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When You Lift The Phone You Say Hello…

When You Lift The Phone You Say Hello..
Do U Know What Is The Real Meaning Of Hello?

It Is The Name Of A Girl..!

And Do You Know Who Is Dat Girl?
Margaret Hello..

She Is Girlfriend Of Grahmbell Who Invented Telephone.
One Can Forget The Name Of Grahmbell But Not His Girlfriend!
Thats Love.

Superb Definitions…

School- A Place Where Papa Pays ‘N Son Plays.

Life Insurance– A Contract That Keeps You Poor All Your Life So That You Can Die Rich.

Nurse– A Person Who Wakes You Up To Give You Sleeping Pills.

Father– A Banker Provided By Nature.

Experience– The Name Men Give To Their Mistakes.

Atom Bomb– An Invention To End All Inventions.

Smile– A Curve That Can Set A Lot Of Things Straight.

Compromise– The Art Of Dividing A Cake In Such A Way That Everybody Believes He Got The Biggest Piece.

Tears– The Hydraulic Force By Which Masculine Willpower Is Defeated By Feminine Water Power..!!

Abbreviations Which Are Not Known…

Abbreviations Which Are Not Known To Many Of Us:
Chess : Chariot, Horse, Elephant, Soldiers.
Cold : Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease.
Joke : Joy Of Kids Entertainment.
Aim : Ambition In Mind.
Date : Day And Time Evolution.
Eat : Energy And Taste.
Tea : Taste And Energy Admitted.
Pen : Power Enriched In Nib.).
Smile : Sweet Memories In Lip Expression.
Bye : Beside You Every-Time..:):):)

Meaning Of Smart…

Meaning Of Smart:

Romantic Countries In The World…

These Are Some Of The Romantic Countries In The World

Holland : Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies

Italy : I Trust And Love You

Libya : Love Is Beautiful; You Also

Sheikh Means…

Sheikh Means
S: Sincere
H: Hard Worker
E: Energetic
I: Intelligent
K: King Of Mind
H: Honest

Live With The 3 E’S And 3 F’S…

Live With The 3 E’S..

| Energy |
| Enthusiasm |
| Empathy |


The 3 F’S…
| Faith |
| Family |
| Friends |
Then You Will Feel Life In Your Life.

Full Form Of Friendship…

Full Form Of Friendship:-

N-Never Ending

Few Relations In Earth Never Die…

Few Relations In Earth Never Die.

Want To Know What Is It?

Read Again

Hug Means…

H- Appy Feelings Shared

U- Niversally Warm & Fuzzy

G- Reat To Give & To Receive

S- Ure To Make Anyone’S Day

I Hope This
Makes Your Day Brighter

Friday Means…

F= Farz Allah Ka Ada Karo

R= Rab Ko Razi Karo

I= Ibadat Dil Se Karo

D= Darud Kasrat Se Parho

A= Allah Se Mango

Y= Yaad Rakho Mujhe Duaon Me:-

Thank You Means…

T-Here’S Richness In A Love For Life
H-Ere Among The Valentines,
A-King And Queen As Man And Wife:
N-Ot Leaning Towards What Lust Inclines;
K-Nowing Well The Needs Of State.
Y-On Regal Grace Alone Attends,
O-N Which The Peace, Both Small And Great,
U-Ndone By Doubt, Alone Depends

Missed Call Means…

Missed Call Means –

“E”Ffecti Ve

“L”Ove &

What Is Bba…

Papa- Beti 12Th K Bad Kya Karogi??

Beti- B.B.A Karungi!!

Papa- What Is Bba.

Beti- Boyfriend Ki Bike Par Aish