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Are You Searching For Swami Vivekananda Quotes To Share With your beloved one?. Then You Are At Perfect Place,  It’s A 12th January The Birthday Of Swami Vivekananda, People of India Celebrate This Day As Swami Vivekananda Jayanti, On This Auspicious Occasion We Would Like To Give Tribute By Sharing Some Quotes Of Swami Vivekananda To The Legend By Quotes Said By Swami Vivekananda . We At Explore Quotes Have Collected Swami Vivekananda All Quotes On Character, Death, Determination, Fear, Friendship, Hard Work, Leadership, Meditation, Mind, Moral Values, Relationship, Strength, Success, Women, Work, Yoga For You. Share This Unique Collection Of Swami Vivekananda Jayanti Quotes, Quotes Of Swamy Vivekananda, Sayings Of Swami Vivekananda, Vivekananda Messages, Vivekananda Sayings On Facebook, WhatsApp or Wherever You Want If You Like It.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Character

Great Work Requires
Great And Persistent Effort
For A Long Time…
Character Has To Be Established
Through A Thousand Stumbles.

Watch People
Do Their Most Common Actions;
These Are Indeed The Things
That Will Tell You
The Real Character Of A Great Person.

It Is The Patient Building Of Character,
The Intense Struggle To Realise The Truth,
Which Alone Will Tell In The Future Of Humanity.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Death

Shri Ramakrishna Uses To Say,
As Long As I Live, So Long Do I Learn“.
That Man Or That Society
Which Has Nothing
To Learn Is Already In The Jaws Of Death.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Determination

This Is The First Lesson To Learn:
Be Determined Not To Curse Anything Outside,
Not To Lay The Blame Upon Anyone Outside,
But Stand Up, Lay The Blame On Yourself.
You Will Find That Is Always True.
Get Hold Of Yourself.

If A Man Can Realize His Divine Nature
With The Help Of An Image,
Would It Be Right To Call That A Sin?
Nor, Even When He Has Passed That Stage,
Should He Call It An Error. […]
Man Is Not Travelling From Error To Truth,
But From Truth To Truth,
From Lower To Higher Truth.
To Him All The Religions
From The Lowest Fetishism To The Highest Absolutism,
Mean So Many Attempts Of The Human Soul
To Grasp And Realize The Infinite,
Each Determined By The Conditions
Of Its Birth And Association,
And Each Of These Marks A Stage Of Progress;
And Every Soul Is A Young Eagle Soaring Higher
And Higher, Gathering More And
More Strength Till It Reaches The Glorious Sun.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Fear

Be Not Afraid Of Anything.
You Will Do Marvelous Work.
It Is Fearlessness
That Brings Heaven Even In A Moment.

Fear Is Death,
Fear Is Sin,
Fear Is Hell,
Fear Is Unrighteousness,
And Fear Is Wrong Life.
All The Negative Thoughts
And Ideas That Are In The World
Have Proceeded From This Evil Spirit Of Fear.

The Whole Secret Of Existence Is
To Have No Fear.
Never Fear What Will Become Of You,
Depend On No One.
Only The Moments
You Reject All Help Are You Free.

As Long As We Believe Ourselves
To Be Even The Least Different From God,
Fear Remains With Us;
But When We Know Ourselves To Be The One,
Fear Goes; Of What Can We Be Afraid?

If There Is One Word
That You Find Coming Out Like A Bomb
From The Upanishads, Bursting Like
A Bombshell Upon Masses Of Ignorance,
It Is The Word “Fearlessness”.

The Earth Is Enjoyed By Heroes,
This Is The Unfailing Truth.
Be A Hero.
Always Say, I Have No Fear.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Friendship

We Must Have Friendship For All;
We Must Be Merciful Toward Those
That Are In Misery;
When People Are Happy,
We Ought To Be Happy;
And To The Wicked We Must Be Indifferent.
These Attitudes Will Make The Mind Peaceful.

Friendship, Mercy, Gladness, And Indifference, Being Thought Of In Regard To Subjects, Happy, Unhappy, Good, And Evil Respectively, Pacify The Chitta.

Friendship With Many Is Best At A Distance, And Everything Goes Well With The Person Who Stands On His Own Feet.

Rights And Privileges And Other Things Can Only Come Through Friendship, And Friendship Can Only Be Expected Between Two Equals When One Of The Parties Is A Beggar, What Friendship Can There Be?

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Hard Work

Fill The Brain With High Thoughts,
Highest Ideals, Place Them Day
And Night Before You,
And Out Of That Will Come Great Work.

Work And Worship Are Necessary
To Take Away The Veil,
To Lift Off The Bondage And Illusion.

Each Soul Is Potentially Divine.
The Goal Is To Manifest This Divinity
By Controlling Nature,
External And Internal.
Do This Either By Work,
Or Worship, Or Psychic Control,
Or Philosophy – By One, Or More,
Or All Of These – And Be Free.
This Is The Whole Of Religion.
Doctrines, Or Dogmas, Or Rituals,
Or Books, Or Temples, Or Forms,
Are But Secondary Details.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Leadership

Stand Up, Be Bold, Be Strong.
Take The Whole Responsibility On Your Own Shoulders,
And Know That
You Are The Creator Of Your Own Destiny.
All The Strength And Succour
You Want Is Within Your Selves.
Therefore, Make Your Own Future.

Everybody Wants To Be A Leader, But It Is The Failure To Grasp That He Is Born, That Causes All This Mischief.

Have Fire And Spread All Over. Work, Work. Be The Servant While Leading. Be Unselfish, And Never Listen To One Friend In Private Accusing Another. Have Infinite Patience, And Success Is Yours.

He Who Knows How To Obey Knows How To Command. Learn Obedience First.

How Often Does A Man Ruin His Disciples By Remaining Always With Them! When Men Are Once Trained, It Is Essential That Their Leader Leaves Them; For Without His Absence They Cannot Develop Themselves!

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Meditation

To Realize The Spirit As Spirit Is Practical Religion. Everything Else Is Good So Far As It Leads To This One Grand Idea. That Realization Is To Be Attained By Renunciation, By Meditation—Renunciation Of All The Senses, Cutting The Knots, The Chains That Bind Us Down To Matter.

Whose Meditation Is Real And Effective? Who Can Really Surrender To The Will Of God? Only The Person Whose Mind Has Been Purified By Selfless Work.

Meditation Can Turn Fools In To Sages But Unfortunately Fools Never Meditate.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Mind

All Knowledge
That The World Has Ever Received
Comes From The Mind;
The Infinite Library Of The Universe
Is In Our Own Mind.

Astrology And All These Mystical Things
Are Generally Signs Of A Weak Mind;
Therefore As Soon As They Are Becoming
Prominent In Our Minds,
We Should See A Physician,
Take Good Food, And Rest.

When An Idea Exclusively Occupies The Mind,
It Is Transformed Into An Actual Physical Or Mental State.

We Are Ever Free
If We Would Only Believe It,|
Only Have Faith Enough.
You Are The Soul,
Free And Eternal, Ever Free,
Ever Blessed.
Have Faith Enough
And You Will Be Free In A Minute.

The Cheerful Mind Perseveres
And The Strong Mind Hews Its
Way Through A Thousand Difficulties.

Quotes On Moral Values By Swami Vivekananda

If A Man With An Ideal Makes A Thousand Mistakes, I Am Sure That The Man Without An Ideal Makes Fifty Thousand. Therefore, It Is Better To Have An Ideal.

It Is Our Duty Never To Lose Sight Of The Ideal, Whether We Can Approach It With Sensible Steps, Or Crawl Towards It With Imperceptible Motion.

Live For An Ideal, And That One Ideal Alone. Let It Be So Great, So Strong, That There May Be Nothing Else Left In The Mind; No Place For Anything Else, No Time For Anything Else.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Relationship

It Is Good To Love God For Hope Of Reward, But It Is Better To Love God For Love’S Sake; And The Prayer Goes: O Lord, I Do Not Want Wealth Nor Children Nor Learning. If It Be Thy Will, I Shall Go From Birth To Birth. But Grant Me This, That I May Love Thee Without The Hope Of Reward – ‘Love’ Unselfishly For Love’S Sake.

There Was One Thing Always To Keep Us Hopeful — The Tremendous Faithfulness To Each Other, The Tremendous Love Between Us. I Have Got A Hundred Men And Women Around Me; If I Become The Devil Himself Tomorrow, They Will Say, “Here We Are Still! We Will Never Give You Up!” That Is A Great Blessing. In Happiness, In Misery, In Famine, In Pain, In The Grave, In Heaven, Or In Hell Who Never Gives Me Up Is My Friend. Is Such Friendship A Joke? A Man May Have Salvation Through Such Friendship.

Relationships Are More Important Than Life , But It Is Important For Those Relationships To Have Life In Them…. ~ Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Strength

When I Asked God For Strength
He Gave Me Difficult Situations To Face
When I Asked God For Brain & Brown,
He Gave Me Puzzles In Life To Solve
When I Asked God For Happiness
He Showed Me Some Unhappy People
When I Asked God For Wealth
He Showed Me How To Work Hard
When I Asked God For Favors
He Showed Me Opportunities To Work Hard
When I Asked God For Peace
He Showed Me How To Help Others
God Gave Me Nothing I Wanted
He Gave Me Everything I Needed.

Brave, Bold Men, These Are What We Want. What We Want Is Vigour In The Blood, Strength In The Nerves, Iron Muscles And Nerves Of Steel, Not Softening Namby-Pamby Ideas. Avoid All These. Avoid All Mystery.

Doing Good To Others Is Virtue (Dharma); Injuring Others Is Sin. Strength And Manliness Are Virtue; Weakness And Cowardice Are Sin. Independence Is Virtue; Dependence Is In. Loving Others Is Virtue; Hating Others Is Sin. Faith In God And In One’S Own Self Is Virtue, Doubt Is Sin. Knowledge Of Oneness Is Virtue; Seeing Diversity Is Sin.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Success

The Great Secret Of True Success,
Of True Happiness, Is This:
The Man Or Woman Who Asks For No Return,
The Perfectly Unselfish Person,
Is The Most Successful.

Are Great Things Ever Done Smoothly? Time, Patience, And Indomitable Will Must Show. I Could Have Told You Many Things That Would Have Made Your Heart Leap, But I Will Not. I Want Iron Wills And Hearts That Do Not Know How To Quake. Hold On.

To Succeed, You Must Have Tremendous Perseverance, Tremendous Will. “I Will Drink The Ocean,” Says The Persevering Soul, “At My Will Mountains Will Crumble Up.” Have That Sort Of Energy, That Sort Of Will, Work Hard, And You Will Reach The Goal.

Faith, Faith, Faith In Ourselves, Faith, Faith In God— This Is The Secret Of Greatness. If You Have Faith In All The Three Hundred And Thirty Millions Of Your Mythological Gods, And In All The Gods Which Foreigners Have Now And Again Introduced Into Your Midst, And Still Have No Faith In Yourselves, There Is No Salvation For You.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Women

A Few Heart-Whole, Sincere,
And Energetic Men And
Women Can Do More In A Year
Than A Mob In A Century.

Can You Better The Condition Of Your Women? Then There Will Be Hope For Your Well-Being. Otherwise You Will Remain As Backward As You Are Now.

Is There Any Sex-Distinction In The Atman (Self)? Out With The Differentiation Between Man And Woman—All Is Atman!

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Yoga

The Tapas And The Other Hard Yogas
That Were Practised In Other Yugas
Do Not Work Now.
What Is Needed In This Yuga Is Giving,
Helping Others.

Now Is Wanted Intense Karma-Yoga
With Unbounded Courage
And Indomitable Strength In The Heart.
Then Only Will The People Of The Country Be Roused.

Does Yoga Serve To Keep The Body In Its Full Health And Vitality? It Does. It Staves Off Disease. As Objectification Of One’S Own Body Is Difficult, It Is Very Effective In Regard To Others. Fruit And Milk Are The Best Food For Yogis.

I Have Been Studying [Yoga] All My Life And Have Made Very Little Progress Yet. But I Have Got Enough [Result] To Believe That This Is The Only True Way.

In (Lonely) Places As Mountain Caves Where The Floor Is Even, Free Of Pebbles, Fire, Or Sand, Where There Are No Disturbing Noises From Men Or Waterfalls, In Auspicious Places Helpful To The Mind And Pleasing To The Eyes. Yoga Is To Be Practised (Mind Is To Be Joined).

In Yoga, Perception And Realisation Are One.

Talk Not Of Yoga To Make You Pure; You Are Pure By Your Very Nature. None Can Teach You.

The First Signs Of Entering Yoga Are Lightness, Health, Non-Covetousness, Clearness Of Complexion, A Beautiful Voice, An Agreeable Odour In The Body, And Scantiness Of Excretions..

The Siddhis Attained By Yoga Are Not To Be Denied Like Recovery Through Medicines Etc.

The Sun = Knowledge. The Stormy Water = Work. The Lotus = Love. The Serpent = Yoga. The Swan = The Self. The Motto = May The Swan (The Supreme Self) Send Us That. It Is The Mind-Lake. (Swami Vivekananda’S Explanation Of Ramakrishna Mission’S Emblem)

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