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Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Love

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Love

All earthly love proceeds from the body.

All things in the universe are of divine origin and deserve to be loved; it has, however, to be borne in mind that the love of the whole includes the love of the parts.

All this is the manifestation of that One Love, more or less expressed.

Beggar’s love is no love at all. The first sign of love is when love asks nothing, [when it] gives everything.

Begging is not the language of love.

Begin to love. Power must go. Nothing must stand between me and God except love. God is only love and nothing else—love first, love in the middle, and love at the end.

Books and learning, Yoga and meditation and illumination — all are but dust compared with love.

Do not hate anybody, because that hatred which comes out from you must, in the long run, come back to you. If you love, that love will come back to you, completing the circle.

Do not make the mistake of giving the heart to anything that is changing, because that is misery.

Vivekananda On Love

Drink the cup of love and become mad.

In A Conflict Between
The Heart And The Brain, Follow Your Heart.

This Attachment Of Love To God Is
Indeed One That Does Not Bind The Soul
But Effectively Breaks All Its Bondages.

Stand Upon The Self,
Only Then Can We Truly Love The World.
Take A Very High Stand;
Knowing Our Universal Nature,
We Must Look With Perfect Calmness
Upon All The Panorama Of The World.

The Heart And
Core Of Everything Here Is Good,
That Whatever May Be The Surface Waves,
Deep Down And Underlying Everything,
There Is An Infinite Basis Of Goodness And Love.

Vivekananda Quotes On Love

All Love Is Expansion,
All Selfishness Is Contraction.
Love Is Therefore The Only Law Of Life.
He Who Loves Lives,
He Who Is Selfish Is Dying.
Therefore Love For Love’s Sake,
Because It Is Law Of Life,
Just As You Breathe To Live.

The More We Grow In Love,
Virtue And Holiness,
The More We See Love,
Virtue And Holiness Outside.

What Is Now Wanted
Is A Combination Of The Greatest Heart
With The Highest Intellectualism,
Of Infinite Love With Infinite Knowledge.

This World Will Always Continue
To Be A Mixture Of Good And Evil.
Our Duty Is To Sympathise With The Weak
And To Love Even The Wrongdoer.

It Is The Level-Headed Man,
The Calm Man, Of Good Judgement
And Cool Nerves, Of Great Sympathy And Love,
Who Does Good Work
And So Does Good To Himself.

What The World Wants Is Character.
The World Is In Need Of Those
Whose Life Is One Burning Love, Selfless.
That Love Will Make Every Word
Tell Like A Thunderbolt.

Swami Vivekananda Thoughts On Love

I Have Not Found A Way That Will Please All, And I Cannot But Be What I Am, True To My Own Self. “Youth And Beauty Vanish, Life And Wealth Vanish, Name And Fame Vanish, Even The Mountains Crumble Into Dust. Friendship And Love Vanish. Truth Alone Abides.”

India Still Lives, India Of Undying Love, Of Everlasting Faithfulness, The Unchangeable, Not Only In Manners And Customs, But Also In Love, In Faith, In Friendship.

Love, Friendship, Religion, Virtue, Kindness — Everything, A Momentary State Of Mind.

My Nature Is Love Him. And Therefore I Love. I Do Not Pray For Any-Thing. I Do Not Ask For Anything. Let Him Place Me Wherever He Likes. I Must Love Him For Love’S Sake. I Can Not Trade In Love.

This Attachment Of Love To God Is Indeed One That Does Not Bind The Soul But Effectively Breaks All Its Bondages.

He Never Becomes A Leader In Whose Love There Is A Consideration Of High Or Low. He Whose Love Knows No End, And Never Stops To Consider High Or Low, Has The Whole World Lying At His Feet.

Love Never Asks; It Always Gives. . . . When A Young Man Goes To See His Sweetheart, . . . There Is No Business Relationship Between Them; Theirs Is A Relationship Of Love, And Love Is No Beggar.

Though The Love Of A Mother Is In Some Ways Greater, Yet The Whole World Takes The Love Of Man And Woman As The Type (Of The Soul’S Relation To God). No Other Has Such Tremendous Idealising Power. The Beloved Actually Becomes What He Is Imagined To Be. This Love Transforms Its Object.

To Love Because It Is The Nature Of Love To Love Is Undeniably The Highest And The Most Unselfish Manifestation Of Love That May Be Seen In The World

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