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Swami Vivekananda Quotes For Students

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Education

Swami Vivekananda Quotes - We want education

We Want The Education
By Which Character Is Formed,
Strength Of Mind Is Increased,
The Intellect Is Expanded,
By Which One Can Stand On One’s Own Feet.

Our Right Of Interference Is Limited Entirely To Giving Education. Women Must Be Put In A Position To Solve Their Own Problems In Their Own Way. No One Can Or Ought To Do This For Them. And Our Indian Women Are Capable Of Doing It As Any In The World.

The Only Way To Bring About The Levelling Of Caste Is To Appropriate The Culture, The Education Which Is The Strength Of The Higher Castes.

There Is Only One Purpose In The Whole Of Life — Education. Otherwise What Is The Use Of Men And Women, Land And Wealth?

To Me The Very Essence Of Education Is Concentration Of Mind, Not The Collecting Of Facts. If I Had To Do My Education Over Again, And Had Any Voice In The Matter, I Would Not Study Facts At All. I Would Develop The Power Of Concentration And Detachment, And Then With A Perfect Instrument I Could Collect Facts At Will. Side By Side, In The Child, Should Be Developed The Power Of Concentration And Detachment.

We Have Had A Negative Education All Along From Our Boyhood. We Have Only Learnt That We Are Nobodies. Seldom Are We Given To Understand That Great Men Were Ever Born In Our Country. Nothing Positive Has Been Taught To Us. We Do Not Even Know How To Use Our Hands And Feet!

If The Poor Boy Cannot Come To Education, Education Must Go To Him.

Life Is A Series Of Fights And Disillusionments. . . . The Secret Of Life Is Not Enjoyment, But Education Through Experience. But, Alas, We Are Called Off The Moment We Begin Really To Learn. That Seems To Be A Potent Argument For A Future Existence. . . . Everywhere It Is Better To Have A Whirlwind Come Over The Work. That Clears The Atmosphere And Gives Us A True Insight Into The Nature Of Things. It Is Begun Anew, But On Adamantine Foundations. . . .

Swami Vivekananda Quotes For Students, Child

It Is Good To Be Born A Child, But Bad To Remain A Child.

It Is Useless To Tell Children That This World Is All Good, All Flowers, All Milk And Honey.

Let There Be Action Without Reaction; Action Is Pleasant, All Misery Is Reaction. The Child Puts Its Hand In The Flame, That Is Pleasure; But When Its System Reacts, Then Comes The Pain Of Burning. When We Can Stop That Reaction, Then We Have Nothing To Fear. Control The Brain And Do Not Let It Read The Record; Be The Witness And Do Not React, Only Thus Can You Be Happy. The Happiest Moments We Ever Know Are When We Entirely Forget Ourselves. Work Of Your Own Free Will, Not From Duty. We Have No Duty. This World Is Just A Gymnasium In Which We Play; Our Life Is An Eternal Holiday.

Misery Begins With The Birth Of The Child. Weak And Helpless, He Enters The World. The First Sign Of Life Is Weeping. Now, How Could We Be The Cause Of Misery When We Find It At The Very Beginning? We Have Caused It In The Past.

The Chinese Child Is Quite A Philosopher And Calmly Goes To Work At An Age When Your Indian Boy Can Hardly Crawl On All Fours.

“The Child Is Father Of The Man.” Would It Be Right For An Old Man To Say That Childhood Is A Sin Or Youth A Sin?

There Is Hardly A Child, Born In Any Country In The World, Who Has Not Been Told, “Do Not Steal,” “Do Not Tell A Lie,” But Nobody Tells The Child How He Can Help Doing Them. Talking Will Not Help Him. Why Should He Not Become A Thief? We Do Not Teach Him How Not To Steal; We Simply Tell Him, “Do Not Steal.” Only When We Teach Him To Control His Mind Do We Really Help Him.

There Is Misery Everywhere. The Child Is Born With A Cry Upon Its Lips; It Is Its First Utterance. This Child Becomes A Man, And So Well Used To Misery That The Pang Of The Heart Is Hidden By A Smile On The Lips.

There Is Neither Heaven Nor Hell Nor This World; All Three Never Really Existed. Tell A Child A Lot Of Ghost Stories, Add Let Him Go Out Into The Street In The Evening. There Is A Little Stump Of A Tree. What Does The Child See? A Ghost, With Hands Stretched Out, Ready To Grab Him.

We Foolishly Want To Limit The Whole Universe With Our Present Experience. Children Think That The Whole Universe Is Full Of Children. Madmen Think The Whole Universe A Lunatic Asylum, And So On.

You May Read Any Number Of Books…. Crowd Into The Child Fifty Thousand Words A Moment, Teach Him All The Theories And Philosophies…. There Is Only One Science That Will Teach Him Facts, And That Is Psychology…. And The Work Begins With Control Of The Breath.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Youth

A Child Comes Into The World Crawling And Without Teeth, And The Old Man Gets Out Without Teeth And Crawling. The Extremes Are Alike, But The One Has No Experience Of The Life Before Him, While The Other Has Gone Through It All.

A Child Is Born With Certain Tendencies. Whence Do They Come? No Child Is Born With A Tabula Rasa — With A Clean, Blank Page — Of A Mind. The Page Has Been Written On Previously. The Old Greek And Egyptian Philosophers Taught That No Child Came With A Vacant Mind. Each Child Comes With A Hundred Tendencies Generated By Past Conscious Actions. It Did Not Acquire These In This Life, And We Are Bound To Admit That It Must Have Had Them In Past Lives.

All Know Their Own Self, All Know, “I Am”, Even Animals. All We Know Is The Projection Of The Self. Teach This To The Children, They Can Grasp It.

Children Are Born Optimists, But The Rest Of Life Is A Continuous Disillusionment; Not One Ideal Can Be Fully Attained, Not One Thirst Can Be Quenched. So On They Go Trying To Solve The Riddle, And Religion Has Taken Up The Task.

Do You Think You Can Teach Even A Child? You Cannot. The Child Teaches Himself. Your Duty Is To Afford Opportunities And To Remove Obstacles.

Every Child Is A Born Optimist; He Dreams Golden Dreams. In Youth He Becomes Still More Optimistic. It Is Hard For A Young Man To Believe That There Is Such A Thing As Death, Such A Thing As Defeat Or Degradation. Old Age Comes, And Life Is A Mass Of Ruins. Dreams Have Vanished Into The Air, And The Man Becomes A Pessimist.

Every Child That Is Born Sees The Sky Overhead Very Far Away, But Is That Any Reason Why We Should Not Look Towards The Sky? Would It Mend Matters To Go Towards Superstition?

Impress Upon Your Children That True Religion Is Positive And Not Negative, That It Does Not Consist In Merely Refraining From Evil, But In A Persistent Performance Of Noble Decals. True Religion Comes Not Front The Teaching Of Men Or The Reading Of Books; It Is The Awakening Of The Spirit Within Us, Consequent Upon Pure And Heroic Action.

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