More Important Than Length Of Life.

Life Seems But A Quick Succession Of Busy Nothings.

Art Attests To What Is Inhuman In Man.

A Wise Man Will Make More Opportunities, Than He Finds.

truth Will Sooner Come Out From Error Than From Confusion.

Respect Is What We Owe; Love What We Give.

It Is Easier To Forgive An Enemy Than To Forgive A Friend.

If You Give, You Will Be Blessed.

There Is Nothing Good Or Evil Save In The Will

One Should Eat To Live, Not Live To Eat.

I Keep trying To Lose Weight... But It Keeps Finding Me

I Am Not Overweight. I Am Just Nine Inches Too Short.

Feed Sparingly And Defy The Physician.

All The Water That Will Ever Be Is, Right Now.

The Man Whose Authority Is Recent Is Always Stern.

Wisdom Consists Of The Anticipation Of Consequences.

And Do You Accept The Idea That There Is No Explanation?

If You Think Education Is Expensive, try Ignorance.

The Less Routine The More Life.

Building trust Means Thinking About trust In A Positive Way.

We Also Confuse trust With Familiarity.

Education Is The Poor Mans Haven And The Ignorant Mans Hell.

Remember, Those Are Not All Your Friends Who Laugh With You.

true Will Is Wishing Backed By Power.

Speak Less, Listen Deeply.

Love Is The Process Of Melting Into The Other

All Sufferings Come From False Pride.

The Brighter Stars Emerge Out Of The Blackest Darkness.

To Live Without An Aim Is To Wander In A Wilderness

Grace Is To The Body, What Good Manners Are To The Mind

He Who's Not Busy Being Born Is Busy Dying

Victory Is Sweetest When You've Known Defeat.

The Great Aim Of Human Life

trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me 35 Years Ago.

Perverts The Prophets And Purloins The Psalms.

We Let The Weirdness In.

It Wasn't My Mouth You Kissed But My Heart.

The Wolf Cried When The Sheep Got Drenched In Rain.

All The Things That Are White Are Not Milk.

Even The Tiny Frog Is Spoilt By Its Mouth

A Drunkard's Words Are Gone By The Next Dawn.

Even A Crow Thinks Its Child Is Golden.

Make Hay While The Sun Shines.

Only When In The Sun Do You Miss The Shade.

When (You) Dress Up As A Dog, Be Prepared To Bark

For A Lame Horse, Slippery Is An Excuse

Even If The Tiger Is Hungry,It Wont Eat Grass.

Even Elephants Do Slip.

You Were Born With Wings, Why Prefer To Crawl Through Life?

Heaven Without Love : What A Hell

To Laugh At Men Of Sense Is The Privilege Of Fools.

There Is No Cosmetic For Beauty Like Happiness.

Silent Gratitude Isn't Much Use To Anyone.

Sorrow Is Easy To Express And So Hard To Tell.

Art Is The Signature Of Civilizations.

Assumptions Are The Termites Of Relationships.

A Well-Aimed Spear Is Worth Three.

Altruism Is For Those Who Cannot Endure Their Desires.

Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are.

Democrats Legislate; Republicans Investigate.

Ugliness Is In A Way Superior To Beauty Because It Lasts.

Beauty Is Lyrical. Ugliness Is Elegiac.

There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones.

Sorrow Makes An Ugly Face Odious.

An Ugly Sight, A Man Who Is Afraid.

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, But Ugly Goes Clean To The Bone.

To The Artist There Is Never Anything Ugly In Nature.

Age Is An Ugly Thing, And It Goes On Getting Worse.

In The Middle Of Difficulty Lies Opportunity.
We All Need Money, But There Are Degrees Of Desperation.

Fatigue Is The Physical Confirmation Of Superior Effort.

Women Of The World Crave Excitement.

A Connoisseur Of Tame Excitement.

Will Minus Intellect Constitutes Vulgarity.

This Suspense Is Terrible. I Hope It Will Last.

Be Content To Act, And Leave The Talking To Others.

The Car Bomb Is The Poor Man's Air Force.

Never Succumb To The Temptation Of Bitterness.

Tempt Not A Desperate Man.

The Greatest Inspiration Is Often Born Of Desperation.

The Most Dangerous Untruths Are truths Moderately Distorted.

Respect For The truth Is An Acquired Taste.

A Lie Is Just The truth Waiting To Be Itself.

The truth Needs So Little Rehearsal.

He Who Purposely Cheats His Friend, Would Cheat His God.

Endurance Is Nobler Than Strength And Patience Than Beauty.

The Best Way To Escape From A Problem Is To Solve It.

A Little Flattery Will Support A Man Through Great Fatigue.

The Strongest Have Their Moments Of Fatigue.

The Lowest Ebb Is The Turn Of The Tide.

The Eye Sees Only What The Mind Is Prepared To Comprehend.

I Feel Like I Am Diagonally Parked In A Parallel Universe.

Evil Requires The Sanction Of The Victim.

Popular Applause Veers With The Wind.

Every Individual Is The Architect Of His Own Fortune.

Fortune Is The Rod Of The Weak, And The Staff Of The Brave.

The Undressed Is Vulgar - The Nude Is Pure

Wisdom Becomes Nonsense In The Mouth Of A Fanatic

No People Do So Much Harm As Those Who Go About Doing Good.

We Are All Worthy Of One Another.

No Crime Is Vulgar, But All Vulgarity Is Crime

Vulgarity Begins When Imagination Succumbs To The Explicit.

Vulgarity Is More Obvious In Satin Than In Homespun.

Animation Is About Creating The Illusion Of Life.

Be Civil To All; Sociable To Many; Familiar With Few.

Fanaticism Obliterates The Feelings Of Humanity.

Freedom Of Speech Is Useless Without Freedom Of Thought.

Freedom Of Speech Gives You The Right To Stay Silent.

Absolute And Entire Ugliness Is Rare.

A Woman Who Cannot Be Ugly, Is Not Beautiful

A Good Novel Editor Is Invisible.

A Very Good Editor Is Almost A Collaborator.

Without Self-Discipline, Success Is Impossible, Period.

Wrestling Is Ballet With Violence.

The Scar Will Become A Symbol.

The Extreme Always Makes An Impression.

Practice Is The Effort That Makes Winning Possible

Attitude Is Everything

Happiness Is A State Of Defiance.

Nowadays Men Lead Lives Of Noisy Desperation

There Is Nobody More Terrible Than The Desperate.

Lottery Tickets Are A Surtax On Desperation.

What Is Called Resignation Is Confirmed Desperation.

The Speedway Ends At The Cemetery.

Wisdom Begins In Wonder.

Anger Makes Dull Men Witty, But It Keeps Them Poor.

Man Is A Victim Of Dope In The Incurable Form Of Hope.

Anarchy Is The Only Slight Glimmer Of Hope

As Soon As Liberty Is Complete It Dies In Anarchy.

There Are No Shortcuts To Any Place Worth Going.

That Which Needs To Be Proved Cannot Be Worth Much.

When Angry, Count To Four. When Very Angry, Swear.

Anger Is Never Without A Reason, But Seldom With A Good One.

Whatever Is Begun In Anger Ends In Shame.

Authority Is Quite Degrading.

You Can Delegate Authority, But Not Responsibility.

Think For Yourself And Question Authority.

Defense Is Superior To Opulence.

A Sense Of Humor Is A Major Defense Against Minor troubles.

Education Is The Cheap Defense Of Nations

Defense To Me Is The Key To Playing Baseball.

Right Is Its Own Defense.

Their Is No Defense Against Criticism Except Obscurity.

Waste Is A Tax On The Whole People.

Efficiency Is Doing Better What Is Already Being Done.

An Innocent Plowman Is More Worthy Than A Vicious Prince.

Hardship Makes The World Obscure.

An Experiment Disproving A Prediction Is A Discovery.

Darkness Within Darkness. The Gateway To All Understanding.

I Am A Part Of All That I Have Met.

Learning Is The Discovery That Something Is Possible.

I Do Not Seek. I Find.

Some People Are Born To Fatness. Others Have To Get There.

Fat Is A Social Disease, And Fat Is A Feminist Issue.

I Find No Sweeter Fat Than Sticks To My Own Bones.

A Diet Is The Penalty We Pay For Exceeding The Feed Limit.

The One Way To Get Thin Is To Re-Establish A Purpose In Life

I Keep trying To Lose Weight... But It Keeps Finding Me!

Bigger Snacks Mean Bigger Slacks.

I Am Not A Glutton - I Am An Explorer Of Food.

Never Eat More Than You Can Lift

If You Wish To Grow Thinner, Diminish Your Dinner.

Diet Cures More Than The Doctor.

Hope Is A Very Thin Die.

Now Equilibrium Is The Very Opposite Of Disorder.

The Human Heart Likes A Little Disorder In Its Geometry.

Chaos, Panic And Disorder- My Work Here Is Done

Leave Sooner, Drive Slower, Live Longer.

Modern Technologyowes Ecologyan Apology.

If Everything Comes Your Way, You Are In The Wrong Lane.

Success Is Not In What You Have, But Who You Are.

Desire Is The Starting Point Of All Achievement.

Our Feelings Are Our Most Genuine Paths To Knowledge.

Fortune Favors The Prepared Mind.

Action Makes More Fortune Than Caution.

Follow The Grain In Your Own Wood.

Success Is The Progressive Realization Of A Worthy Goal.

Vulgarity Is Simply The Conduct Of Other People.

Fanaticism Is Overcompensation For Doubt.

Better An Ugly Face Than An Ugly Mind.

If You Can Believe It, The Mind Can Achieve It.

Desperation Is Sometimes As Powerful An Inspirer As Genius

Desperation Is Sometimes As Powerful An Inspirer As Genius.

The Mass Of Men Lead Lives Of Quiet Desperation.

When truth Is Divided, Errors Multiply

truth Is Such A Rare Thing, It Is Delightful To Tell It

The Cruelest Lies Are Often Told In Silence.

Only Through Dedicated Work Does A Man Fulfill Himself.

Nothing Earthly Will Make Me Give Up My Work In Despair.

Where There Is No Difficulty There Is No Praise

Difficulties Increase The Nearer We Get To The Goal.

The Greater The Difficulty, The Greater The Glory.

Difficulties Mastered Are Opportunities Won.

Beauty Is Variable, Ugliness Is Constant.

A Filipino Is Worth Dying For.

Only A Life Lived For Others Is Worth Living.

Writing Is The Best Way To Talk Without Being Interrupted.

The Thing That Differentiates Man From Animals Is Money.

Wise Men Argue Cases, Fools Decide Them.

Never Make A Defence Or Apology Before You Be Accused.

When The Soil Disappears, The Soul Disappears.

Take Care Of The Earth And She Will Take Care Of You.

We Cannot Command Nature Except By Obeying Her.

When We Heal The Earth, We Heal Ourselves.

A Virgin Forest Is Where The Hand Of Man Has Never Set Foot.

The Study Of Nature Is Intercourse With The Highest Mind.

Nature Is Not A Place To Visit, It Is Home.

The Nation That Destroys Its Soil Destroys Itself.

Love The Earth As You Would Love Yourself.

I Am Not Embarrassed To Tell You That I Believe In Miracles.

It Is The Answers, Not The Questions, That Are Embarrassing.

We Never Forgive Those Who Make Us Blush.

Life Has No Limitations, Except The Ones You Make.

Leadership Is Influence.

A Man?S Worth Is No Greater Than The Worth Of His Ambitions.

Fascists Are Not Human. A Snake Is More Human.

trouble Creates A Capacity To Handle It.

Simplicity Is The Nature Of Great Souls.

Our Major Obligation Is Not To Make Slogans For Solutions.

Life Is A Sum Of All Your Choices.

Never treat Your Audience As Customers, Always As Partners.

The Audience Is Fifty Percent Of The Performance

Fastidious Taste Makes Enjoyment A Struggle.

Life Is Pain And The Enjoyment Of Love Is An Anesthetic.

Good Luck Needs No Explanation.

I Fear Explanations Explanatory Of Things Explained.

Nobody Can Hurt Me Without My Permission.

He Who Wishes To Be Rich In A Day Will Be Hanged In A Year.

Ideas Any One Can Mould As He Wishes.

I Wish They Would Only Take Me As I Am.

Like Our Shadows, Our Wishes Lengthen As Our Sun Declines.

Plurality Is Not To Be Posited Without Necessity

When It Is Dark Enough, You Can See The Stars.

Storms Make The Oak Grow Deeper Roots.

Everything Changes, Nothing Remains Without Change.

Thin People Are Beautiful, But Fat People Are Adorable.

The Secret To Discovery Is To Never Believe Existing Facts.

Curiosity Is One Of The Great Secrets Of Happiness.

Aggression Unopposed Becomes A Contagious Disease.

Necessity, The Mother Of Invention.

Indulgence Rare To Pleasures Lendeth Zest

Water Flows Uphill Towards Money.Doig

We Forget That The Water Cycle And The Life Cycle Are One.

Don't Empty The Water Jar Until The Rain Falls.

All Authority Belongs To The People

The Wisest Have The Most Authority

The Highest Duty Is To Respect Authority

Nothing Strengthens Authority So Much As Silence.

It Is Not Wisdom But Authority That Makes A Law.

God Is The King. In Him Exists All Legal Authority.

The World Is Not A Problem; The Problem Is Your Unawareness

Awareness Without Action Is Worthless.

Ability Without Honor Is Useless.

Computers Are Useless. They Can Only Give You Answers.

Unhappiness Does Make People Look Stupid

Call No Man Unhappy Until He Is Married

Fear Is Pain Arising From The Anticipation Of Evil.

As Daddy Said, Life Is 95 Percent Anticipation.

Faith Is Love Taking The Form Of Aspiration.

Your Aspirations Are Your Possibilities.

Our Aspirations Are Our Possibilities.

Repentance Is Another Name For Aspiration

Conscience Is A Man's Compass

The Goal Of Human Life Is Not Death But Resurrection.

Laughter Is The Closest Thing To The Grace Of God.

A Person Is Not Old Until Regrets Take The Place Of Dreams.

Destiny And History Are Untidy.

Dreams Have Only The Pigmentation Of Fact.

All War Represents A Failure Of Diplomacy.

Ideas Are More Powerful Than Guns.

Religions Do Not Teach Doubt.

Death Cancels All Engagements.

I Could Never Take A Chance Of Losing Love To Find Romance.

Imagination Governs The World.
Order Is The Law Of All Intelligible Existence.

A Libertarian Is Just A Republican Who Takes Drugs.

Grief Carries Its Own Antidote Along With It.

Persecution Is A Bad And Indirect Way To Plant Religion.

He That Is Down Needs Fear No Fall.

If You Want To Get An Idea Across, Wrap It Up In A Person.

The Magic Of The Tongue Is The Most Dangerous Of All Spells.

Luck Is Something You Make For Yourself, If You Want It.

A Price Is Something You Get. A Cost Is Something You Lose.

God Is The Poet, Men Are Only The Actors.

Look, The Key For Me Is To Keep Expectations Low.

Liberty Can Be Delayed, But It Cannot Be Denied.

Every Unjust Man Is Unjust Against His Will

He That Will Not When He May, When He Will He Shall Have Nay

Making Good Wine Is A Skill. Fine Wine Is An Art.

Take Counsel In Wine, But Resolve Afterwards In Water.

Drink Wine In Winter For Cold, And In Summer For Heat.

Where There Is No Wine There Is No Love.

A Sweetheart Is A Bottle Of Wine, A Wife Is A Wine Bottle.

Animals Are My Friends... And I Do Not Eat My Friends.

I Am In Shape. Round Is A Shape... Is Not It?

Happiness In Marriage Is Entirely A Matter Of Chance.

All Can Be Done If The God-Touch Is There.

Live Within; Be Not Shaken By Outward Happenings.

Money Is Like Muck, Not Good Except It Be Spread.

Art Is Man Added To Nature.

Riches Are A Good Handmaid, But The Worst Mistress.

Nothing Is Terrible Except Fear Itself.

Man Is A Creation Of Desire, Not A Creation Of Need.

A Mother, Who Is Really A Mother, Is Never Free.

Courtesy Is Only A Thin Veneer On The General Selfishness.

Man Dies In Despair While The Spirit Dies In Ecstasy.

Compassion Takes Imagination.

Money Talks, And We Are Always Listening.

Sadder Than The Beggar Is The Man Who Eats Alone In Public.

The Brook Would Lose Its Song If We Removed The Rocks

A Country Is Known By The Way It treats Its Animals.

Without Habitat, There Is No Wildlife. It Is That Simple.

Good Wine Ruins The Purse; Bad Wine Ruins The Stomach

The Best Use Of Bad Wine Is To Drive Away Poor Relations.

Nothing Will Work Unless You Do

I Will Prepare And Some Day My Chance Will Come.

You May Delay, But Time Will Not.

He That Can Have Patience Can Have What He Will.

The Eye Of The Master Will Do More Work Than Both His Hands.

Ability Will Never Catch Up With The Demand For It.

Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick; You Will Go Far.

Where There Is A Will There Is A Way.

He Who Is Firm In Will Molds The World To Himself.

Man Proposes, And God Disposes.

For Rarely Man Escapes His Destiny.

Ambition Is The Manure Of Glory.

I Am, Indeed, A King, Because I Know How To Rule Myself.

Be Bold! That's One Way Of Getting Through Life.

The Sword Is Our Steel Bible!

Progress Of Mankind Is Progress Of Mind And Intellect.

Imagination Is The Highest Kite That Can Fly.

Stories Are The Architects Of The Human Mind.

Of All Exercises Walking Is The Best.

Celebrate What You Want To See More Of.

A Goose Never Voted For An Early Christmas.

Time Is Money, So I Went And Bought A Rolex.

Every Reform Movement Has A Lunatic Fringe.

Mind Is My Garden, The Heart Is My Home

Slow And Steady Wins The Race.

Happiness Is A Choice That Requires Effort At Times.

Love Is A Great Beautifier.

The Best Companion And Helper Is Admirable Morals.

Evil Cannot Be Conquered By Wishing.

The Angel Of Death Is The Invisible Angel Of Life.

I Was So Surprised At Being Born That I Didn

It Is Bad Policy To Fear The Resentment Of An Enemy.

Silence Is One Of The Gates To Wisdom.

The Needs Of A Society Determine Its Ethics.

A Whole Is That Which Has Beginning, Middle, And End.

Law Is Order, And Good Law Is Good Order.

Nature Does Nothing Uselessly.

Evils Draw Men Together.

Misfortune Shows Those Who Are Not Really Friends.

He Who Has Overcome His Fears Will truly Be Free.

Under Every Stone Lurks A Politician.

A Man May Learn Wisdom Even From A Foe.

Jazz Washes Away The Dust Of Every Day Life.

Love Looks Through A Telescope; Envy, Through A Microscope.

Logic Is The Beginning Of Wisdom, Not The End

Logic Is The Art Of Going Wrong With Confidence

Never Ruin An Apology With An Excuse.

Nothing Diminishes Anxiety Faster Than Action.

Defeat Never Comes To Any Man Until He Admits It.

You Can Learn A Line From A Win And A Book From A Defeat.

The Useful And The Beautiful Are Never Separated

Whatever You Have, You Must Either Use Or Lose

A Useless Life Is Only An Early Death

A Barking Dog Is More Useful Than A Sleeping Lion

Revolution Is The Festival Of The Oppressed

Never Interrupt Your Enemy When He Is Making A Mistake.

Forgive Your Enemies, But Never Forget Their Names.

If You Want To Make Enemies, try To Change Something.

It Is Hard To Fight An Enemy Who Has Outposts In Your Head.

We Forget That The Water Cycle And The Life Cycle Are One

Weapons Are Like Money; No One Knows The Meaning Of Enough

A Weapon Is A Device For Making Your Enemy Change His Mind.?

One Can Find So Many Pains When The Rain Is Falling.?

Some Are Weather-Wise, Some Are Otherwise

Building trust Requires Talking And Thinking About trust.

In Solitude, When We Are Least Alone.

There Is No Sadder Sight Than A Young Pessimist.

You Can Only Be Young Once. But You Can Always Be Immature.

Strong And Bitter Words Indicate A Weak Cause.

When You Blame Others, You Give Up Your Power To Change.

He Who Excuses Himself Accuses Himself.

Fairness Is Man's Ability To Rise Above His Prejudices.

Punctuality Is The Soul Of Business.

Television Is An Instrument Which Can Paralyze This Country.

Solitude Vivifies; Isolation Kills

A Man With Money Is No Match Against A Man On A Mission.

Weakness Of Attitude Becomes Weakness Of Character.

Only Strength Can Cooperate. Weakness Can Only Beg.

The Only Prudence In Life Is Concentration.

Do Whatever You Do Intensely.

Beauty And Grace Command The World

Be Firm On Principle But Flexible On Method.

Bureaucracy Is The Art Of Making The Possible Impossible.

Steady As A Clock, Busy As A Bee, And Cheerful As A Cricket.

Keep Your Blood Clean, Your Body Lean, And Your Mind Sharp.

It Is Easier To Stay Out Than Get Out.

The Biggest Human Temptation Is To Settle For Too Little.

I Guess The Only Way To Stop Divorce Is To Stop Marriage.

Boredom Is An Emptiness Filled With Insistence.

Luxury Ruins Republics; Poverty, Monarchies.

Learn The Luxury Of Doing Good

For Me, Hard Work Represents The Supreme Luxury Of Life

It Is Only To The Happy That Tears Are A Luxury.

Don't Play Too Much Golf. Two Rounds A Day Are Plenty

The Only Disability In Life Is A Bad Attitude.

Our Lives Are A Sum Total Of The Choices We Have Made.

Life Is Change. Growth Is Optional. Choose Wisely.

It's Choice - Not Chance - That Determines Your Destiny.

Childhood Is The Sleep Of Reason.

The More Sympathy You Give, The Less You Need.

Never Borrow Sorrow From Tomorrow.

Lust Is The Craving For Salt Of A Man Who Is Dying Of Thirst

Hell Has Three Gates: Lust, Anger, And Greed

Admiration Begins Where Acquaintance Ceases

Admiration Is The Daughter Of Ignorance.

The Secret Of Happiness Is To Admire Without Desiring.

Only In Love Are Unity And Duality Not In Conflict.

Love Must Be As Much A Light, As It Is A Flame.

The Good Life Is Inspired By Love And Guided By Knowledge.

Accountability Breeds Response-Ability.

Nothing Is So Aggravating Than Calmness.

Too Many Would-Be Executives Are Slaves Of Routine.

The Less Routine The More Life.!

Talk Is Cheap - Except When Congress Does It

Guilt Is Perhaps The Most Painful Companion Of Death

Guilt: The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

There Is No Such Thing As A Little Garlic.

Of Those Who Say Nothing, Few Are Silent.

Angels Can Fly Because They Take Themselves Lightly.

The Butterfly Is A Flying Flower...

Absence - That Common Cure Of Love.

Heroism Is Endurance For One Moment More.

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart, For They Shall See God.

Without A Rich Heart, Wealth Is An Ugly Beggar.

Life's Under No Obligation To Give Us What We Expect

Relationships Based On Obligation Lack Dignity.

Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Hard Battle.

Fear Is The Father Of Courage And The Mother Of Safety

Show Me A Sane Man And I Will Cure Him For You.

A Child Educated Only At School Is An Uneducated Child

He Who Opens A School Door, Closes A Prison.

Science Is Organized Knowledge. Wisdom Is Organized Life.

Science Does Not Know Its Debt To Imagination.

Men Love To Wonder, And That Is The Seed Of Science.

Somewhere, Something Incredible Is Waiting To Be Known

Hate Leaves Ugly Scars, Love Leaves Beautiful Ones.

Silence Is As Deep As Eternity; Speech, Shallow As Time

Our Major Obligation Is Not To Mistake Slogans For Solutions

A Nation Of Sheep Will Beget A Government Of Wolves

If Government Were A Product, Selling It Would Be Illegal

Begin To Weave And God Will Give The Thread.

No Government Ever Voluntarily Reduces Itself In Size

true Friends Stab You In The Front

Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication.

Simplicity Is The Glory Of Expression

There Is No Greatness Where There Is Not Simplicity.

Thorough Preparation Makes Its Own Luck.

Be Prepared.

Luck Is A Matter Of Preparation Meeting Opportunity.

Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity.

The Sharp Thorn Often Produces Delicate Roses.

The Power Of The Lawyer Is In The Uncertainty Of The Law.

The Power Of Thought, The Magic Of The Mind!

Moderation Is The Secret Of Survival.

Fear Is An Emotion Indispensable For Survival.

Wisdom Is Not In Words; Wisdom Is Meaning Within Words.

Men Of Few Words Are The Best Men.

Lying Is Done With Words And Also With Silence.

Silence Is Better Than Unmeaning Words.

Words Are But The Signs Of Ideas.

Vision Is The Art Of Seeing Things Invisible To Others.

troubles, Like Babies, Grow Larger By Nursing.

Time Is Generally The Best Doctor

Conscience, Man's Moral Medicine Chest

Earth Laughs In Flowers.

Each Flower Is A Soul Blossoming Out To Nature.
Poetry Is The Art Of Substantiating Shadows.

Poetry Is All That Is Worth Remembering In Life.

Poetry Is Life Distilled.

Language Is Fossil Poetry

Next To The Wound, What Women Make Best Is The Bandage.

A Man's Face Is His Autobiography. A Woman's Face Is Her Work Of Fiction.

Every Woman Is Wrong Until She Cries, And Then She Is Right - Instantly.

You Were Born An Original. Don't Die A Copy.

Winning Is A Habit. Unfortunately, So Is Losing.

Memory Is The Diary That We All Carry About With Us.

Memory Is What Makes Us Young Or Old.

Memories Are Hunting Horns Whose Sound Dies On The Wind.

We Must Always Have Old Memories And Young Hopes.

Memory Itself Is An Internal Rumour.

The Best Revenge Is Massive Success.

Drugs Are A Bet With The Mind

Peace - That Was The Other Name For Home.

Life's A Voyage That's Homeward Bound.

Home Is One's Birthplace, Ratified By Memory.

Art Is A Revolt Against Fate.

Full Of Wisdom Are The Ordinations Of Fate.

Whatever Limits Us We Call Fate.

Fate Is Not Quite As Strange As It Appears!

Fate Laughs At Probabilities.

The Eyes Indicate The Antiquity Of The Soul

Create A Purpose For Your Life, And Live It Each Day.

Love: A Temporary Insanity, Curable By Marriage.

All The Water That Will Ever Be Is, Right Now

I'm Youth, I'm Joy, I'm A Little Bird That Has Broken Out Of The Egg.

The Best Mirror Is An Old Friend.

What Is Originality? Undetected Plagiarism.

We Are Not Creatures Of Circumstance; We Are Creators Of Circumstance.

Be Silent, Or Say Something Better Than Silence.

Silence Is The Sanctuary Of Prudence.

Ambition Is The Last Refuge Of Failure.

When Ambition Ends, Happiness Begins.

Intelligence Without Ambition Is A Bird Without Wings.

Ambition Is The Last Infirmity Of Noble Minds.

Ambition Is But Avarice On Stilts, And Masked.

The Greater The Obstacle, The More The Glory In Overcoming It.

To Innovate Is Not To Reform.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

I Am Learning All The Time. The Tombstone Will Be My Diploma.

Anyone Who Stops Learning Is Old, Whether At Twenty Or Eighty.

You Teach Best What You Most Need To Learn.

Let Ignorance Talk As It Will, Learning Has Its Value.

One Fails Forward Toward Success.

Failure Is An Event, Never A Person.

If You Are Lonely When You Are Alone, You Are In Bad Company.

Never Make A Companion Equal To A Brother.

God Respects Me When I Work; But God Loves Me When I Sing.

Faith Is The Heroism Of The Intellect.

Spring Shows What God Can Do With A Drab And Dirty World.

We Should Not Let Our Fears Hold Us Back From Pursuing Our Hopes.

Fear Is The Lengthened Shadow Of Ignorance.

History Proves Nothing Because It Contains Everything.

All A Man Can Betray Is His Conscience.

Forgiveness And Letting Go Are Steps On Our Road Back To Happiness.

One Law For The Lion And Ox Is Oppression

Good Manners Are Made Up Of Petty Sacrifices

Nowadays, Manners Are Easy And Life Is Hard.

The Basis Of Good Manners Is Self-Reliance.

Wisdom Is Nothing More Than Healed Pain.

Equality Consists In The Same treatment Of Similar Persons.

Music . . . Can Name The Unnameable And Communicate The Unknowable.

Genuine Poetry Can Communicate Before It Is Understood.

Once You Learn To Quit, It Becomes A Habit.

He Has Half The Deed Done Who Has Made A Beginning.

An Honor Is Not Diminished For Being Shared.

A Library Is Thought In Cold Storage.

The Power Of Thought,--The Magic Of The Mind!

Sow A Thought And Reap An Act.

Let Your Thoughts Meander Towards A Sea Of Ideas.

Creativity Is The Sudden Cessation Of Stupidity.

The Daily Grind Of Hard Work Gets A Person Polished.

Tokens Of Affection Ease The Wariness Of Time.

We Are Limited, Not By Our Abilities, But By Our Vision.

We Fear Things In Proportion To Our Ignorance Of Them.

Nothing Is More Terrible Than Ignorance In Action.

Everybody Is Ignorant, Only On Different Subjects.

Ignorance Is The Mother Of Presumption

Ignorance Gives One A Large Range Of Probabilities

There Is Not One Wise Man In Twenty That Will Praise Himself.

Admonish Your Friends Privately, But Praise Them Openly

A Man Who Does Not Love Praise Is Not A Full Man.

God Sells Us All Things At The Price Of Labor.

Without Labor Nothing Prospers.

Poorly Paid Labor Is Inefficient Labor, The World Over

Art Is The Most Passionate Orgy Within Man's Grasp.

A Man's Work Is From Sun To Sun, But A Mother's Work Is Never Done.

One Good Mother Is Worth A Hundred Schoolmasters.

A Mother Understands What A Child Does Not Say.

As Many Suffer From Too Much As Too Little. A Fat Body Makes A Lean Mind.

The Heart Is The Only Broken Instrument That Works.

Depression Is Merely Anger Without Enthusiasm.

How People treat You Is Their Karma; How You React Is Yours.

Love Conquers Everything Even Karma.

History Consists Of A Series Of Accumulated Imaginative Inventions.

One Swallow Does Not Make A Spring, Nor Does One Fine Day

Faith Is The Bird That Sings When The Dawn Is Still Dark.

Stress Is When You Wake Up Screaming And You Realize You Haven't Fallen Asleep Yet

Laughter Is The Sun That Drives Winter From The Human Face.

Laughter Is The Closest Thing To The Grace Of God

Seven Days Without Laughter Make One Weak.

Quality Is Not An Act, It Is A Habit.

It Is The Quality Of Our Work Which Will Please God And Not The Quantity.

The Quality Of Expectations Determines The Quality Of Our Action.

Growth Itself Contains The Germ Of Happiness.

All Change Is Not Growth; As All Movement Is Not Forward

A Man's Growth Is Seen In The Successive Choirs Of His Friends.

Growth Begins When We Begin To Accept Our Own Weakness

Talent Wins Games, But Teamwork And Intelligence Wins Championships.

Sports Are The Reason I Am Out Of Shape. I Watch Them All On Tv.

Sports Is The Toy Department Of Human Life.

Success Is The Maximum Utilization Of The Ability That You Have.

Wealth Is The Ability To Fully Experience Life.

It Is Not My Ability, But My Response To God's Ability, That Counts.

The Ability To Convert Ideas To Things Is The Secret Of Outward Success.

Instinct Is Untaught Ability.

Progress Is Man's Ability To Complicate Simplicity.

It Takes A Minute To Like Someone, An Hour To Love Someone, But A Lifetime To Forget Someone

Women Flirt To Keep Their Stock High, Men To Get Somewhere.

Without Music, Life Would Be An Error.

Music Is The Soul Of Language.

Music, The Mosaic Of The Air

What Is A Home Without Children? Quiet.

I Love Children, Especially When They Cry, For Then Someone Takes Them Away

Children Are The Only Form Of Immortality That We Can Be Sure Of.

Patience Makes A Women Beautiful In Middle Age

Patience Is The Best Remedy For Every trouble.

Patience Is The Art Of Hoping.

It Is Better To Give Than Receive- Especially Advice

The Manner Of Giving Is Worth More Than The Gift

Advice Is One Of Those Things It Is Far More Blessed To Give Than To Receive.

The Manner Of Giving Is Worth More Than The Gift.

Giving Is The Lifeblood Of Happy Living.

Men Are Only As Loyal As Their Options.

Men Are Easy To Get But Hard To Keep.

Men Are Born Ignorant, Not Stupid. They Are Made Stupid By Education.

It Is Difficulties That Show What Men Are

Laughter Is A tranquilizer With No Side Effects.

Laughter Is The Brush That Sweeps Away The Cobwebs Of Your Heart.

Life Is The First Gift, Love Is The Second, And Understanding The Third

Everyone Is Gifted - But Some People Never Open Their Package

Flirtation, Attention Without Intention.

God Created The Flirt As Soon As He Made The Fool.

All Women Are Flirts, But Some Are Restrained By Shyness, And Others By Sense.

Monday Is A Lame Way To Spend 1/7 Of Your Life.

In Examinations, The Foolish Ask Questions The Wise Cannot Answer.

A Baby Is God­S Opinion That Life Should Go On.

Beauty Is God's Handwriting.

Understanding Is A Two-Way Street.

Friends Are Kisses Blown To Us By Angels.

Don't Kill The Dream - Execute It

Woman Begins By Resisting A Man's Advances And Ends By Blocking His Retreat.

Where The Determination Is, The Way Can Be Found.

Tears Are Often The Telescope By Which Men See Far Into Heaven.

Boredom Is The Deadliest Poison.

Since When Was An Emotional Argument Won By Logic

Great Hypocrite Are The Real Atheists

What Do You Know And How Do You Know It

I Take A Vitamin Every Day. It's Called A Steak.

You Fall In Love With Personality But You Live With Character.

Maybe This World Is Another Planet's Hell !

Failing To Plan Means Planning To Fail. What Are Your Goals?

A Zebra Does Not Change Its Spots.

Three May Keep A Secret If Two Of Them Are Dead.

Always Forgive Your Enemies - Nothing Annoys Them So Much.

I Couldn't Repair Your Brakes, So I Made Your Horn Louder.

An Consultant Is Someone Who Takes A Subject You Understand And Makes It Sound Confusing.

If Someone Says Can't, That Shows You What To Do.

Win As If You Were Used To It, Lose As If You Enjoyed It For A Change.

To The World, You May Be One Person; But To One Person, You May Be The World!

Colleges Are Places Where Pebbles Are Polished And Diamonds Are Dimmed.

The Whole Purpose Of Education Is To Turn Mirrors Into Windows.

The Only Gift Is A Portion Of Thyself.

Christmas Is The Season When You Buy This Year's Gifts With Next Year's Money.

A Hug Is A Great Gift - One Size Fits All, And It's Easy To Exchange.

What We Are Is God's Gift To Us. What We Become Is Our Gift To God.

A Book Is A Gift You Can Open Again And Again.

Friendship Isn't A Big Thing - It's A Million Little Things.

Good Judgement Comes From Experience. Experience Comes From Bad Judgement.

Each Man The Architect Of His Own Fate.

We Seal Our Fate With The Choices We Make.

Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal.

Okay, Who Put A Stop Payment On My Reality Check?

Flirting Is The Act Of Making A Man Feel Pleased With Himself.

We Are All Inclined To Judge Ourselves By Our Ideals; Others, By Their Acts.

Time Is An Illusion, Lunchtime Doubly So.

You Know What A Woman's Curiosity Is

If God Did Not Exist, It Would Be Necessary To Invent Him.

No Man Is Worth Your Tears, But Once You Find One That Is, He Won't Make You Cry

The Most Important Thing A Father Can Do For His Children Is To Love Their Mother.

As We Advance In Life We Learn The Limits Of Our Abilities.

Our Ignorance Of History Causes Us To Slander Our Own Times

It Is Not Ignorance But Knowledge Which Is The Mother Of Wonder.

Poverty Has Many Roots, But The Tap Root Is Ignorance

Ignorance Is The Womb Of Monsters

Praise Shames Me, For I Secretly Beg For It.

He Who Praises Everybody, Praises Nobody.

Labor Is The Only Prayer That Nature Answers.

I Find Nothing More Depressing Than Optimism.

Depression Is A Choice.

History Must Be Written Of, By And For The Survivors.

History Is A Myth That Men Agree To Believe.

Anger Manages Everything Badly.

One Thought Fills Immensity.

Adopt The Pace Of Nature, Her Secret Is Patience.

Your Talent Is God's Gift To You. What You Do With It Is Your Gift Back To God.

If Barbie Is So Popular, Why Do You Have To Buy Her Friends?

Do You Have trouble Making Up Your Mind? Well, Yes Or No?

'Money Talks' Because Money Is A Metaphor, A transfer, And A Bridge.

I Respect Faith, But Doubt Is What Gets You An Education.

Education Is Too Important To Be Left Solely To Educators.

When Everything's Coming Your Way, You're In The Wrong Lane.

For Sale: Parachute. Only Used Once, Never Opened, Small Stain.

Don't Postpone Joy.

Patience Will Achieve More Than Force.

Philanthropy: A State Of Doing Where The Giving Is Easy.
People Only See What They Are Prepared To See.

This World's A Bubble.

This World Is But A Canvas To Our Imagination.

Live Your Beliefs And You Can Turn The World Around.

Charity Is A Virtue Of The Heart, And Not Of The Hands.

Separation Exists Only In Human Mind.

Laughter Is The Closest Distance Between Two People.

Distance Has The Same Effect On The Mind As On The Eye.

Where There Is Much Light, The Shadows Are Deepest.

The First Duty Of Love Is To Listen.

Our Greatest Weariness Comes From Work Not Done.

One Is Hardly Sensible Of Fatigue While He Marches To Music.

Many Fears Are Born Of Fatigue And Loneliness.

All Forms Of Fear Produce Fatigue.

I Prefer Death To Lassitude. I Never Tire Of Serving Others.

Speak With The Vulgar, Think With The Wise.

If You Want Some, Come Get Some!

Either That Wallpaper Goes, Or I Do.

Not Knowing When The Dawn Will Come I Open Every Door.

Hope Of Ill Gain Is The Beginning Of Loss.

Money Made Through Dishonest Practices Will Not Last Long.

Electricity Is Really Just Organized Lightning.

The Employer Generally Gets The Employees He Deserves.

treat Employees Like Partners, And They Act Like Partners.

Our Employees Are Like Extended Members Of Our Family.

Management Is Nothing More Than Motivating Other People.

Endurance Is Patience Concentrated.

Endurance Is Nobler Than Strength, And Patience Than Beauty.

Use Your Brain, Not Your Endurance.

Endurance Is Frequently A Form Of Indecision.

Endurance Is The Crowning Quality?

Happy He Who Learns To Bear What He Cannot Change.

The Engineer Has Been, And Is, A Maker Of History.

Architecture Begins Where Engineering Ends.

The Engineering Is Secondary To The Vision.

Engineering Is The Art Or Science Of Making Practical.

What Fugitive From His Country Can Also Escape From Himself.

The Best Way To Escape From Your Problem Is To Solve It.

A Really Great Talent Finds Its Happiness In Execution.

Billing And Cooing To Me Is Worse To Witness An Execution.

We Need To Focus On Execution, No Falls.

It Comes Down To Free Throws And Execution.

I Have Never Seen A Greater Monster Or Miracle Than Myself.

The Art Of Living Is More Like Wrestling Than Dancing.

Win If You Can, Lose Is You Must, But Always Cheat!

Every Hero Becomes A Bore At Last.

You Will Go One On One With The Great One!

A Weapon Is A Device For Making Your Enemy Change His Mind.

Perfection Is Possible

Pride Separates Excellence From Mediocrity

Wrestling Teaches You How To Stay Low And Use Your Hands

Wearing A Bow Tie Is A Statement. Almost An Act Of Defiance.

Performance Of Great Defiance And Passion.

In Life You Need Either Inspiration Or Desperation.

Men Of My Age Live In A State Of Continual Desperation.

When Matters Are Desperate We Must Put On A Desperate Face.

A Thing Can Be true And Still Be Desperate Folly.

Brilliance Is Born Of Desperation.

Despair Makes Victims Sometimes Victors.

Honesty Is Never Seen Sitting Astride The Fence.

Like All Valuable Commodities, truth Is Often Counterfeited.

It Takes Two To Lie. One To Lie And One To Listen.

Familiarity With Evil Breeds Not Contempt But Acceptance.

In Communications, Familiarity Breeds Apathy.

All Objects Lose By Too Familiar A View.

The Worst Of Madmen Is A Saint Run Mad

The Worst Vice Of A Fanatic Is His Sincerity.

Fanaticism, The False Fire Of An Overheated Mind.

Free Speech Is Too Dangerous To A Democracy To Be Permitted.

You Have Not Converted A Man Because You Have Silenced Him.

If You Wish To Experience Peace, Provide Peace For Another.

Be An Opener Of Doors For Such As Come After Thee.

When It Comes To Giving?Some People Stop At Nothing.

The Aristocrat Is The Democrat Ripe, And Gone To Seed.

Few Things Are As Democratic As A Snowstorm.

From Our Ugliness Will Grow The Soul Of The World.

The Beautiful Has But One Type, The Ugly Has A Thousand.

The Beautiful Has But One Type, The Ugly A Thousand

Rides In The Whirlwind And Directs The Storm.

Not Too Many People Know Who The Editor Is.

An Editor Is The Uncrowned King Of An Educated Democracy.

Every Editor Of Newspapers Pays tribute To The Devil.

A Winner Never Whines.

When You Win, Nothing Hurts.

No Star Playing, Just Football.

You Don't Have A Soul. You Are A Soul. You Have A Body.

Your Fortune Is Not Something To Find But To Unfold.

Each Man Is The Smith Of His Own Fortune.

Fortune truly Helps Those Who Are Of Good Judgment.

A Great Mind Becomes A Great Fortune.

Fortune Brings In Some Boats That Are Not Steered.

Chop Your Own Wood And It Will Warm You Twice.

Chop Your Own Wood, And It Will Warm You Twice.

Well Tended Garden Is Better Than A Neglected Wood Lot

No Wood Without Bark.

Tomorrow To Fresh Woods, And Pastures New

Makes Palm A Worthy Competitor In Enterprise Accounts.

Walk Worthy Of The Lord.

Worthy Is The Lamb That Was Slain.

For The Labourer Is Worthy Of His Hire.

Nothing In The Affairs Of Men Is Worthy Of Great Anxiety.

A Thing Is Not Vulgar Merely Because It Is Common

Be Thou Familiar, But By No Means Vulgar.

Television Is A Corporate Vulgarity.

Animation Had Been Done Before, But Stories Were Never Told.

Conscience Is No More Than The Dead Speaking To Us.

In The Evening Of Life, We Will Be Judged On Love Alone.

Strength Of Mind Is Exercise, Not Rest.

Make The Most Of Yourself, For That Is All There Is For You.

The Best Cure For The Body Is A Quiet Mind.

Writing Is A Crummy Profession, But A Good Hobby.

Nature Makes Only Dumb Animals. We Owe The Fools To Society.

Animals Often Strike Us As Passionate Machines.

Debate Is Masculine, Conversation Is Feminine.

He Who Frames The Question Wins The Debate.

Debate Is The Death Of Conversation.

The Argument Is At An End.

Strength Lies Not In Defense But In Attack

A Government Without The Power Of Defense! It Is A Solecism.

They Kill Good trees To Put Out Bad Newspapers.

We Can Never Have Enough Of Nature.

Some Of The Rhetoric Has Been Embarrassing, Even Xenophobic.

Efficiency Is Intelligent Laziness.

Laziness Is The Mother Of Efficiency

Disorganization Can Scarcely Fail To Result In Efficiency.

Hurry Is The Mark Of A Weak Mind, Dispatch Of A Strong One.

People Buy Into The Leader Before They Buy Into The Vision.

An Ounce Of Action Is Worth A Ton Of Theory.

You Always Pass Failure On The Way To Success.

Whatever You Believe With Feeling Becomes Your Reality.

All Of Our Reasoning Ends In Surrender To Feeling.

Mankind Are Governed More By Their Feelings Than By Reason.

Your Body Is The Church Where Nature Asks To Be Reverenced.

It Is The Mind That Makes The Body.

No Man Can Be Wise On An Empty Stomach.

Let Good Digestion Wait On Appetite And Health On Both.

Eat, Drink, And Be Merry, For Tomorrow Ye Diet.

Praise Is The Best Diet For Us, After All.

Autism Is An Extremely Variable Disorder.

Battle Is An Orgy Of Disorder.

Dangers Constantly Threaten The World: Order And Disorder.

Hug Your Kids At Home, But Belt Them In The Car.

Never Drive Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly.

You Never Really Learn To Swear Until You Learn To Drive.

Stupidity Is Not A Handicap. Park Elsewhere!

Life Is Too Short For traffic.

From Wonder Into Wonder Existence Opens.

Beauty In Art Is Often Nothing But Ugliness Subdued.

Evil Report Carries Further Than Any Applause

Unregulated Competition Is A Naive Metaphor For Anarchy.

It Is Not The Answer That Enlightens, But The Question.

History Is The Short trudge From Adam To Atom.

Anger Dwells Only In The Bosom Of Fools.

When Anger Rises, Think Of The Consequences.

The Angry People Are Those People Who Are Most Afraid.

Easy Reading Is Damned Hard Writing.

Being Is. Being Is In-Itself. Being Is What It Is.

The Art Of Teaching Is The Art Of Assisting Discovery.

From Error To Error, One Discovers The Entire truth.

Mistakes Are The Portals Of Discovery.

He Who Never Made A Mistake Never Made A Discovery.

Not Until We Are Lost Do We Begin To Understand Ourselves.

Glutton: One Who Digs His Grave With His Teeth.

Every Day The Fat Woman Dies A Series Of Small Deaths.

How Easy For Those Who Do Not Bulge To Not Overindulge!

Fat Is A Way Of Saying No To Powerlessness And Self-Denial.

Dieters -- People That Are Thick And Tired Of It

Avoid Any Diet That Discourages The Use Of Hot Fudge.

The First Thing You Lose On A Diet Is Your Sense Of Humor.

Life Itself Is The Proper Binge

Dieting Is Wishful Shrinking

A Balanced Diet Is A Cookie In Each Hand.

I Think I Just Ate My Willpower.

If You Really Want To Be Depressed, Weigh Yourself In Grams.

Dieters Live Life In The Fasting Lane.

Not Afraid Of Heights - Afraid Of Widths.

Gluttony Is Not A Secret Vice.

Obesity Is Really Widespread.

Eat, Drink And Be Merry, For Tomorrow Ye Diet.

Food Is An Important Part Of A Balanced Diet.

There Is But One Degree Of Commitment; Total.

Out Of Difficulties Grow Miracles.

Never trust The Advice Of A Man In Difficulties

My Difficulties Belong To Me !

Difficulty Is The Excuse History Never Accepts.

In The Middle Of Every Difficulty Lies Opportunity.

To Fly, We Have To Have Resistance.

Evil Is Always Possible. Goodness Is A Difficulty.

The Best Way Out Of A Difficulty Is Through It.

The Difficulty In Life Is The Choice.

The Mind Unlearns With Difficulty What It Has Long Learned.

Where There Is No Choice, We Do Well To Make No Difficulty.

To Find A Fault Is Easy; To Do Better May Be Difficult.

Every Problem Has A Gift For You In Its Hands.

When Difficulties Are Overcome They Begin Blessing.

The Eternal Stars Shine Out As Soon As It Is Dark Enough.

It Is Surmounting Difficulties That Makes Heroes.

For Every Mountain There Is A Miracle.

Difficulties Strengthen The Mind, As Labor Does The Body.

Bear The Inevitable With Dignity.

Difficulties Are Stepping Stones To Success.

Bumps Are The Things We Climb On.

What Has Become Clear To You Since We Last Met?

I Invent Nothing, I Rediscover.

Asleep, Nobody Is A Hypocrite.

No Man Is A Hypocrite In His Pleasures.

Sin Is Not So Sinful As Hypocrisy.

Rest Is A Good Thing, But Boredom Is Its Brother.

The First Wealth Is Health

Gardens Are A Form Of Autobiography

Where There Is Movement, There Is Improvement.

The Love Of Gardening Is A Seed Once Sown That Never Dies
How Glowing Guilt Exalts The Keen Delight!

He Is Not Guilty Who Is Not Guilty Of His Own Free Will.

He Who Flees From trial Confesses His Guilt.

A Land Of Levity Is A Land Of Guilt.

Without The Spice Of Guilt, Sin Cannot Be Fully Savored.

Guilt Is Always Jealous.

Silence, Beautiful Voice.

Silence Never Yet Betrayed Any One!

Silence Is The Mother Of truth.

Ambition Is A Vice, But It May Be The Father Of Virtue

If You Can't Convince 'Em, Confuse 'Em.

Forget Regret, Or Life Is Yours To Miss.

Rightly Defined Philosophy Is Simply The Love Of Wisdom.

Philosophers Are Only Men In Armor After All.

The Philosopher Must Station Themselves In The Middle.

Philosophy Should Quicken Life, Not Deaden It.

Never Leave That Till Tomorrow Which You Can Do Today.

Never Put Off Today What You Can Put Off Tomorrow.

Every Government Is A Scoundrel

Every Decent Man Is Ashamed Of The Government He Lives Under

Information Is The Currency Of Democracy

It Is Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong

Mind Unemployed Is Mind Un-Enjoyed.

Unemployment Diminishes People. Leisure Enlarges Them.

The Primary Function Of The Government Is To Spew Out Paper

If People Behaved Like Governments, You'd Call The Cops

Democracy Gives Every Man The Right To Be His Own Oppressor

It's Not The Voting That's Democracy; It's The Counting

The Plague Of Government Is Senile Delinquency

The Rarest Thing In The World Is A Woman Who Is Pleased With Photographs Of Herself.

Women Dress Alike All Over The World: They Dress To Be Annoying To Other Women.

Great Thoughts, Like Great Deeds, Need No trumpet.

When There Is An Original Sound In The World, It Makes A Hundred Echoes.

Set Your Goals High, And Don't Stop Till You Get There.

Winners Make Goals, Losers Make Excuses

The Other Sports Are Just Sports. Baseball Is A Love

Never Let The Fear Of Striking Out Get In Your Way

A Hitter's Impatience Is The Pitcher's Biggest Advantage

Mental Attitude And Concentration Are The Keys To Pitching

I Ain't Ever Had A Job. I Just Always Played Baseball

Science Is What You Know. Philosophy Is What You Don't Know

Philosophy Is The Science Which Considers truth

Philosophy Is The Highest Music

We Live In A World In Which Politics Has Replaced Philosophy

Leisure Is The Mother Of Philosophy

There Is Nothing So Absurd But Some Philosopher Has Said It.

Leisure Is The Mother Of Philosophy.

Unintelligible Answers To Insoluble Problems.

Real Philosophy Seeks Rather To Solve Than To Deny

There Is No Record In History Of A Happy Philosopher.

Every Philosophy Is The Philosophy Of Some Stage Of Life.

To Have No Time For Philosophy Is To Be A true Philosopher

Growing Old Is Mandatory; Growing Up Is Optional.

The Defect Of Equality Is That We Desire It Only With Our Superiors.

Before God We Are All Equally Wise - And Equally Foolish.

The Sole Equality On Earth Is Death

Communication Works For Those Who Work At It.

Communication Is The Real Work Of Leadership.

The Tongue Is The Only Tool That Gets Sharper With Use

All Glory Comes From Daring To Begin.

Birth Is The Beginning Of Death

Thought Takes Man Out Of Servitude, Into Freedom.

Ideologies Separate Us. Dreams And Anguish Bring Us Together

Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm

Always Aim For Achievement, And Forget About Success

Goal Achievement Is Hero's Work

Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishment.

It's Hard To Win A Pennant, But It's Harder Losing One

It Ain't Like Football. You Can't Make Up No trick Plays

The Other Sports Are Just Sports. Baseball Is A Love

People Will Pay More To Be Entertained Than Educated.

Hitting Is Timing. Pitching Is Upsetting Timing

Baseball Is More Than A Game To Me, It's A Religion

Baseball Is A Man Maker

A Baby Is A Blank Cheque Made Payable To The Human Race.

Sell Not Virtue To Purchase Wealth, Nor Liberty To Purchase Power.

Life Without Liberty Is Like A Body Without Spirit.

If Liberty Has Any Meaning It Means Freedom To Improve.

Bread Feeds The Body, Indeed, But Flowers Feed Also The Soul

A Garden Is A Delight To The Eye And A Solace For The Soul

Gardeners, I Think, Dream Bigger Dreams Than Emperor's

God Gave Us Memories That We May Have Roses In December

Always Remember The Beauty Of The Garden, For There Is Peace

There Is No Security On This Earth. Only Opportunity.

To Garden Is To Let Optimism Get The Better Of Judgment.

In Joy Or Sadness, Flowers Are Our Constant Friends.

When Words Escape, Flowers Speak.

Bloom Where You Are Planted!

Gardeners, I Think, Dream Bigger Dreams Than Emperor's.

If You truly Love Nature, You Will Find Beauty Everywhere.

Sweet Flowers Are Slow And Weeds Make Haste.

Flowers Grow In Inches, But Are Destroyed By Feet

No Garden Is Without Its Weeds.

Maturity Is Only A Short Break In Adolescence.

Nature Abhors A Garden

I Guess A Good Gardener Always Starts As A Good Weeder

Innovation Distinguishes Between A Leader And A Follower.

Winning Isnt Everything, But Losin Is Nothing.

The Two Foes Of Human Happiness Are Pain And Boredom

A Wise Man Will Make More Opportunities Than He Finds.

A Man Is About As Big As The Things That Make Him Angry

He Who Angers You Conquers You.

Those Whom God Wishes To Destroy, He First Makes Angry.

Every Baby Born Into The World Is A Finer One Than The Last

Many Things Grow In The Garden That Were Never Sown There.

In Buddhism We Have Relative truth And Absolute truth.

Spirit Is Matter Seen In A Stronger Light.

He Who Does Not Prevent A Crime When He Can, Encourages It.

Society Prepares The Crime, The Criminal Commits It

He Who Profits By A Crime Commits It

Crime Is A Product Of Social Excess

The Best Fertilizer Is The Gardener's Shadow.

A Garden Is The Best Alternative Therapy

A Flower Is An Educated Weed.

Nothing Is More The Child Of Art Than A Garden

A Garden Is Never So Good As It Will Be Next Year

No Garden Is Without Its Weeds

Earth Laughs In Flower

A Garden Is A Friend You Can Visit Any Time

In All Things Of Nature There Is Something Of The Marvelous

Depression Is The Inability To Construct A Future

Depression Is Rage Spread Thin.

The History Of The World Is The World's Court Of Justice.

Those Who Cannot Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It.

History Is Written By The Victors.

There Is A History In All Men's Lives.

The Only Thing New In This World Is The History That You Don't Know

All History Is But The Lengthened Shadow Of A Great Man

Spring Is Nature's Way Of Saying, "Let's Party!"

To Him Who Is In Fear, Everything Rustles.

Listen To What You Know Instead Of What You Fear.

Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War

The Only Thing New In The World Is The History You Don't Know.

One Father Is More Than A Hundred Schoolmasters.

Betrayal Is The Only truth That Sticks.

It Is Most true, Stylus Virum Arguit, - Our Style Betrays Us.

Betrayal Can Only Happen If You Love.

Betrayal Does That -- Betrays The Betrayer.

To Betray You Must First Belong

Life Is About Making The Right Decisions And Moving On.

Manners Easily And Rapidly Mature Into Morals.

Lower Your Voice And Strengthen Your Argument

truth Springs From Argument Amongst Friends.

Never To Talk About Yourself Is A Refined Form Of Hypocrisy.

Men Are What Their Mothers Made Them

Against The Assault Of Laughter Nothing Can Stand.

Laughter Is The Tonic, The Relief, The Surcease For Pain.

An Obedient Wife Commands Her Husband.

Quality Means Doing It Right When No One Is Looking.

Quality Begins On The Inside... And Then Works Its Way Out.

Popularity Is Not An Indication Of Quality.

Respect A Man, And He Will Do All The More.

Genius Is The Ability To Put Into Effect What Is On Your Mind.

The Opposite Of Love Is Not Hate, The Opposite Of Love Is Ignorance.

Ignorance Never Settles A Question

I Do Not Approve Of Anything Which Tampers With Natural Ignorance.

I Praise Loudly, I Blame Softly

Violence Is The Last Refuge Of The Incompetent.

A Work Of Art Which Did Not Begin In Emotion Is Not Art.

If I Could Say It In Words There Would Be No Reason To Paint.

true Art Is Characterized By An Irresistible Urge In The Creative Artist.

God Is Closest To Those With Broken Hearts.

Time Flies. It's Up To You To Be The Navigator.

Deep Summer Is When Laziness Finds Respectability.

Idleness Is Sweet, And Its Consequences Are Cruel

New Year's Day Is Every Man's Birthday.

Children Need Love, Especially When They Do Not Deserve It.

Children Are The Living Messages We Send To A Time We Will Not See.

What Children Hear At Home Soon Flies Abroad

Children Have But Little Charity For One Another's Defects

Patience Is Passion Tamed.

Hope Is Patience With The Lamp Lit.

Patience Is The Mother Of Will

Patience Makes Lighter What Sorrow May Not Heal.

Patience Is Also A Form Of Action.

Giving Is More A Dictate Of The Heart Than A Command Of The Brain.

Love Is The Silent Saying And Saying Of A Single Name.

Love Is Like Dew That Falls On Both Nettles And Lilies.

Distance Never Separates Two Hearts That Really Care

A Man Is A God In Ruins.

Humanity Is On The March, Earth Itself Is Left Behind.

Sin Writes Histories, Goodness Is Silent.

When The Judgement's Weak,The Prejudice Is Strong.

Fame Is A Fickle Food Upon A Shifting Plate.

Glory Built On Selfish Principles, Is Shame And Guilt.

There Is No Road Of Flowers Leading To Glory

Vanity Is The Quicksand Of Reason

Some Are Destined To Succeed, Some Are Determined To Succeed.

The Determination To Win Is The Better Part Of Winning.

A Resolute Determination Is The truest Wisdom.

The Sorrow Which Has No Vent In Tears May Make Other Organs Weep.

Tears Are Words The Heart Can't Express"

Tears Are The Safety Valve Of The Heart When Too Much Pressure Is Laid On It.

Tears Are The Silent Language Of Grief

Music Is The Wine That Fills The Cup Of Silence.

Music And Rhythm Find Their Way Into The Secret Places Of The Soul

Music Fills The Infinite Between Two Souls

Music Is The Harmonious Voice Of Creation; An Echo Of The Invisible World.

Music Is An Outburst Of The Soul.

Music Is The Universal Language Of Mankind

Music Washes Away From The Soul The Dust Of Everyday Life.

Music Is The Medicine Of The Mind

The Smile Of God Is Victory.

Happiness Can Exist Only In Acceptance.

Listening Is A Form Of Accepting.

Poetry Is The Synthesis Of Hyacinths And Biscuits.
The More One Gets To Know Of Men, The More One Values Dogs.

Beauty Is Eternity Gazing At Itself In A Mirror.

The Crown Of Literature Is Poetry.

A Writer Is Someone Who Can Make A Riddle Out Of An Answer.

Nothing Has More Strength Than Dire Necessity.

Big League Defense Is Going To Get Outs Most Times.

We Could Have Saved The Earth But We Were Too Damned Cheap.

Nature Is What She Is - Amoral And Persistent.

There Is Nothing To Be Embarrassed About Being Profitable.

Manners Require Time, As Nothing Is More Vulgar Than Haste.

The Only Thing You Deserve Is What You Earn.

Who Purposely Cheats His Friend, Would Cheat His God.

I Have No Idols. I Admire Work, Dedication And Competence.

A Laugh Is A Smile That Bursts.

No Photographer Is As Good As The Simplest Camera.

Photography Is truth.

The Photographic Image ... Is A Message Without A Code.

A Photograph Is Always Invisible, It Is Not It That We See.

You Know What A Camera Is? A Mirror With Memory.

A Photograph Is Usually Looked At - Seldom Looked Into.

When You Are Grateful Fear Disappears And Abundance Appears.

Ostentation Is The Signal Flag Of Hypocrisy

Manners Are The Hypocrisy Of A Nation

Great Hypocrite Are The Real Atheists.

No Task Is More Difficult Than Systematic Hypocrisy.

If You Would Civilize A Man, Begin With His Grandmother.

Problems Are Only Opportunities In Work Clothes.

Dignity Is A Mask We Wear To Hide Our Ignorance

A Few Vices Are Sufficient To Darken Many Virtues.

Chance Favors Those In Motion.

Chance Favors Only Those Who Court Her.

Talk Sense To A Fool And He Calls You Foolish.

There Is Nothing More Fearful Than Ignorance In Action.

My Reputation Grows With Every Failure.

A Faithful And Loving Wife Is The Jewel Of A Marriage.

Architecture Is Frozen Music.

Hunger Is Not The Worst Feature Of Unemployment; Idleness Is

The Frivolous Work Of Polished Idleness.

Worldings Revelling In The Fieldsof Strenuous Idleness.

Joy Comes From Using Your Potential.

The Greatest Quest In Life Is To Reach One's Potential.

Silence Is One Of The Hardest Arguments To Refute

Convincing Yourself Doesn't Win An Argument

Arguments With Furniture Are Rarely Productive

Silence Is One Of The Hardest Arguments To Refute.

His Conduct Still Right With His Argument Wrong.

Silence Is Argument Carried On By Other Means.

You Don't Get Harmony When Everybody Sings The Same Note

The Secret To Success Is Constancy To Purpose.

Great Minds Have Purposes; Others Have Wishes.

Worry Is The Only Insupportable Misfortune Of Life.

That's The Secret To Life... Replace One Worry With Another

After A Day's Walk Everything Has Twice Its Usual Value.

Beauty Is Not In The Face; Beauty Is A Light In The Heart.

Diligence Is The Mother Of Good Fortune.

The Best Throw Of The Dice Is To Throw Them Away.

Mountaintops Inspire Leaders But Valleys Mature Them.

A Sage Thing Is Timely Silence, And Better Than Any Speech

Speech Is External Thought, And Thought Internal Speech.

Personality Is To A Man What Perfume Is To A Flower.

Personality Is A Mask You Believe In.

You Have To Erect A Fence And Say, ''Okay, Scale This

A Period Is Just The Beginning Of A Lifelong Sentence

A Hundred Load Of Worry Will Not Pay An Ounce Of Debt

As A Cure For Worrying, Work Is Better Than Whiskey

It Ain't No Use Putting Up Your Umbrella Till It Rains.

A Warrior Never Worries About His Fear.

The Purpose Of Life Is A Life Of Purpose.

What Mankind Wants Is Not Talent; It Is Purpose.

Each Of Our Acts Makes A Statement As To Our Purpose.

Giving Up Witchcraft Is, In Effect, Giving Up The Bible

Apathy Is A Sort Of Living Oblivion.

Hate Is Not The Opposite Of Love; Apathy Is.

I Was Faced More With Apathy Than Opposition.

Attention To Health Is Life Greatest Hindrance.

The Constant Attention Is What Is So Difficult.

The Highest Ecstasy Is The Attention At Its Fullest.

To Pay Attention, This Is Our Endless And Proper Work.

We Are Very Far From Always Knowing Our Own Wishes.

We Would Often Be Sorry If Our Wishes Were Gratified.

What Then Is Freedom? The Power To Live As One Wishes.

Where There Is Great Love, There Are Always Wishes.

Whoever Wishes Peace Among Peoples Must Fight Statism.

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish.

He That Humbleth Himself Wishes To Be Exalted?

Nothing Is So Common-Place As To Wish To Be Remarkable.

I Wish I'd Known Early What I Had To Learn Late.

Wishers Were Ever Fools

But When They Seldom Come, They Wished For Come.

Thy Wish Was Father, Harry, To That Thought

Every Wish Is Like A Prayer--With God.

A Proverb Is The Wisdom Of Many And The Wit Of One.

A Wit Should Be No More Sincere Than A Woman Constant.

A Wit With Dunces, And A Dunce With Wits.

And Wit's The Noblest Frailty Of The Mind.

Conceit Causes More Conversation Than Wit.

Confidence Contributes More To Conversation Than Wit.

Don't Set Your Wit Against A Child.

Far Less Envy In America Than In France, And Far Less Wit.

His Foe Was Folly And His Weapon Wit.

I'm Keeping My Acerbic Wit Completely Fueled.

Impropriety Is The Soul Of Wit.

I Wish He Would Explain His Explanation

The Best Argument Is That Which Seems Merely An Explanation

tradition Is An Explanation For Acting Without Thinking

No Explanation Ever Explains The Necessity Of Making One.

A Little Inaccuracy Saves A World Of Explanation.

A Little Inaccuracy Sometimes Saves Tons Of Explanation.

The More Minimal The Art, The More Maximum The Explanation

Giving Yourself Permission To Lose Guarantees A Loss.

My Son Gave Me The Permission To Accept My Success.

It's Easier To Apologize Than Ask For Permission.

I Cannot Do Anything Without God­S Permission.

But I Speak This By Permission, And Not Of Commandment.

An Enemy Generally Says And Believes What He Wishes.

Every Man Desires To Live Long, But No Man Wishes To Be Old.

Everyone Wishes That The Man Whom He Fears Would Perish.

He That Humbleth Himself Wishes To Be Exalted.

He Who Wishes To Be Obeyed Must Know How To Command.

Man Is Free At The Moment He Wishes To Be.

Men's Arguments Often Prove Nothing But Their Wishes.

Our Inventions Mirror Our Secret Wishes.

Pretexts Are Not Wanting When One Wishes To Use Them.

The World Is Full Of Genies Waiting To Grant Your Wishes.

Those Whom God Wishes To Destroy, He First Makes Mad.

City Life Is Millions Of People Being Lonesome Together.

My Play Was A Complete Success. The Audience Was A Failure.

Always Make The Audience Suffer As Much As Possible.

A Solitude Is The Audience-Chamber Of God.

The Play Was A Great Success But The Audience Was A Disaster

Lead The Audience By The Nose To The Thought.

Not An Audience But A Habit.

Our Strong Suit Is What We Do, And Our Audience.

I Just Feed Off The Energy Of The Audience.

I Have No Idea What The Audience Makes Of Me.

I Am Proud Of What I Have Got And I Need An Audience.

All Autobiography Is Self-Indulgent.

An Autobiography Is The Story Of How A Man Thinks He Lived.

I Believe There's Only One Autobiography You Can Do.

Every Artist Writes His Own Autobiography.

Gardens Are A Form Of Autobiography.

I'm Writing An Unauthorized Autobiography

[It Was] Quite Simply A Massacre In The Sky.

I Do Not Let A Bad Score Ruin My Enjoyment For Golf.

Only Mediocrity Of Enjoyment Is Allowed To Man.

A Little Inaccuracy Sometimes Saves A Ton Of Explanation.

An Explanation Of Cause Is Not A Justification By Reason.

I Believe I Am Entitled To A Public Explanation.

The Simplest Explanation Is That It Doesn't Make Sense.

You Must Do The Thing You Think You Cannot Do

We Are Never So Happy Nor So Unhappy As We Imagine.

The Unhappy Derive Comfort From The Misfortunes Of Others.

There Is Not A More Unhappy Being Than A Superannuated Idol

Money Never Prevented Anyone From Being Happy Or Unhappy

Oh, The Good Times When We Were So Unhappy

It Is Our Job To Make Women Unhappy With What They Have.

You Never Saw A Very Busy Person Who Was Unhappy.

The More Refined One Is, The More Unhappy.

I'm Just Sittin Here trying Not To Be Unhappy.

How Unhappy Is He Who Cannot Forgive Himself

All Things Do Help The Unhappy Man To Fall.

Follow Thy Fair Sun, Unhappy Shadow.

Human It Is To Have Compassion On The Unhappy

Unhappy The Land That Is In Need Of Heroes.

There Is No Terror In A Bang, Only In The Anticipation Of It

He Who Matures Early Lives In Anticipation.

Worry Is A Morbid Anticipation Of Events Which Never Happen.

Within Our Dreams And Aspirations We Find Our Opportunities.

My Greatest Aspiration Was Always To Live In The tropics.

Vision Looks Outward And Becomes Aspiration.

You Cannot Demonstrate An Emotion Or Prove An Aspiration.

Aspirations Can Cure Headaches

The Mere Aspiration Is A Partial Realization

Frustration Is The Wet Nurse Of Violence.

Corruption Is Authority Plus Monopoly Minus transparency.

Responsibility Always Exceeds Authority

New Faces Have More Authority Than Accustomed Ones.

Authority Forgets A Dying King

Leave No Authority Existing Not Responsible To The People.

The Faith That Stands On Authority Is Not Faith.

truth Is The Daughter Of Time, Not Of Authority.

Authority Is Never Without Hate.

Authority Poisons Everybody Who Takes Authority On Himself.

And Revolutions Always Mean The Breakdown Of Old Authority.

A Teacher Should Have Maximal Authority, And Minimal Power.

No Man Has Any Natural Authority Over His Fellow Men.

The Awareness Of Our Own Strength Makes Us Modest.

The Glut Of Information Was Dulling Awareness, Not Aiding It

Awareness Is Empowering.

Delusion Means Mortality. And Awareness Means Buddhahood.

Only A Spiritual Being Has Awareness.

A Useless Life Is An Early Death.

All Art Is Quite Useless.

I Am Convinced That In The Arts, Committees Are Useless.

To Worry About Tomorrow Is To Be Unhappy Today

It's The Most Unhappy People Who Most Fear Change.

It Is Impossible To Walk Rapidly And Be Unhappy.

If There Is Magic On This Planet, It Is Contained In Water.

When The Well Is Dry, We Know The Worth Of Water.

In The Western United States, Water Flows Uphill To Money.

The Solution To Our Water Problems Is More Rain.

And All The Air Is Filled With Pleasant Noise Of Waters

Thousands Have Lived Without Love, Not One Without Water.

A Waster Of Water Is A Waster Of Better.

Water Is A Very Good Servant, But It Is A Cruel Master.

In Sweet Water There Is A Pleasure Ungrudged By Anyone.

The Noblest Of The Elements Is Water

Whiskey Is For Drinking; Water Is For Fighting Over.

When The Well Is Dry, We Learn The Worth Of Water.

By Means Of Water, We Give Life To Everything.

Stones Are Hollowed Out By The Constant Dropping Of Water.

The Sound Of Water Says What I Think.

Water, Taken In Moderation, Cannot Hurt Anybody.

Authority Is Quite Degrading

Think For Yourself And Question Authority

Great Men In Judicial Places Will Never Want Authority

It Is Not Wisdom But Authority That Makes A Law
Nothing Intoxicates Some People Like A Sip Of Authority

Authority Founded On Injustice Is Never Of Long Duration.

Authority Is Itself Inherently An Act Of Imagination.

Perhaps Time's Definition Of Coal Is The Diamond.

The Bad News Is Time Flies. The Good News Is You're The Pilot.

A Loving Heart Is The truest Wisdom.

Presence Is More Than Just Being There.

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Still Smell As Sweet.

The Course Of true Love Never Did Run Smooth

At The Touch Of Love, Everyone Becomes A Poet

Love Asks Me No Questions, And Gives Me Endless Support..

Delay In Vengeance Delivers A Heavier Blow.

Vengeance Has No Foresight.

The Rarer Action Is In Virtue Than In Vengeance.

Revenge Is The Abject Pleasure Of An Abject Mind.

One Good Act Of Vengeance Deserves Another.

Good Christians Should Never Avenge Injuries.

In High Vengeance There Is Noble Scorn.

There Was Never Virgin Got Till Virginity Was First Lost

Life Is Enthusiasm, Zest.

When Anything Gets Freed, A Zest Goes Round The World.

Water Which Is Too Pure Has No Fish

Fire, Water And Government Know Nothing Of Mercy.

Water Is The Only Drink For A Wise Man.

I Believe That Water Is The Only Drink For A Wise Man.

Water Is The Best Of All Things.

Fame Is The Perfume Of Heroic Deeds

Real Glory Springs From The Silent Conquest Of Ourselves.

The Most Successful Way To Play Golf Is The Easiest Way

Illusion Is The First Of All Pleasures

Illusion Is The First Of The Pleasures

It Is Our Illusions That Create The World

However, One Cannot Put A Quart In A Pint Cup.

If Food Is Your Best Friend, It Is Also Your Worst Enemy.

Dieters Live Life In The Fasting Lane

Fat Is Not A Moral Problem. It Is An Oral Problem.

The Rest Of The World Lives To Eat, While I Eat To Live.

Take Twice As Long To Eat Half As Much.

Victory Belongs To The Most Persevering.

Let Us Celebrate The Occasion With Wine And Sweet Words.

Wine Is A Turncoat; First A Friend And Then An Enemy.

A Meal Without Wine Is Like A Day Without Sunshine.

When Wine Enters, Out Goes The truth

The Best Wine Is The Oldest, The Best Water The Newest

Sunday Clears Away The Rust Of The Whole Week.

If There Was Not No Fight, There Was Not No Weekend.?

Deep Vengeance Is The Daughter Of Deep Silence.

Just Vengeance Does Not Call For Punishment.

The Lord Survives The Rainbow Of His Will.

Will Without Power Is Like Children Playing At Soldiers.

Will Is The Dynamic Soul-Force.

Will Is Character In Action.

The Education Of The Will Is The Object Of Our Existence

People Do Not Lack Strength; They Lack Will.

Compromises Are For Relationships, Not Wine.

Wine Is The Thinking Person's Health Drink

Give Me A Bowl Of Wine,In This I Bury All Unkindness.

The Flavor Of Wine Is Like Delicate Poetry

Wine Fills The Heart With Courage.

Wine Is Sunlight, Held Together By Water

Away With You, Water, Destruction Of Wine

Bronze In The Mirror Of The Form, Wine Of The Mind.

Vegetarian: A Person Who Eats Only Side Dishes

A Man Of My Spiritual Intensity Does Not Eat Corpses.

There Is No Substitute For Mother's Milk

Your Stomach Should Not Be A Waist Basket

The Cardiologist's Diet: If It Tastes Good, Spit It Out.

I Am On A Seafood Diet. I See Food And I Eat It.

Dieting Is Wishful Shrinking.

I Like Best The Wine Drunk At The Cost Of Others.

A Sight Of The Label Is Worth 50 Years Experience.

God Made Only Water, But Man Made Wine.

Wine Is The Most Healthful And Most Hygienic Of Beverages.

From Wine What Sudden Friendship Springs

Without God, Democracy Will Not And Cannot Long Endure.

Do Not Wait. The Time Will Never Be Just Right.

If You Do Not Conquer Self, You Will Be Conquered By Self.

If You Desire Many Things, Many Things Will Seem Few.

He That Lives Upon Hope Will Die Fasting.

He Who Falls In Love With Himself Will Have No Rivals.

Dynamite? It Is Like Wine, It Only Gets Better With Age.

Alcohol - The Cause Of And Solution To All Of Lifes Problems

Wine Is The Most Civilized Thing In The World.

Good Wine Is A Necessity Of Life For Me.

Wine Is Poetry In A Bottle.

Good Wine Needs Neither Bush Nor Preface To Make It Welcome.

Change Yourself And Your Work Will Seem Different.

He Who Laughs Best Today, Will Also Laughs Last

Money Will Not Create Success, The Freedom To Make It Will.

How Come Anything You Buy Will Go On Sale Next Week?

Not My Will, But Thine, Be Done.

A Character Is A Perfectly Cultivated Will

We Know Our Will Is Free, And There Is An End On It

Poetry Is The Art Of Uniting Pleasure With truth.

Disappointment Is The Nurse Of Wisdom.

Disappointment Is Often The Salt Of Life.

It's A Funny Thing, The More I Practice The Luckier I Get

I Like trying To Win. That's What Golf Is All About.

Playing Golf Is Like Learning A Foreign Language

Etiquette Requires Us To Admire The Human Race

Most People Play A Fair Game Of Golf - If You Watch Them

Shoot A Lower Score Than Everybody Else

Why Don't You Aim More To The Right?

The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get."

Where There Is No Vision, The People Perish.

Speak To The Earth, And It Shall Teach Thee.

Conservation Is A State Of Harmony Between Men And Land.

Laws Change; People Die; The Land Remains.

The Value Of Biodiversity Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts.

He Who Has Known How To Love The Land Has Loved Eternity.

To Find New Things, Take The Path You Took Yesterday.

The Question Is Not What You Look At, But What You See

If The Path Be Beautiful, Let Us Not Ask Where It Leads.

Good Wine Is A Good Familiar Creature If It Be Well Used.

Good Wine Needs No Bush.

After-Dinner Talk Across The Walnuts And The Wine.

If God Forbade Drinking, Would He Have Made Wine So Good?

A Mistake Proves That Someone Stopped Talking Long Enough To Do Something.

Mistakes Are Merely Steps Up The Ladder.

Poetry Is Language At Its Most Distilled And Most Powerful.

Morality Is A Private And Costly Luxury

Blest Hour! It Was A Luxury--To Be!

On The Soft Bed Of Luxury Most Kingdoms Have Expired.

One Must Be Poor To Know The Luxury Of Giving.

Luxury Must Be Comfortable, Otherwise It Is Not Luxury.

Contentment Is Natural Wealth, Luxury Is Artificial Poverty.

Golf Is A Day Spent In A Round Of Strenuous Idleness.

I Regard Golf As An Expensive Way Of Playing Marbles

Isn't It Fun To Go Out On The Course And Lie In The Sun?

Don't Play Too Much Golf. Two Rounds A Day Are Plenty.

Rainbows Apologize For Angry Skies.

All Was Silent As Before - All Silent Save The Dripping Rain

Any Proverbs About Weather Are Doubly true During A Storm.

The Snow Doesn't Give A Soft White Damn Whom It Touches.

Rain Showers My Spirit And Waters My Soul.

Change Of Weather Is The Discourse Of Fools.

We May Achieve Climate, But Weather Is Thrust Upon Us.?

If You Saw A Heat Wave, Would You Wave Back?

Compassion Is The Use Of Public Funds To Buy Votes

Anyone Who Can Walk To The Welfare Office Can Walk To Work.

I Believe Welfare Makes You Lazy And Unproductive.

Excerpt From Meditation: God Speaks And I Listen

Paranoia Is Reality Seen On A Finer Scale.

Perfect Paranoia Is Perfect Awareness

Paranoia Is The Delusion That Your Enemies Are Organized.

Confusion Is An Often Too Subtle Sign Of Paranoia.

A Man Can't Be Too Careful In The Choice Of His Enemies.

One That Confounds Good And Evil Is An Enemy To Good.

Art Hath An Enemy Called Ignorance

To Identify The Enemy Is To Free The Mind.

To A Surrounded Enemy, You Must Leave A Way Of Escape.

Observe Your Enemies, For They First Find Out Your Faults.

Enemies Make You Stronger, Allies Make You Weaker.

He That Will Learn To Pray, Let Him Go To Sea

A River Is More Than An Amenity, It Is A treasure

Water Is The Driver Of Nature

A Little Water Clears Us Of This Deed

A River Is The Report Card For Its Watershed

The Best?Weapon?Against An Enemy Is Another Enemy

The Most Powerful?Weapon?On Earth Is The Human Soul On Fire

Fervor Is The Weapon Of Choice Of The Impotent.

His Foe Was Folly And His Weapon Wit

Silence Is The Ultimate Weapon Of Power

The Human Race Cannot Coexist With Nuclear Weapons

An Atom Blaster Is A Good Weapon, But It Can Point Both Ways

Cheese - Milk's Leap Toward Immortality

Life Goes Faster On Protein

Most Of The Food Allergies Die Under Garlic And Onion.

To Read Without Reflecting Is Like Eating Without Digesting.

We Must Eat To Live, And Not Live To Eat.

Flattery Is Like Friendship In Show, But Not In Fruit

Flattery Is All Right So Long As You Don't Inhale.

Flattery Is The Infantry Of Negotiation.

Imitation Is The Sincerest Of Flattery.

Flattery Corrupts Both The Receiver And The Giver.

Thou Shouldst Eat To Live; Not Live To Eat.

A Cherefull Looke Makes A Dish A Feast.

Poverty Is The Parent Of Revolution And Crime.

The First Duty Of A Revolutionary Is To Get Away With It.

Every Generation Needs A New Revolution.

Revolutions Are Not Made; They Come.

The Only Way To Support A Revolution Is To Make Your Own.

A Revolution Is Not A Bed Of Roses.

You Cannot Make A Revolution With Silk Gloves.

A Revolution Is An Idea Which Has Found Its Bayonets.

Revolution Is A trivial Shift In The Emphasis Of Suffering.

Friends May Come And Go, But Enemies Accumulate.

Each Day Is A Loan, Spend It Wisely.

A Quarter For The Berry, Three Quarters For The Delivery

Fashion Is What You Adopt When You Don't Know Who You Are.

Forbear To Lay The Guilt Of A Few On The Many.

If You Commit A Crime, You're Guilty.

All Happiness Depends On A Leisurely Breakfast.

Chowder Breathes Reassurance. It Steams Consolation.

Tell Me What You Eat, I'll Tell You Who You Are.

If You Can Accept Losing, You Can't Win.

Defeat Is A School In Which truth Always Grows Strong

Victory And Defeat Are Each Of The Same Price.

There Are Some Defeats More triumphant Than Victories.

Defeat Is A School In Which truth Always Grows Strong.

There Is No Defeat Except For Those Who Give Up.

He Who Fears Being Conquered Is Sure Of Defeat.

If You Learn From Defeat, You Haven't Really Lost.

In The Time Of Darkest Defeat, Victory May Be Nearest.

Victory Is Sweetest When You`Ve Known Defeat.

A Man Is Not Defeated By His Opponents But By Himself.

We Must Make The Best Of Those Ills Which Cannot Be Avoided

Adults Are Just Obsolete Children And The Hell With Them.

My trophy Value Exceeded My Military Usefulness

Take What You Can Use And Let The Rest Go By

Success Can Corrupt, Usefulness Can Only Exalt

Revolution Is Not A Onetime Event.

Guilt Soon Learns To Lie.

Guilt Is A Spiritual Rubicon.

Guiltiness Will Speak, Though Tongues Were Out Of Use

The Guilt Being Great, The Fear Doth Still Exceed.

The Mind Of Guilt Is Full Of Scorpions.

Guilt Is Anything You Did And Fear Others To Know About
Logic Is The Technique By Which We Add Conviction To truth

Intuition Is A Suspension Of Logic Due To Impatience.

Better To Be Without Logic Than Without Feeling.

Against Logic There Is No Armour Like Ignorance.

Logic Is One Thing And Common Sense Another.

A Man Cannot Be Comfortable Without His Own Approval.

Those Whose Approval You Seek Most Give You The Least.

Apologies Only Account For That Which They Do Not Alter.

Apology Is Only Egotism Wrong Side Out.

Forgiveness Is The Sweetest Revenge.

Anxiety Is The Dizziness Of Freedom.

Anxiety Is Fear Of One's Self.

Anxiety Is The Space Between The "Now" And The "Then."

Anxiety Is The Hand Maiden Of Creativity

Anxiety Is The Interest Paid On trouble Before It Is Due.

The Mind That Is Anxious About The Future Is Miserable.

Astronomy To The Selfish Becomes Astrology.

Those Who Guilt Stains It Equals.

I Esteem Death A trifle, If Not Caused By Guilt.

The Fearful Face Usually Betrays Great Guilt.

A Guilty Conscience Never Feels Secure.

We Are Almost Always Guilty Of The Hate We Encounter.

Suspicion Always Haunts The Guilty Mind.

Every Man Is Guilty Of All The Good He Didn't Do.

Guilt Is A Rope That Wears Thin.

Ideas Are The Root Of Creation.

Illusion Is Needed To Disguise The Emptiness Within.

The Earth Is What We All Have In Common.

The Best Investment On Earth Is Earth.

Earth Is A Great, Big Funhouse Without The Fun

Earth Is But The Frozen Echo Of The Silent Voice Of God.

The Elegance Of Honesty Needs No Adornment.

To Achieve Harmony In Bad Taste Is The Height Of Elegance.

Knowledge Is The Only Elegance.

Elegance Is Not An Ornament Worthy Of Man.

Simplicity, Carried To An Extreme, Becomes Elegance.

truth Never Needs To Justify Itself.

Logic Is The Anatomy Of Thought.

Democracy Is An Abuse Of Statistics.

The Guilty Think All Talk Is Of Themselves

Guilt Is Always Jealous

Guilt Is The Very Nerve Of Sorrow

The Way To See By Faith Is To Shut The Eye Of Reason.

Blood Alone Moves The Wheels Of History.

There Is No Caste In Blood.

Sometimes Democracy Must Be Bathed In Blood.

Conflict Is Inevitable, But Combat Is Optional.

Conflict Is The Beginning Of Consciousness.

Conflict Builds Character. Crisis Defines It.

Creativity Comes From A Conflict Of Ideas.

In My End Is My Beginning.

A Hard Beginning Maketh A Good Ending.

Morality In Europe Today Is Herd-Morality

To Understand Europe, You Have To Be A Genius - Or French.

The Poor Are The Blacks Of Europe

I Deal With Temptation By Yielding To It

There Is Nothing Like A Dream To Create The Future.

Any Creator Owes A Debt To Past Creation.

Consciousness Is The Glory Of Creation.

Every Act Of Creation Is First An Act Of Destruction.

The Art Of Creation Is Older Than The Art Of Killing.

The Creation Of A Thousand Forests Is In One Acorn.

Gratitude Opens A Crack In Consciousness That Lets Grace In.

Darkness Is Only Driven Out With Light, Not More Darkness.

Education Is The Movement From Darkness To Light.

It Is Better To Light A Candle Than Curse The Darkness.

Be Infinitely Flexible And Constantly Amazed.

Prejudice Is The Child Of Ignorance.

Discrimination Is A Disease.

Do Your Duty Today And Repent Tomorrow

Happiness Is The Natural Flower Of Duty.

I Think The First Duty Of Society Is Justice.

I Know Of Only One Duty, And That Is To Love.

Duty Cannot Exist Without Faith.

Where There Are No Rights,There Are No Duties.

The Reward Of One's Duty Is The Power To Fulfill Another.

Any Emotion, If It Is Sincere, Is Involuntary.

Music Is The Shorthand Of Emotion.

Emotions Have Taught Mankind To Reason.

A Man Who Is Very Busy Seldom Changes His Opinions.

Doing Nothing Is Better Than Being Busy Doing Nothing

Beware The Barrenness Of A Busy Life.

He Who Is Too Busy Doing Good Finds No Time To Be Good.

A Pint Of Sweat Will Save A Gallon Of Blood.

History, In General, Only Informs Us What Bad Government Is

I Think The Best Possible Social Program Is A Job

As Government Expands, Liberty Contracts

Good Government Is No Substitute For Self-Government

An Oppressive Government Is More To Be Feared Than A Tiger

A Myth Is A Religion In Which No One Any Longer Believes.

Myths Are Public Dreams, Dreams Are Private Myths.

Myth Is Neither A Lie Nor A Confession: It Is An Inflexion.

Make Your Life A Mission - Not An Intermission.

Ice-Cream Is Exquisite. What A Pity It Isn't Illegal.

Our Strength Grows Out Of Our Weaknesses

You Cannot Strengthen The Weak By Weakening The Strong.

Human Love Is Often But The Encounter Of Two Weaknesses.

Growth Begins When We Begin To Accept Our Own Weakness.

A Woman's Strength Is The Irresistible Might Of Weakness.

Our Worries Always Come From Our Weaknesses.

The Hall-Mark Of American Humor Is Its Pose Of Illiteracy.

Focus On Remedies, Not Faults.

Focus On Being Productive Instead Of Busy

Grace Is But Glory Begun, And Glory Is But Grace Perfected.

Beauty Without Grace Is The Hook Without The Bait.

Always Accept Good Fortune With Grace And Humility.

Silence Gives The Proper Grace To Women

Grace Is Savage And Must Be Savage In Order To Be Perfect.

No Day Is So Bad It Can't Be Fixed With A Nap

You Campaign In Poetry. You Govern In Prose.

To Govern Is Always To Choose Among Disadvantages

The Less Government We Have The Better

Fairness Is What Justice Really Is.

Conceal A Flaw, And The World Will Imagine The Worst

The Absence Of Flaw In Beauty Is Itself A Flaw.

Better Never Than Late.

tradition Is The Illusion Of Permanence.

A tradition Without Intelligence Is Not Worth Having.

The Holocaust Was The Most Evil Crime Ever Committed.

Constant Togetherness Is Fine - But Only For Siamese Twins.

Body And Spirit Are Twins: God Only Knows Which Is Which.

Resistance To Tyrants Is Obedience To God.

Clever Tyrants Are Never Punished.

Everywhere That Freedom Stirs, Let Tyrants Fear.

Secrecy Is The Freedom Tyrants Dream Of.

A Company Of Tyrants Is Inaccessible To All Seductions.

Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Television.

Television Is Simply Automated Day-Dreaming.

Isolation Is The Sum Total Of Wretchedness To A Man.

Myths Which Are Believed In Tend To Become true.

Philosophy Is Doubt.

Bad Officials Are Elected By Good Citizens Who Do Not Vote

The Mother-Daughter Relationship Is The Most Complex.

As The Lily Among Thorns, So Is My Love Among The Daughters.

We Are Never Deceived; We Deceive Ourselves.

Life Is The Art Of Being Well Deceived.

Deceive Not Thy Physician, Confessor, Nor Lawyer.

All War Is Based On Deception.

Nothing Is So Difficult As Not Deceiving Oneself.

Empathy Is The Most Radical Of Human Emotions.

true Contentment Comes With Empathy.

A Fool Is A Man Who Never tried An Experiment In His Life.

Experience Is The Name Every One Gives To Their Mistakes.

Faith Begins As An Experiment And Ends As An Experience.

To Expect Defeat Is Nine-Tenths Of Defeat Itself.

I Hope For Nothing. I Fear Nothing. I Am Free.

High Expectations Are The Key To Everything.

Letters Are Expectation Packaged In An Envelope.

We Expect Everything And Are Prepared For Nothing.

We Tend To Live Up To Our Expectations.

Energy Is Equal To Desire And Purpose.

Energy And Persistence Conquer All Things.

The Energy Of The Mind Is The Essence Of Life.

Real Wealth Is Ideas Plus Energy.

A Good Home Must Be Made, Not Bought.

There Is Nothing So Absurd But Some Philosopher Has Said It

An Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

Reality Is Merely An Illusion, Albeit A Very Persistent One

Never Judge A Philosophy By Its Abuse

All Men Desire To Know

Philosophy, Rightly Defined, Is Simply The Love Of Wisdom

Philosophy Is Not A Theory But An Activity

Blame Is Just A Lazy Person's Way Of Making Sense Of Chaos.

I Like To Praise And Reward Loudly, To Blame Quietly.

It Is More Difficult To Praise Rightly Than To Blame.

Blame Is Safer Than Praise.

When We Blame, We Give Away Our Power.

If Anything Is Sacred, The Human Body Is Sacred.

Outside Show Is A Poor Substitute For Inner Worth.

Nature Knows No Indecencies; Man Invents Them.

Every Burned Book Enlightens The World.

I Believe In Censorship. I Made A Fortune Out Of It.

Censorship Is Advertising Paid By The Government.

Assassination Is The Extreme Form Of Censorship.

Censorship Is To Art As Lynching Is To Justice.

Good Daughters Make Good Mothers.

To A Father Growing Old Nothing Is Dearer Than A Daughter.

A Mother's treasure Is Her Daughter.

One Who Smiles Rather Than Rages Is Always The Stronger.

Words Are, Of Course, The Most Powerful Drug Used By Mankind.

The Only Secure Knowledge Is That I Exist

Philosophy Is To The Real World As Masturbation Is To Sex

A Route Of Many Roads Leading From Nowhere To Nothing

To Ridicule Philosophy Is Really To Philosophize

Being A Philosopher, I Have A Problem For Every Solution

All Of Our Unhappiness Comes From Our Inability To Be Alone.

Assertiveness Is Not What You Do, It's Who You Are!

Assumptions Allow The Best In Life To Pass You By

Under Peaceful Conditions The Militant Man Attacks Himself.

Society Attacks Early, When The Individual Is Helpless.

No Man Knows He Is Young While He Is Young.

Youth Is Wasted On The Young.

It Is Better To Live In Peace Than In Bitterness And Strife

Bitterness Imprisons Life; Love Releases It

No Bird Soars Too High If He Soars With His Own Wings.

You Cannot Fly Like An Eagle With The Wings Of A Wren.

There Are No Birds In Last Year's Nest

Birds Of A Feather Will Gather Together.

Neither Blame Or Praise Yourself.

Do Not Blame Anybody For Your Mistakes And Failures.

Blame It On A Simple Twist Of Fate.

A Smile Is A Curve That Sets Everything Straight.

A Smile Is The Universal Welcome.

All People Smile In The Same Language.

The Saddest Day Of The Year Is The Day Baseball Season Ends

Love Is An Irresistible Desire To Be Irresistibly Desired.

Love Is Not Singular Except In Syllable.

Love Is The Magician That Pulls Man Out Of His Own Hat.

Life Is The Flower For Which Love Is The Honey.

The Best Love Affairs Are Those We Never Had.

The Love We Give Away Is The Only Love We Keep.

The Hottest Love Has The Coldest End.

If You Can't Feed A Hundred People, Then Just Feed One.

A Hungry Man Is Not A Free Man.

Hunger Knows No Friend But Its Feeder.

Hunger Is The Handmaid Of Genius

I Saw Few Die Of Hunger; Of Eating, A Hundred Thousand.
Hunger Makes A Thief Of Any Man.

Hunger Steals The Memory

Life Is Not Accountable To Us. We Are Accountable To Life.

No Snowflake In An Avalanche Ever Feels Responsible.

If You Make Friends With Yourself You Will Never Be Alone.

The Soul That Sees Beauty May Sometimes Walk Alone.

For Every Disciplined Effort There Is A Multiple Reward.

The First And The Best Victory Is To Conquer Self.

Baseball Is A Fun Game. It Beats Working For A Living

Irony Is Just Honesty With The Volume Cranked Up.

Irony Regards Every Simple truth As A Challenge.

Irony, I Feel, Is A Very High Form Of Morality.

Curiosity Is The Lust Of The Mind.

Love Begins With An Image; Lust With A Sensation.

Lust And Greed Are More Gullible Than Innocence.

Better A Little Caution Than A Great Regret.

Precaution Is Better Than Cure.

Distance Is A Great Promoter Of Admiration!

You Always Admire What You Really Don`T Understand.

A Well Governed Appetite Is The Greater Part Of Liberty.

Assassination Makes Only Martyrs, Not Converts.

Assassination: The Extreme Form Of Censorship.

Assassination Has Never Changed The History Of The World.

An Army Marches On It's Stomach

The Need To Be Right Is The Sign Of A Vulgar Mind.

The Way To Love Anything Is To Realize That It May Be Lost.

Love Is The Delusion That One Woman Differs From Another.

Love Floods Us With Hope.

Love Is The Poetry Of The Senses.

No Canvas Absorbs Color Like Memory.

The Richness Of Life Lies In Memories We Have Forgotten.

Only Those Who Dare To Fail Greatly Can Ever Achieve Greatly

Ideas Are The Beginning Of All Achievement

Sorrow Makes Men Sincere.

Sorrow Makes Us All Children Again.

The Busy Have No Time For Tears.

Night Brings Out Stars As Sorrow Shows Us truths.

There Is A Joy In Sorrow Which None But A Mourner Can Know.

Abandon Learning And There Will Be No Sorrow

Sorrow Is tranquility Remembered In Emotion.

There Is More To Life Than Just Increasing Its Speed.

We Veneer Civilization By Doing Unkind Things In A Kind Way

Civilization Depends On Morality.

Civilization Is Just A Slow Process Of Learning To Be Kind.

Without Winners, There Wouldn't Even Be Any Civilization.

Citizenship Consists In The Service Of The Country

I Am A Citizen, Not Of Athens Or Greece, But Of The World

Cinema Is The Most Beautiful Fraud In The World.

Irony Is An Insult Conveyed In The Form Of A Compliment.

Neither Irony Nor Sarcasm Is Argument.

Irony Is Jesting Behind Hidden Gravity.

Irony Is The Gaiety Of Reflection And The Joy Of Wisdom.

Irony Differentiates. Cynicism Never Does.

The Worst Thing That Can Happen To A Man Who Gambles Is To Win

You Will Never Win If You Never Begin.

I Have Never Let Schooling Interfere With My Education.

One Half Who Graduate From College Never Read Another Book.

There Is A Brilliant Child Locked Inside Every Student

Sympathy Is A Virtue Unknown In Nature.

Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Fade Away

In War, There Are No Unwounded Soldiers.

A Coward Dies A Thousand Deaths... A Soldier Dies But Once.

Christians, Like Slaves And Soldiers, Ask No Questions

In War The Heroes Always Outnumber The Soldiers Ten To One.

The Function Of A Citizen And A Soldier Are Inseparable.

Every Soldier Carries A Marshall's Baton In His Pack.

When The Cat's Away The Mice Will Play.

There Are No Ordinary Cats.

People That Don't Like Cats Haven't Met The Right One Yet.

A Dog, I Have Always Said, Is Prose; A Cat Is A Poem.

As Every Cat Owner Knows, Nobody Owns A Cat.

A Dog Will Flatter You But You Have To Flatter The Cat.

Sorrow Is tranquillity Remembered In Emotion.

Sorrow Is Brief But Joy Is Endless

There Is Peace And Rest And Comfort In Sorrow

Being Rich Is Bad And Inhumane. So Condemn The Rich.

The Eagle Does Not Hunt The Fly.

Show Me Your Garden And I Shall Tell You What You Are.

To Improve Is To Change; To Be Perfect Is To Change Often.

Those Who Labour In The Earth Are The Chosen People Of God

In Joy Or Sadness, Flowers Are Our Constant Friends

Gardening Is The Purest Of Human Pleasures

Security Is The Chief Enemy Of Mortals.

Reading Is Good But The Garden Is The Best Teacher.

All That Spirits Desire, Spirits Attain.

The Spirit Is Willing, But The Flesh Is Weak

Life Without Liberty Is Like A Body Without Spirit

The Strongest Principle Of Growth Lies In Human Choice.

Tomorrow, A Function Of My Choice, Today.

Toughness Is In The Soul And Spirit, Not In Muscles.

We Must Embrace Pain And Burn It As Fuel For Our Journey.

The Ignorant Classes Are The Dangerous Classes.

Childhood Is A Short Season.

Childhood Is A Promise That Is Never Kept

It Is Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood.

Our Whole Life Is But A Greater And Longer Childhood.

Life Is The Childhood Of Our Immortality.

No Man Is Above The Law And No Man Below It.

College Is A Refuge From Hasty Judgment.

You Can Lead A Boy To College But You Can't Make Him Think.

Cauliflower Is Nothing But Cabbage With A College Education.

Green Fingers Are The Extension Of A Verdant Heart.

Buddhism Is Not A Creed, It Is A Doubt.

My Favorite: Spirituality Is A Domain Of Awareness.

Shame Is An Ornament To The Young; A Disgrace To The Old.

Man Is A Substance Clad In Shadows.

Shadows Cannot See Themselves In The Mirror Of The Sun.

Only The Shallow Know Themselves

Insanity Is The Only Sane Reaction To An Insane Society.

I Think The First Duty Of Society Is Justice

Society Is A Hospital Of Incurables

In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone.

I Owe My Solitude To Other People.

Solitude Is Independence.

Solitude Is The Play Field Of Satan

Who Hears Music, Feels His Solitude Peopled At Once.

The Happiest Of All Lives Is A Busy Solitude.

The Thoughtful Soul To Solitude Retires.

The Best Thinking Has Been Done In Solitude.

Solitary trees, If They Grow At All, Grow Strong.

Solitude Is The Playfield Of Satan.

Solitude Is An Audience-Chamber With God

The Strong Man Is Strongest When Alone.

The Secret Of Solitude Is That There Is No Solitude.

Never To Talk To Ones Self Is A Form Of Hypocrisy

No Rest Is Worth Anything Except The Rest That Is Earned.

Rest Is The Sweet Sauce Of Labor.

Life Is Not Living, But Living In Health.

To Eat Is A Necessity, But To Eat Intelligently Is An Art

For Life Is Only Life When Blest With Health.

Happiness Lies, First Of All, In Health.

When One Of My Plants Dies, I Die A Little Inside, Too

Plants Cry Their Gratitude For The Sun In Green Joy.

The Garden Is The Poor Man's Apothecary.

Turn Your Scars Into Stars.

When We Sip Tea, We Are On Our Way To Serenity.

There Is No Delight In Owning Anything Unshared.

Life Is About Giving, And The Rest Is Taken Care Of.

The Miracle Is This: The More We Share The More We Have

The Quickest Way To Know A Woman Is To Go Shopping With Her

If Men Liked Shopping, They'd Call It Research

Shyness Is Just Egotism Out Of Its Depth.

A Shy Failure Is Nobler Than An Immodest Success.

Shame Is Pride's Cloak.

The Only Shame Is To Have None

Where Shame Is, There Is Also Fear.

The Most Curious Offspring Of Shame Is Shyness.

Having Been Poor Is No Shame, But Being Ashamed Of It, Is.

The People's Safety Is The Law Of God.

The Law Discovers The Disease. The Gospel Gives The Remedy.

Manners Are The Hypocrisy Of A Nation.

Hypocrisy Is Nothing, In Fact, But A Horrible Hopefulness.

Schizophrenia May Be A Necessary Consequence Of Literacy.

How Do You Explain School To A Higher Intelligence?

Failure Is A School In Which The truth Always Grows Strong.

Schoolmasters And Parents Exist To Be Grown Out Of.

I Have Never Let My Schooling Interfere With My Education.

Science Is A Cemetery Of Dead Ideas.

Science Is Simply Common Sense At Its Best.

Science Is The Topography Of Ignorance.

Facts Are Not Science - As The Dictionary Is Not Literature.

Science Without Conscience Is The Soul's Perdition.

Science Is The Systematic Classification Of Experience.

[Science Is] The Labor And Handicraft Of The Mind.

Science... Never Solves A Problem Without Creating Ten More

Science Is Nothing But Perception

Science Is A Method To Keep Yourself From Kidding Yourself

Science Is All Metaphor

Every Winner Has Scars.

He Jests At Scars That Never Felt A Wound

Wars Bring Scars.

We Are Not Hypocrites In Our Sleep

Hypocrisy Is The Lubricant Of Society.

Prudery Is The Hypocrisy Of Modesty

Asleep, Nobody Is A Hypocrite

You Can Only Be Called A Hypocrite If You Judge Others First

At The Entrance Of A Second Person, Hypocrisy Begins.

Hypocrisy Is The Homage Which Vice Renders To Virtue.

The Laws Of Morals And The Laws Of Music Are The Same.

The Beaten Path Is The Safest, But The traffics Terrible.

Blows Are Sarcasm's Turned Stupid.

Sarcasm Is A Manchester trait.

Sanity Is Madness Put To Good Uses.

What Frightens Us Most In A Madman Is His Sane Conversation.

In A Mad World, Only The Mad Are Sane.

Sanity Is Not Statistical.

You've Got To Have A Sense Of Humor To Keep Your Sanity

I Became Insane, With Long Intervals Of Horrible Sanity

Sanity And Happiness Are An Impossible Combination

There Is No Great Genius Without Some Touch Of Madness

Part Of Being Sane, Is Being A Little Bit Crazy.

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned.

If You Would Be Wealthy, Think Of Saving As Well As Getting.

Put Not Your trust In Money , But Put Your Money In trust.

I Have Never Let My Schooling Interfere With My Education

Abundance Is, In Large Part, An Attitude.

Life In Abundance Comes Only Through Great Love.

Nothing Is Enough For The Man To Whom Enough Is Too Little

By And Large, Language Is A Tool For Concealing The truth

Atheism Is A Non-Prophet Organization

Peace Is Not The Absence Of War But The Presence Of Justice.

Vacations Often Go To Fast! Enjoy Every Minute!

Laughter Is An Instant Vacation.

College Is The Longest Vacation You Will Ever Take.

Mathematics Allows For No Hypocrisy And No Vagueness

There Is No Glory In Battle Worth The Blood It Costs

Nobody Gets Justice. People Only Get Good Luck Or Bad Luck.

In Misfortune, Which Friend Remains A Friend?

If We Don't Stand For Something, We May Fall For Anything.

People Fall Forward To Success.

Some Rise By Sin, And Some By Virtue Fall

Feedback Is The Breakfast Of Champions.

There Is No Safety In Numbers, Or In Anything Else

The Best Safety Lies In Fear.

Out Of This Nettle - Danger - We Pluck This Flower - Safety

Confidence Cannot Find A Place Wherein To Rest In Safety

Early And Provident Fear Is The Mother Of Safety

Out Of This Nettle, Danger, We Pluck This Flower, Safety.

It Is Easy To Give Advice From A Port Of Safety.

What We Have To Learn To Do, We Learn By Doing.

Politeness Is The Most Acceptable Hypocrisy

Where There Is No Religion, Hypocrisy Becomes Good Taste

Hypocrisy Is Oftenest Clothed In The Garb Of Religion.

Hypocrisy Is The Necessary Burden Of Villainy.

A Good Photograph Is Knowing Where To Stand

Photography Is 90% Sheer, Brutal Drudgery!

To Manipulate An Image Is To Control A People

Photography Is A Major Force In Explaining Man To Man.

To See Is To Forget The Name Of The Thing One Sees.

Friendship Is Not Always The Sequel Of Obligation
Sukh Bantne Ke Liye Koi Sangaath Chahie, Dukh Bantne Ke Liye Koi Aangat Chahie..

Duniya Ki Nazron Me Aakad Se Chalna Sikhlo Dost, Moum Jaisa ‘Dil’ Leke Ghumoge To Log Jalate Hi Rahege..

Bichhde Jo Ek Roz Fir Dobara Nahi Milega, Esa Bheed Se Bhara Hai Ye Mohabbat Ka Shaher..!

Ek Na Ek Din To Ye Hona Hi Tha, Teri Khushi Ke Liye Mujhe Tujhse Munh Mod Na Hi Tha..!!

In Husn Walon Ka Bhi Jawab Nahi Kya Khub Kaha Hai, ‘Wo Utna Hi Bewafaa Hoga Adayein Haseen Jiski Jitni..

Mamla Chahat Ka Hai Is Liye Majbur Hoon, Warna In Pathrile Raston Pe Chalna Mera Shoukh Nahi..

Isse Ittefaq Samjo Ya Dard Bhari Haqiqat, Aankh Jab Bhi Num Hui Hai Wajah Koi ‘Apna’ Hi Tha..!

Kisine Mujhse Puchha – ‘Dard’ Ki Kimmat Kya Hai..? . Meine Kaha Kya Pata..? Mujhe To ‘Aapne’ ‘Muft’ Mein De Jate Hai…!!

Har Waqt Muskurate Insaan Ko Bhi Check Karte Rehna Chahiye, Sayad Esa Bhi Ho Sakta Hai Ki Unki Jeb Me Bhi Rumal Gile Mile..!

Koi Bhi Rishta Bina Tyaag Ke Majboot Nahi Banta..!!

'Jyadatar Insaan Jyada Sukhi Hone Ki Chaah Me Dukhi Hota Hai..!'

'Vishwas' Kiye Bina Chalta Nahi Ye Saach Hai, Par Koi Galat Fayda Uthata Hai, Tab Problem Hoti Hai..!!

Jab Koi Dusra Aadmi Hum Par 'Vishwas' Rakh Sake, Utni Unchai Tak Pahochne Ka Naam Hi ‘Safalta’ Hai..

Duniya Mujhe Kya Degi, Ye Soch Wale ‘Manager’ Bante Hai, Duniya Ko Main Kya De Sakta Hu, Ye Soch Wale “Leader” Bante Hai..!!

”Mazaak Aur Paisa” Kafi Soch Samaj Kar Udana Chahiye..!

Sukh Matlab - ‘Apke Paas Jo Phool Hai Usme Se Gajraa Banane Ki Kalaa’

Sundar Log Hamesha Achche Nahi Hote, Par Achche Log Hamesha Sundar Hote Hai..

Mann Chaha Na Miley, Jo Mila Wo Pasand Na Aye, Aur Jo Pasand Hai Wo Paas Na Rahe, Usi Ka Naam Zindagi....!

Manzil To Door Ki Baat Hai.. Agar Ghamand Me Rahe To Raasta Bhi Nahi Dekh Paaoge..!

Jivan Ka ‘Fuse’ Ude, Usse Pehle Uska Sahi ‘Use’ Karna..

”Usne Kaha Dil Mein Mujhe Rakho, Maine Kaha Ki Lo Dil Hi Aap Rakho..”

Pure Jahaan Ka Pyaar Miley Jo Tum Mujhe Chaho, Tumhari Aankhon Mein Main Duniya Ka Pyaar Dhundhta Hu..

Jubaan Keh Naa Payi Magar Aankhe Bolti Hi Rahi, Ki Mujhe 'Saanson' Se Pehle 'Teri' Zarurat Hai..

Teri Baaton Mein Zikar Mera, Meri Baaton Mein Zikar Tera, Ajab Sa Ye ‘Ishq’ Hai, Naa Tu Meri Naa Main Tera…!!

Pata Hai Mere Naseeb Mein Tu Nahi, Fir Bhi Mere 'Naseeb' Se Chhupke Ek Baar Aaja..!!!

Dono Hi Jante Hai Ke Hum Nahi Ek-Dusre Ke Naseeb Mein Fir Bhi Mohabbat Hai Ki Din-Ba-Din Be-Panaah Hoti Jaa Rahi Hai..!

Be-Chaini 2 Hi Baar Hoti Hai, Teri Yaad Aaye Tab… Aur Tu Sass Aaye Tab…!!

Sunn.. Marta Hoon Tujhpe Isiliye To ‘Zinda’ Hoon..!!

Chalo Bhul Hi Jaao Mujhe, Ajnabi Hoke Fir Se Milege, ‘Pehli Nazar’ Mein Fir Se ‘Pyaar’ Na Ho Jaye To Kehna!!
Meri Ruhh Tarasti Hai Teri Khushboo Ke Liye, Tum Kahi Aur Jo Mehko To Bura Lagta Hai..

1 Chhota Sa Joke:- . . . . Tuuuu… Khubsurat Hai..!

Girl- Kya Karte Ho? Boy- Bahut Bade College Me Logo Ka Admission Karvata Hu. Girl- Konsi College? Boy- Iin. Recharge Ki Dukan Hai Apni.

Ek Ladki Market Me Gai Ladki- Wo Wala Jokes Dena. Dukandar- Konsa Wala? Ladki- Wahi Jo Sab Log Kehte Hai Market Me Naya Aya Hai!!!

Us Waqt To Bheja Hi Ghum Gaya Jab Kachre Wali Ne Kaha Ki. .Laao Ipl Ki Bakshish . Ye Hai India Ka Tyohar!

Suna Hai Ki Sarakr Garibo Ke Liye 6 Crore Shauchalay Banva Rahi Hai, Are Bhai… Pehle Garib Ko Khilao To Sahi. Khayega India Tabhi To Jayega India..

Duniya Ka Sabse Bada Aatank Dekhna Ho To . . Kisi Ka Mobile Lo Aur . . Contact List Me Jakar . . “Delete All” Kar Do . . Fir Uski Taraf Dekhke Hass Do..

Mitrata Matlab . Tu Happy..Me Happy Tu Sad..Me Sad Tu Hasega..Me Hasuga Tu Royega..Me Rouga Tu Kichad Me Girega..Me Photo Khich K Whatsapp Pe Rakhuga

Jab Patni Mayke Jake Vapas Aati Hai To Use Kya Kehte Hai? . . . . . . . Gabbar Is Back…

Nikla Tha Sachche Pyaar Ki Talash Mein . . . . . . . Par Garmi Bahut Thi Isliye Ganne Ka Juice Pike Vapas Aa Gaya..

Hamne 5 Aurato Ke Chehre Pe Dove Sabun Lagaya. . . Aur . . 5 Aurato Ko Shopping Karvai. . . Shopping Wali Ke Chehre Par Jyada Ronak Thi..
God Primes The Pump Of Obligation.

Life's Under No Obligation To Give Us What We Expect.

Teaching Civility Is An Obligation Of The Family.

Never Fight An Inanimate Object.

Nothing Can Have Value Without Being An Object Of Utility.

A Woman's Heart Is A Deep Ocean Of Secrets.

The Ocean Is A Mighty Harmonist.

Next To A Battle Lost, The Greatest Misery Is A Battle Won.

Pessimism Never Won Any Battle.

You May Have To Fight A Battle More Than Once To Win.

You May Have To Fight A Battle More Than Once To Win It

Pick Battles Big Enough To Matter, Small Enough To Win

Learning Without Thought Is Labor Lost.

Look, I'm Not An Intellectual - I Just Take Pictures

I'm Always Mentally Photographing Everything As Practice

A Room Hung With Pictures Is A Room Hung With Thoughts.

Sometimes You Can Tell A Large Story With A Tiny Subject.

Photography Is My Passion.

Hypocrisy Is The Homage Which Vice Pays To Virtue

Build Your Reputation By Helping Other People Build Theirs.

Everyone Needs Help From Everyone.

All Healing Is First A Healing Of The Heart.

Humor Is Healing.

The Greatest Healing Therapy Is Friendship And Love.

Healing Happens When You Sleep.

Self-trust Is The Essence Of Heroism

The Heart Knoweth His Own Bitterness.

Soul Of Fibre And Heart Of Oak.

Your Heart Is Full Of Fertile Seeds, Waiting To Sprout.

The Heart Is The First Feature Of Working Minds.

The Heart Has Reasons That The Reason Does Not Know.

Have A Strong Mind And A Soft Heart.

The Heart Is Wiser Than The Intellect.

Wheresoever You Go, Go With All Your Heart.

The Mother's Heart Is The Child's Schoolroom.

Objectivity Requires Taking Subjectivity Into Account.

Individually, We Are One Drop. Together, We Are An Ocean.

Best Friends Are The Siblings God Forgot To Give Us

You Don't Get Harmony When Everybody Sings The Same Note.

An Instrument In Harmony With The Sentiments Of An Assassin.

A Photograph Is Usually Looked At - Seldom Looked Into

The Camera Can Photograph Thought.

A Photograph Is Memory In The Raw

You Don't Take A Photograph, You Make It

A Good Snapshot Stops A Moment From Running Away.

All Photos Are Accurate. None Of Them Is The truth.

Score, And The Print The Performance

Through Loving Devotion, Their Ego Evaporates.

Ego Is The Biggest Enemy Of Humans.

The Ego Is Not Master In Its Own House.

When You Have Faults, Do Not Fear To Abandon Them

Never Self-Possessed, Or Prudent, Love Is All Abandonment.

I Am The Miracle.

Happiness Is The Absence Of The Striving For Happiness.

Our Hours In Love Have Wings; In Absence, Crutches.

The Absence Of War Is Not Peace.

The Absence Of Alternatives Clears The Mind Marvelously.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Wander

Absent In Body, But Present In Spirit.

Teaching Is The Greatest Act Of Optimism

There Is No Teaching To Compare With Example.

Use Soft Words And Hard Arguments.

Behind Every Argument Is Someone's Ignorance.

It Is Impossible To Defeat An Ignorant Man In Argument.

For They Are Yet Ear-Kissing Arguments.

People Generally Quarrel Because They Cannot Argue.

When You Have No Basis For An Argument, Abuse The Plaintiff.

It Is Impossible To Defeat An Ignorant Man In An Argument.

Harmony Is Pure Love, For Love Is A Concerto

Harmony Is Pure Love, For Love Is Complete Agreement

Seeing Is Not Always Believing.

Worship Is A Way Of Seeing The World In The Light Of God.

Intelligence Is Quickness In Seeing Things As They Are.

Keep Your Eyes On The Stars, And Your Feet On The Ground

Two Monologues Do Not Make A Dialogue.

Happy Is The Hearing Man; Unhappy The Speaking Man.

He Who Sings Frightens Away His Ills.

I Don't Sing Because I'm Happy; I'm Happy Because I Sing.

As Long As We Live, There Is Never Enough Singing.

The Total Person Sings Not Just The Vocal Chords.

Life Is A Musical So Sing Like No One Is Listening!

Let There Be Spaces In Your Togetherness.

You Already Have Zero Privacy - Get Over It.

Who Over-Refines His Argument Brings Himself To Grief

Silence Is Argument Carried Out By Other Means

Argument Is The Worst Sort Of Conversation.

In An Argument The Best Weapon To Hold Is Your Tongue.

Words Form The Thread On Which We String Our Experiences.

Words Are But Pictures Of Our Thoughts.

Kind Words Do Not Cost Much. Yet They Accomplish Much.

Words Are Loaded Pistols

Words Without Actions Are The Assassins Of Idealism.

Actions Lie Louder Than Words.

A Word Too Much Always Defeats Its Purpose

At Every Word A Reputation Dies.

Words Are Also Actions, And Actions Are A Kind Of Words

Words Are The Only Things That Last Forever

All Words Are Pegs To Hang Ideas On.

When Deeds Speak, Words Are Nothing.

But Words Once Spoke Can Never Be Recalled

Don't Accustom Yourself To Use Big Words For Little Matters

Happiness... Consists In Giving, And In Serving Others.

The Eyes Are Not Responsible When The Mind Does The Seeing.

The Question Is Not What You Look At, But What You See.

What We See Depends Mainly On What We Look For.

The Whole Of Life Lies In The Verb Seeing.

Sometimes Not Seeing Things Can Be A Blessing.

Arguments, Like Men Are Often Pretenders

Arguments Derived From Probabilities Are Idle

Use Soft Words And Hard Arguments

The More Arguments You Win, The Less Friends You Will Have

Never Argue; Repeat Your Assertion

Arguments Only Confirm People In Their Own Opinions

Arguments Out Of A Pretty Mouth Are Unanswerable

Magic Is Seldom Spectacular Because It Seldom Needs To Be.

We Must Not Let Daylight In Upon The Magic.

It Is Not Necessary To Change. Survival Is Not Mandatory.

Survival Is Nothing More Than Recovery.

Our Pleasures Were Simple-They Included Survival.

Learning Is Not Compulsory. . . Neither Is Survival.

Sri Lanka's Problems Were Caused By Too Much Democracy.

A World Of Facts Lies Outside And Beyond The World Of Words.

Words May Show A Man's Wit But Actions His Meaning.

Words Without Thoughts Never To Heaven Go.

When Ideas Fail, Words Come In Very Handy.

Words Are The Voice Of The Heart.

Words, As Is Well Known, Are Great Foes Of Reality

One Great Use Of Words Is To Hide Our Thoughts

Music Is Only Love Looking For Words

Do Not Say A Little In Many Words But A Great Deal In A Few.

Silence More Musical Than Any Song.

Ambition Is Enthusiasm With A Purpose

To Greed, All Nature Is Insufficient.

Compassion Will Cure More Sins Than Condemnation.

Space Is The Breath Of Art.

Space Is To Place As Eternity Is To Time.

Life Is Either A Great Adventure Or Nothing.

To Die Will Be An Awfully Big Adventure.

Adventure Is Not Outside A Man; It Is Within

Rise Above The Storm And You Will Find The Sunshine.

A Good Laugh Is Sunshine In The House.

Kindness Is The Sunshine In Which Virtue Grows.

Man Is Still The Most Extraordinary Computer Of All.

All Human Activity Is Prompted By Desire.

The Desire To Know Is Natural To Good Men.

The Fundamental Desire Of Life Is The Desire To Exist.

The Desire Not To Be Anything Is The Desire Not To Be.

Man Is A Creation Of Desire,Not A Creation Of Need.

Desire And Hope Will Push Us On Toward The Future.

A Shot Glass Of Desire Is Greater Than A Pitcher Of Talent.

Desire Creates The Power.

The trouble With Law Is Lawyers.

If There Were No Bad People There Would Be No Good Lawyers.

I Would Rather Feel Compassion Than Know The Meaning Of It

Compassion Will Cure More Sins Than Condemnation

Compassion Is The Basis Of All Morality

One Is Very Crazy When In Love.

If There Is A Supreme Being, He's Crazy.

We Are All Born Crazy. Some Remain That Way.

The Best Preparation For Tomorrow Is Doing Your Best Today.

The Most Prepared Are The Most Dedicated.

People Are Always Getting Ready To Live But Never Living.

The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It Today.

By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail.

The Secret To Humor Is Surprise.

Secrets Are Things We Give To Others To Keep For Us.

The Secret Of A Happy Marriage Remains A Secret.

A Woman Can Keep One Secret - The Secret Of Her Age

Nothing Weighs On Us So Heavily As A Secret.

Three Can Keep A Secret If Two Are Dead.

Love Ceases To Be A Pleasure, When It Ceases To Be A Secret.

Courage Is The Power To Let Go Of The Familiar.

Creativity Can Be Described As Letting Go Of Certainties

The Key To Change... Is To Let Go Of Fear.

truths And Roses Have Thorns About Them.

I'd Rather Have Roses On My Table Than Diamonds On My Neck.

More Beautiful Than A Rose Is The Soul That Beholds It

Men Often Applaud An Imitation And Hiss The Real Thing.

Idleness Is The Parent Of All Psychology?

Work Is No Disgrace: It Is Idleness Which Is A Disgrace?

Idleness Is An Appendix To Nobility?

For Idleness Is An Appendix To Nobility.

An Idle Life Always Produces Varied Inclinations

The Frivolous Work Of Polished Idleness

Idleness Is Many Gathered Miseries In One Name.

Idleness, Like Kisses, To Be Sweet Must Be Stolen.

As Idle As A Painted Ship Upon A Painted Ocean.

The Ruin Of Most Men Dates From Some Idle Moment.

Gloomy Calm Of Idle Vacancy.

Idleness Is The Key Of Beggary.

A Lot Of What Acting Is Paying Attention.

Actors Are One Family Over The Entire World.

The Real Actor Has A Direct Line To The Collective Heart.

The Actor Is An Athlete Of The Heart.

An Actor Is At Most A Poet And At Least An Entertainer.

The Only Way To Entertain Some Folks Is To Listen To Them.

Silence Is A Source Of Great Strength.

Be A Good Listener. Your Ears Will Never Get You In trouble.

Big Egos Have Little Ears.

Simplicity Is The Peak Of Civilization.

From Naive Simplicity We Arrive At More Profound Simplicity.

Great Thoughts Reduced To Practice Become Great Acts.

The Greater The Power, The More Dangerous The Abuse.

Personality Is Everything In Art And Poetry.

Idleness Is The Dead Sea That Swallows All Virtues

Purity Of Mind And Idleness Are Incompatible?

In Charity There Is No Excess.

Be Charitable Before Wealth Makes Thee Covetous.

Every Charitable Act Is A Stepping Stone Towards Heaven.

To Give Up Yourself Without Regret Is The Greatest Charity.

The Measure Of Life Is Not Its Duration, But Its Donation.

Love Is Composed Of A Single Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies.

Age, Like Distance Lends A Double Charm.

All Of Us Are Experts At Practicing Virtue At A Distance.

Distance Is A Great Promoter Of Admiration!.

Distance Lends Enchantment To The View.

From A Distance It Is Something; And Nearby It Is Nothing.

God Knows No Distance.

Fake Is As Old As The Eden tree.

To Fake It Is To Stand Guard Over Emptiness.

You Can't Have A Light Without A Dark To Stick It In.

When You Possess Light Within, You See It Externally.

Lighthouses Are More Helpful Than Churches.

Wine Is Sunlight, Held Together By Water.

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Must Begin With A Single Step.

Maturity Is Knowing When To Be Immature.

Speech Is The Mirror Of The Soul; As A Man Speaks, So Is He.

Speech Was Given To Man To Disguise His Thoughts.

Literature Is The Immortality Of Speech

A Great Speech Is Literature.

Do Not Wait For Leaders; Do It Alone, Person To Person.

Be The Change You Want To See In The World.

The Greatest Productive Force Is Human Selfishness.

Health Is The State About Which Medicine Has Nothing To Say.

A Gentleman Is Simply A Patient Wolf.

To Me, The Piano In Itself Is An Orchestra.

Perfumes Are The Feelings Of Flowers.

The Poet's Darling.

Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope.

Exercise Is Labor Without Weariness.

All People Want Is Someone To Listen.

Half The World Does Not Know How The Other Half Lives.

In Wilderness Is The Preservation Of The World.

Our Charity Begins At Home, And Mostly Ends Where It Begins.

Charity Should Begin At Home, But Should Not Stay There.

The Living Need Charity More Than The Dead.

Age Wrinkles The Body. Quitting Wrinkles The Soul.

The Gambler Is A Moral Suicide.

Gambling: The Sure Way Of Getting Nothing From Something.

Do What We Can, Summer Will Have Its Flies.

In Summer, The Song Sings Itself.

Courage Is Fire, And Bullying Is Smoke.

Youth Condemns; Maturity Condones.

Maturity Is The Capacity To Endure Uncertainty.

trouble Springs From Idleness.

trouble Shared Is trouble Halved.

The Rose Has But A Summer Reign, The Daisy Never Dies.

Daisies Are Like Sunshine To The Ground.

My Heart And Prayers Go Out To Every Individual

Just Because It`S In Print Doesn`T Mean It`S The Gospel.

If You Be Sick, Your Own Thoughts Make You Sick

God Heals, And The Doctor Takes The Fees

I Have Two Doctors - My Left Leg And My Right Leg

The Best Doctor Is The One You Run To And Can't Find.

Medicines Are Only Fit For Old People.

Medicine Heals Doubts As Well As Diseases.

Medicine Sometimes Snatches Away Health, Sometimes Gives It.

Walking Is Man's Best Medicine

The Best Of All Medicines Is Resting And Fasting

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

One Who Cares Is One Who Listens.

Necessity Does The Work Of Courage.

Our Necessities Never Equal Our Wants

Necessity Is A Violent School-Mistress.

Our Life Dreams The Utopia. Our Death Achieves The Ideal.

The Face Is The Soul Of The Body.

The Chief Function Of The Body Is To Carry The Brain Around.

The Human Body Is A Machine Which Winds Its Own Springs.

This Body Is Not A Home But An Inn, And That Only Briefly.

If The Body Be Feeble, The Mind Will Not Be Strong.

Don't Believe In Miracles, Depend On Them.

Miracles Do Not, In Fact, Break The Laws Of Nature.

It Is A Miracle That Curiosity Survives Formal Education.

I Am Realistic, I Expect Miracles.

Don't Look For Miracles. You Yourself Are The Miracle.

Where There Is Great Love, There Are Always Miracles.

Anyone Who Doesn`T Believe In Miracles Is Not A Realist.

Faith Works Miracles. At Least It Allows Time For Them

To Love Someone Is To See A Miracle Invisible To Others.

He That Seeks trouble Always Finds It.

Nothing Lasts Forever ? Not Even Your troubles.

A Tear Dries Quickly When It Is Shed For troubles Of Others.

The Mother Of Revolution And Crime Is Poverty.

Boredom: The Desire For Desires.

Boredom Is Rage Spread Thin

Morality Is Contraband In War.

Fascism Is Nothing But Capitalist Reaction.

Fascism Is Not An Article For Export.

Fascism Is Capitalism Plus Murder.

A Rich Man's Joke Is Always Funny.

Most Jokes State A Bitter truth

Canada Is The Linchpin Of The English-Speaking World.

In Riding A Horse We Borrow Freedom.

You May Lead A Horse To Water But You Can't Make Him Drink.

The Most Affectionate Creature In The World Is A Wet Dog.

Jealousy Is The Grave Of Affection

Liberalism Is Financed By The Dividends From Conservatism.

Liberalism Is Rationalism In Politics.

There Is Nothing Worse Than Aggressive Stupidity.

Our Necessities Are Few, But Our Wants Are Endless.

Necessity Is The Mother Of Taking Chances.

Necessity Never Made A Good Bargain.

Necessity Is The Mistress And Guardian Of Nature.

Necessity Is Often The Spur To Genius.

Necessity Is The Author Of Change

Great Necessity Elevates Man, Petty Necessity Casts Him Down

The Roots Of Education Are Bitter, But The Fruit Is Sweet.

Keep Your Face Always Toward The Sunshine - And Shadows Will Fall Behind You.

For Every Minute You Are Angry You Lose Sixty Seconds Of Happiness.

No Evil Is Intolerable But A Guilty Conscience.

Conscience Is The Voice Of God In The Soul.

Conscience Is Our Magnetic Compass; Reason Our Chart.

Modesty Is The Conscience Of The Body.

Observation-Activity Of Both Eyes And Ears.

All That Is Not Eternal Is Eternally Out Of Date.

Eternity Is In Love With The Productions Of Time.

Eternity Is Really Long, Especially Near The End

What Nature Creates Has Eternity In It.

The World -- A Small Parenthesis In Eternity.

Scientists Are Peeping Toms At The Keyhole Of Eternity.

Literature Is News That Stays News.

Literature Is The Question Minus The Answer.

Literature Is The Orchestration Of Platitudes.

The Decline Of Literature Indicates The Decline Of A Nation.

Literature Is The Thought Of Thinking Souls.

The Waste Basket Is A Writer's Best Friend.

Writers Are The Engineers Of Human Souls.

Writers Should Be Read - But Neither Seen Nor Heard.

The Writer Must Write What He Has To Say, Not Speak It.

A Desire To Resist Oppression Is Implanted In The Nature Of Man.

It Is Harder To Crack A Prejudice Than An Atom.

Fashion Is Architecture: It Is A Matter Of Proportions.

Writing About Music Is Like Dancing About Architecture.

Architecture Is The Art Of How To Waste Space.

Architecture Is Petrified Music.

A Healthy Nature Needs No God Or Immortality

Immortality - A Fate Worse Than Death.

Important Principles May And Must Be Inflexible.

A Dog With Two Homes Is Never Any Good

Man Is A Dog's Idea Of What God Should Be.

Dogs' Lives Are Too Short. Their Only Fault, Really.

Properly trained, A Man Can Be Dog's Best Friend.

Dogs Laugh, But They Laugh With Their Tails.

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy.

A Door Is What A Dog Is Perpetually On The Wrong Side Of.

In Heaven An Angel Is Nobody In Particular.

To Different Minds, The Same World Is A Hell, And A Heaven.

Children Are The Hands By Which We Take Hold Of Heaven.

To Be In Hell Is To Drift; To Be In Heaven Is To Steer.

To Love Is To Receive A Glimpse Of Heaven

Heaven Lent You A Soul Earth Will Lend A Grave.

Heaven Is Under Our Feet As Well As Over Our Heads.

Fathers Are Biological Necessities, But Social Accidents.

A Foolish Man Is Always Doing,Yet Much Remains To Be Done.

Only A Fool Fights In A Burning House.

A Fool Sees Not The Same tree That A Wise Man Sees.

Colleges Don't Make Fools, They Only Develop Them.

Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To tread.

Laziness May Appear Attractive,But Work Gives Satisfaction.

The Idle Man Does Not Know What It Is To Enjoy Rest.

If Fear Alters Behavior, You're Already Defeated.

Perfect Behavior Is Born Of Complete Indifference.

Military Intelligence Is A Contradiction In Terms.

Military Power Wins Battles, But Spiritual Power Wins Wars.

Military Men Are The Scourges Of The World

You Can't Build A Reputation On What You Are Going To Do.

Reputation Is Rarely Proportioned To Virtue.

Once You Lose Your Reputation, You Don't Mind It.

Husbands Never Become Good; They Merely Become Proficient.

To Catch A Husband Is An Art; To Hold Him Is A Job.

Of All The Home Remedies, A Good Wife Is Best.

Architecture Is The Work Of Nations.

The Architect Must Not Only Understand Drawing, But Music.

This Is My Homeland; No One Can Kick Me Out.

A Country Cannot Simultaneously Prepare And Prevent War.

Poetry Is Thoughts That Breathe, And Words That Burn.

Poetry Is An Echo, Asking A Shadow To Dance.

Drunkenness Is Temporary Suicide.

Confidence Is Contagious. So Is Lack Of Confidence.

Confidence Is Courage At Ease.

Our Dignity Is Not In What We Do, But What We Understand.

Where Is There Dignity Unless There Is Honesty?

Vice Can Be Learnt, Even Without A Teacher.

He Who Hates Vice Hates Men.

Vices Are Often Habits Rather Than Passions.

Our Faith Comes In Moments; Our Vice Is Habitual.

Pride Is Said To Be The Last Vice The Good Man Gets Clear Of

Work Spares Us From Three Evils: Boredom, Vice, And Need

The Worst Vice Of A Fanatic Is His Sincerity

Search Others For Their Virtues, Thy Self For Thy Vices

Music Is The Only Sensual Pleasure Without Vice

Work And Acquire, And Thou Hast Chained The Wheel Of Chance.

Luck Is Being Ready For The Chance.

Chance Makes Our Parents, But Choice Makes Our Friends

Ridicule Is The First And Last Argument Of A Fool

Incredulity Is The Wisdom Of The Fool

We Learn From History That We Learn Nothing From History.

A Generation Which Ignores History Has No Past And No Future.

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

History Is Philosophy Teaching By Examples.

Keep Your Fears To Yourself, But Share Your Courage With Others.

Never Fear Shadows.... That Always Means There Is A Light Shining Somewhere.

Fear Is That Little Darkroom Where Negatives Are Developed.

Mistakes Are The Usual Bridge Between Inexperience And Wisdom.

Making Mistakes Simply Means You Are Learning Faster.

Poetry Is The Rhythmical Creation Of Beauty In Words.

Israel Is Not An Aviary.

The Internet Is The trailer Park For The Soul.

Internet: Absolute Communication, Absolute Isolation.

All truly Great Thoughts Are Conceived By Walking.

Walking Is Man's Best Medicine.

The Best Remedy For A Short Temper Is A Long Walk.

Good Walking Leaves No track Behind It.

Love Is A Game That Two Can Play And Both Win.

truth Is Inner Harmony.

An Atheist Is A Man Who Has No Invisible Means Of Support.

A Problem Is A Chance For Your To Do Your Best.

Problems Are Not Stop Signs, They Are Guidelines.

Problems Are Only Opportunities With Thorns On Them.

Problems Are The Price You Pay For Progress.

Art Washes Away From The Soul The Dust Of Everyday Life.

Worry Is A Funky Luxury When A Lot Has To Be Done.

A Hundredload Of Worry Will Not Pay An Ounce Of Debt.

Anxiety Never Yet Successfully Bridged Any Chasm.

Worry Is Interest Paid On trouble Before It Comes Due.

Worry Is A Word That I Don't Allow Myself To Use.

Quit Worrying About Your Health. It Will Go Away.

The War On Terrorism Can Never Be Won.

Quit Worrying About Your Health. It'll Go Away.

Today Is The Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday.

Worry Pretends To Be Necessary But Serves No Useful Purpose.

By Saying Not To Worry He Says Something Worrisome.

Don't Worry, Be Happy.

I try To Only Worry About Things I Have Control Over...

Love The Quest; Marriage The Conquest; Divorce The Inquest

If Things Go Wrong, Don't Go With Them.

I Never Worry About Action, But Only About Inaction

I­Ve Learned Not To Worry About What Might Come Next

I Drive Way Too Fast To Worry About Cholesterol

When Things Are Perfect, That's When You Need To Worry Most

As I Have Not Worried To Be Born, I Do Not Worry To Die

Present Fears Are Less Than Horrible Imaginings

Present Fears Are Less Than Horrible Imaginings.

The Sweetest Sound Of All Is Praise.

Only Great Minds Can Afford A Simple Style.

We Work To Become, Not To Acquire.

Born Of The Shower, And Colored By The Sun.

Stop Worrying -- Nobody Gets Out Of This World Alive.

Keep Cool: It Will Be All One A Hundred Years Hence.

Once A Decision Was Made I Did Not Worry About It Afterward

As Soon As We Stop Worrying, A Solution Pops Up

Worry Is Interest Paid On trouble Before It Falls Due.

Imaginary Obstacles Are Insurmountable. Real Ones Aren't.

I Know I­Ll Handle It. I Have Nothing To Worry About

Strong Lives Are Motivated By Dynamic Purposes.

Good Luck Is Another Name For Tenacity Of Purpose.

Thought Allied Fearlessly To Purpose Becomes Creative Force.

Envy Is An Insult To Oneself.

As A Moth Gnaws A Garment, So Doth Envy Consume A Man.

Envy Is The Tax Which All Distinction Must Pay.

It Was Well Said That Envy Keeps No Holidays.

When We Envy Another, We Make Their Virtue Our Vice.

Those Who Raise Envy Will Easily Incur Censure.

All Envy Is Proportionate To Desire.

Worry Often Gives A Small Thing A Big Shadow.

Sports Do Not Build Character. They Reveal It.

Sports Is Like A War Without The Killing.

You Are The Only Person On Earth Who Can Use Your Ability.

Ability Is A Poor Man's Wealth.

Most Drama In Our Lives Is Really Rather Squalid.

Drama Is Like Life With The Dull Bits Cut Out.

War Is The Supreme Drama Of A Completely Mechanized Society.

The Drama Is The Book Of The People.

Drama Is Action, Sir, Action And Not Confounded Philosophy.

Today Is The Tomorrow We Worried About Yesterday

Jazz Is The Music Of The Body

Jazz Is Not Dead - It Just Smells Funny

Jazz Is Rhythm And Meaning.

Jazz Is The Folk Music Of The Machine Age

Worry Bankrupts The Spirit

Worry Ducks When Purpose Flies Overhead

A Day Of Worry Is More Exhausting Than A Day Of Work

Do Not Be Afraid Of Tomorrow; For God Is Already There

He Who Fears He Shall Suffer, Already Suffers What He Fears.

No Human Thing Is Of Serious Importance

Quit Worrying About Your Health. It'll Go Away

Sometimes I Worry About Being A Success In A Mediocre World.

That Gracious Thing, Made Up Of Tears And Light.??

The Smiling Daughter Of The Storm.?????

The First Of Earthly Blessings, Independence.

Intellectual Growth Should Commence At Birth And Cease Only At Death

Dancing Is Like Dreaming With Your Feet!

Love And Desire Are The Spirit­S Wings To Great Deeds.

There Is No Remedy For Love But To Love More.

Your Real Boss Is The One Who Walks Around Under Your Hat.

Life Is A Challenge, Meet It

I Love The Challenge

Make Every Revulsion(Dislike) Into Attraction

A Desire Can Overcome All Objections And Obstacles.

Prosperity Is A Great Teacher; Adversity Is A Greater

The Duty Of Youth Is To Challenge Corruption

The Manager Accepts The Stat Quo; The Leader Challenges It

A Grand Adventure Is About To Begin

It Is Said That The Present Is Pregnant With The Future

Being Pregnant Is An Occupational Hazard Of Being A Wife

If Men Could Get Pregnant, Abortion Would Be A Sacrament

The News Of My Pregnancy Spread Like A Forest Fire In Summer

Diet Plays In My Opinion An Important Role During Pregnancy
Worry Is The Darkroom In Which Negatives Are Developed

Worry Is As Useless As A Handle On A Snowball

Worry Is Interest Paid On trouble Before It Comes Due

It Only Seems As If You're Doing Something When You Worry

A Great Man Shows His Greatness By The Way He treats Little Men.

Fate Is Not An Eagle, It Creeps Like A Rat.

The Only true Gift Is A Portion Of Yourself.

It Is Love Alone That Gives Worth To All Things.

When A Male And Female Combine, All Things Achieve Harmony.

Where There Is Great Love, There Are Always Miracles

Every Ship Is A Romantic Object, Except That We Sail In.

To Love Oneself Is The Beginning Of A Lifelong Romance

How Bold One Gets When One Is Sure Of Being Loved!

Don't Hug Me, It Only Makes Me Want To Never Let Go.

Love Is The Only Gold

The Irresistable Desire To Be Irresistibly Desired.

They Spoil Every Romance By trying To Make It Last Forever.

Paradise Is Always Where Love Dwells

If I Know What Love Is, It Is Because Of You.

There Is Only One Happiness In Life, To Love And Be Loved

Love Is, Above All, The Gift Of Oneself

The Proof Of true Love Is To Be Unsparing In Criticism

We Are Most Alive When We're In Love

Romance Is The Poetry Of Literature.

We Loved With A Love That Was More Than Love.

Paradise Is Always Where Love Dwells.

We Were Two And Had But One Heart.

Politics Is War Without Bloodshed While War Is Politics With Bloodshed.

Love Rules Without Rules.

A Warm Smile Is The Universal Language Of Kindness.

My Home Is Not A Place, It Is People.

Be It Ever So Humble, There's No Place Like Home.

The Violets In The Mountains Have Broken The Rocks.

Lost Illusion Is The Undisclosed Title Of Every Novel.

The Highest Result Of Education Is Tolerance.

Tolerance Is The Oil Which Takes The Friction Out Of Life.

Intolerance Betrays Want Of Faith In One's Cause.

Illusion And Wisdom Combined Are The Charm Of Life And Art.

Illusion Is The First Of All Pleasures.

Oh, How Powerfully The Magnet Of Illusion Attracts.

They Spoil Every Romance By trying To Make It Last Forever

Deceiving Others. That Is What The World Calls A Romance

To Love One's Self Is The Beginning Of A Life-Long Romance

Think For Yourself, Question Authority.

Romance Is A Love Affair In Other That Domestic Surroundings

In All That We Do Let Us Do It For Love.

Love Is The Whole And More Than All.

Love Is An Act Of Faith.

Honor The Ocean Of Love

More Than Kisses, Letters Mingle Souls.

Love Is Like Smiling, It Never Fades And Is Contagious.

Children Find Everything In Nothing; Men Find Nothing In Everything.

The Gun And The Language Of The Gun Must End.

Patience And Fortitude Conquer All Things

The Number One Thing About trouble Is...Don't Get Into More

You Can't Lose An Old Golf Ball

Happiness Is A Long Walk With A Putter.

Golf Is An Easy Game...It's Just Hard To Play

Have You Ever Noticed What Golf Spells Backwards?

I've Had A Good Day When I Don't Fall Out Of The Cart.

The More I Practice, The Luckier I Get.

My Goal This Year Is Basically To Find The Fairways

Optimism Is The Opium Of The People.

It's Recreation. If You Work At It, It's Golf...

Baseball. I Did It In One Afternoon On The Golf Course...

Next Shot Is Eighty Percent Of Winning Golf..

Something You Create By Hitting Millions Of Golf Balls...

What Can This Piece Of Paper Do; Imagine??

A Pleasant Illusion Is Better Than A Harsh Reality

Reality Is Merely An Illusion, Albeit A Very Persistent One.

A Pleasant Illusion Is Better Than A Harsh Reality.

Nothing Is More Sad Than The Death Of An Illusion.

Reality I Merely An Illusion, Albeit A Very Persistent One.

Music Is Love In Search Of A Word.

Autumn Is A Second Spring When Every Leaf Is A Flower.

We Do Not Remember Days; We Remember Moments.

The Discipline Of Desire Is The Background Of Character.

Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishments.

He Who Has The Fastest Golf Cart Never Has A Bad Lie

You Can Talk To A Fade But A Hook Won't Listen

Thinking Instead Of Acting Is The Number-One Golf Disease

Golf Is Played With The Arms

His Nerve, His Memory, And I Can't Remember The Third Thing

Golf Is A Better Game Played Downhill.

The Secret Of Golf Is To Turn Three Shots Into Two

I try To Work With God As A Partner.

Good Manners Will Open Doors That The Best Education Cannot.

Manners Maketh Man.

The Only Thing A Golfer Needs Is More Daylight

How About A Little Noise. How Do You Expect A Man To Putt?

It Was A Hole In One Contest And I Had A Three

The Game Embarrasses You Until You Feel Inadequate.

When I Want A Long Ball, I Spin My Hips Faster

Lloyd Could Get Down In Two From Off The Earth

"I Play With Friends, But We Don't Play Friendly Games.

Putts Get Real Difficult The Day They Hand Out The Money.

Golf Is 90 Percent Inspiration And 10 Percent Perspiration

Tears Are The Summer Showers To The Soul.

Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart.

My Handicap? Woods And Irons.

Even God Has To Practice His Putting

One Under A tree, One Under A Bush, One Under The Water

Any Game Where A Man 60 Can Beat A Man 30 Ain't No Game

The Worst Club In My Bag Is My Brain.

Golf Is Hockey At The Halt.

Have You Ever Noticed What Golf Spells Backwards

If You Wish To Hide Your Character, Do Not Play Golf

The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get.

I Don't Exaggerate - I Just Remember Big

Golf Is Deceptively Simple And Endlessly Complicated

Golf Is A Game Not Just Of Manners But Of Morals.

Golf Is Life. If You Can't Take Golf, You Can't Take Life

You've Got To Be Rich To Have A Swing Like That

Golf: A Five Mile Walk Punctuated With Disappointments

Golf Is Typical Capitalist Lunacy

I Choose Not To Place Dis"", In My Ability."

Golf Always Makes Me So Damned Angry

Focus On Remedies, Not Faults

Gimme: An Agreement Between Two Losers Who Can't Putt

The Greens Are Harder Than A Whore's Heart

I'm Getting So Old, I Don't Even Buy Green Bananas Anymore

Loneliness Is The Most Terrible Poverty.

I Always Thought I Should Be treated Like A Star

Sell Not Your Liberty To Gratify Your Luxury

Like Sending Them Ruffles, When Wanting A Shirt.

Falsely Luxurious, Will Not Man Awake?

The Saddest Thing I Can Imagine Is To Get Used To Luxury.

All Luxury Corrupts Either The Morals Or The Taste.

On The Soft Bed Of Luxury, Most Kingdoms Have Expired.

Complete Abstinence Is Easier Than Perfect Moderation.

All Philosophy Lies In Two Words, Sustain And Abstain

Abstinence Is The Surety Of Temperance.

For All Their Luxury Was Doing Good

There Is A Solemn Luxury In Grief

One Must Be Poor To Know The Luxury Of Giving!

Morality Is A Private And Costly Luxury.

Literature Is A Luxury; Fiction Is A Necessity.

On The Soft Bed Of Luxury Many Kingdoms Have Expired

Never Take A Solemn Oath. People Think You Mean It.

If There Is Any Larceny In A Man, Golf Will Bring It Out.

Forget Your Opponents; Always Play Against Par.

If You Drink, Don't Drive. Don't Even Putt.

Golf Is A Good Walk Spoiled.

God Cheats Men Into Living On By Hiding How Blest It Is To Die

Money Often Costs Too Much.

A Minute's Success Pays The Failure Of Years.

All Sorrows Are Good Or Are Less With Bread

Fools Make Feasts, And Wise Men Eat Them.

He Pares His Apple That Will Cleanly Feed.

Gluttony Kills More Then The Sword.

Excerpt From The Seeker's Mind

Excerpt From Prayer-World, Mantra-World And Japa

Excerpt From Earth's Cry Meets Heaven's Smile

Excerpt From My Heart's Salutation To Australia

Excerpt From Two Divine Instruments: Master And Disciple

Excerpt From A Sri Chinmoy Primer

The Flowering Of Love Is Meditation

Paranoia Is Just Another Word For Longevity.

A Paranoiac, Like A Poet, Is Born, Not Made.

Take The Time To Come Home To Yourself Every Day.

He Is Divinely Bent On Meditation.

Most Powerful Is He Who Has Himself In His Own Power

Peace Comes From Within

To Be At Peace With Ourselves We Need To Know Ourselves

Sleep Is The Best Meditation.

The Flowering Of Love Is Meditation.

Meditation And Water Are Wedded For Ever.

Dyspepsia Is The Remorse Of A Guilty Stomach.

Kissing Don't Last; Cookery Do!

Anyhow, The Hole In The Doughnut Is At Least Digestible

The Inventor Of Soda Crackers Has A Place In Hell.

After Dinner Sit A While, And After Supper Walk A Mile.

And, Of Course, The Funniest Food Of All, Kumquats.

Avoid Fruit And Nuts. You Are What You Eat.

All Sorrows Are Less With Bread.

Soup And Fish Explain Half The Emotions Of Human Life

Soup Is Liquid Comfort

I Don't Like To Eat Snails. I Prefer Fast Food.

I Keep Eating For Fear I Will Be Hungry.

Flattery Is The Worst And Falsest Way Of Showing Our Esteem

Let Flattery, The Handmaid Of The Vices, Be Far Removed.

Flattery Makes Friends And truth Makes Enemies.

Self-Love Is The Greatest Of All Flatterers.

Just Praise Is Only A Debt, But Flattery Is A Present.

Flattery Was Formerly A Vice; It Has Now Become The Fashion.

Acorns Were Good Till Bread Was Found.

A Warmed-Up Dinner Was Never Worth Much.

Tell Me What You Eat, And I Will Tell You What You Are

First Come, First Served.

Better Halfe A Loafe Than No Bread.

Let Your Tears Come. Let Them Water Your Soul.

The Only Thing That Interferes With My Learning Is My Education.

Every Guilty Person Is His Own Hangman.

Men's Minds Are Too Ready To Excuse Guilt In Themselves.

Guilt Is Universal.

He Who Helps The Guilty, Shares The Crime.

We Each Begin In Innocence.We All Become Guilty.

God Hath Yoked To Guilt Her Pale Tormentor,--Misery.

Beside One Deed Of Guilt, How Blest Is Guiltless Woe!

The Ghostly Consciousness Of Wrong.

Guilt Is Ever At A Loss, And Confusion Waits Upon It.

My Hands Are Guilty, But My Heart Is Free.

Guilt Has Very Quick Ears To An Accusation.

Guilt's A Terrible Thing.

Habit And Routine Have An Unbelievable Power To Destroy.

We Are Almost Always Guiltyof The Hate We Encounter.

Without The Spice Of Guilt,Sin Cannot Be Fully Savored.

Guilt Hath Very Quick Ears To An Accusation.

My Favorite Animal Is Steak.

A Bagel Is A Doughnut With The Sin Removed.

In Mexico We Have A Word For Sushi: Bait

The Way You Cut Your Meat Reflects The Way You Live.

I Eat Merely To Put Food Out Of My Mind

Teaching Is The Highest Form Of Understanding.

The Deepest Principle In Human Nature Is The Craving To Be Appreciated.

A Successful Team Is A Group Of Many Hands But Of One Mind.

No Nation Is Fit To Set In Judgment Upon Any Other Nation

A Conservative Government Is An Organised Hypocrisy

Let The People Think They Govern, And They Will Be Governed

Bureaus Are Extrusions From The Body Politic - They Are Pus

To Rule Is Easy, To Govern Difficult

Guilt Is Anger Directed At Ourselves

The Heart Has Its Reasons Which Reason Knows Not Of.

Intuition Is Reason In A Hurry.

Prejudices Are What Fools Use For Reason.

Reason Is Our Soul's Left Hand, Faith Her Right.

Successful Guilt Is The Bane Of Society

How Tedious Is A Guilty Conscience

You Can Bear Anything-If It Isn't Your Own Fault