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Sweet Love SMS

Sweet Love SMS 2020

Don’t Worry About Love…

Don’t Worry About Love,
Even In Fairy Tales
They Don’t Fall In Love Till The Last Page.. !!

Reality Of All My Dreams…

You Are The Only Reality Of All My Dreams,
My Hopes
My Thoughts,
My Imaginations
And My Very Existence
For You Are The Essence Of My Existence..!!

Love Is A Disease…

Love Is A Disease No One Wants To Get Rid Of.
Those Who Catch It Never Try To Get Better,
And Those Who Suffer Do Not Wish To Be Cured.

Love Takes Off Masks…

Love Takes Off Masks
That We Fear We Cannot Live Without
And Know We Cannot Live Within.

The Most Precious Gift…

The Most Precious Gift
We Can Offer Anyone Is Our Attention.
When Mindfulness Embraces Those We Love,
They Will Bloom Like Flowers.

While Walking Down The Street…

While Walking Down The Street,
I Heard An Old Man Say,
“I’Ve Been In Love With The Same Woman For Almost 50 Years Now.”
I Was Touched Until I Heard Him Say,
“I Wish She Knew.”

If I Love Someone,
Truly Love Them I Always Tell Them.
Even If It’s Not Returned To The Extent It’s Given,
At Least I Know They Know.

If We Lose Something…

If We Lose Something, We Lose It For A Reason.
That Reason Is Might Be Hard To Understand,
But Whatever It Is,
We Just Have To Believe That God Takes Away One Thing
When He Has Something Better To Replace It With.. !!

Affection Is Not Measured When…

“Affection Is Not Measured
When Both Take Care Of Each Other
It Is Measured
When One Ignores
And The Other Still Continues To Care…”

Sweet Love Messages 2020

Never Give Yourself To Some One…

Never Give Yourself To Some One
Because Love Is Varied
It Does Not Have Guarantee,
We Play Because It’S A Game Of Intelligence
Need Hard Work To Get Inside A Person.

I Never Stopped Loving You…

The Most Beautiful Words By A Wounded Heart
“I Never Stopped Loving You,
I Just Stopped Showing It”…

Whenever Your Partner Is In Trouble…

Love Tip-

It Is Advisable To Over React
Whenever Your Partner Is In Trouble.
It Is An Opportunity To Express
Your Love And Solitude To Him..

In The Ocean Of Your Blue Eyes….

In The Ocean Of Your Blue Eyes;
I See The Image Of Mine;
So I Dive In Yours Heart;
To Measure The Depth Of Love !!

Sun Can’t Come To Earth…

Sun Can’t Come To Earth But Send Love As Rays.
Cloud Can’t Come To River But Send Her Love As Rain,
I Can’t Come To You But Sending My Good Wishes.

If I Could Be Any Part Of You…

If I Could Be Any Part Of You
I Would Be Your Tear,
To Be Conceived In Your Heart Born In Your Eyes…
Live On Your Cheeks
Die On Your Lips.. !!

Love Is Not Winning Someone…

Love Is Not Winning Someone,
But Loosing Yourself To Someone.
When You Are Loved By Someone,
It’S Not Due To Your Excellence Of Mind
But Due To Purity Of Your Heart.

I Miss You As Much…

Close Your Eyes ….,Relax Your Body…
And Stop Breathing As Long As You Can…
Now Breath…
I Miss You As Much As You Missed The Air..!

You Are A Gift Wrapped…

You Are A Gift Wrapped In Ribbons Of Thoughtfulness
And Trimmed With Kisses And Smiles,
Given By God To Stay Not Just For A Day, But For Life.

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