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Top Love SMS

Top Love SMS 2020

Love Is A Force…

Love Is A Force More Formidable Than Any Other.
It Is Invisible – It Cannot Be Seen Or Measured,
Yet It Is Powerful Enough To Transform You In A Moment,
And Offer You More Joy
Than Any Material Possession Could….

The More You Get To Know A Person…

The More You Get To Know A Person,
The More Attractive They Become.
Everything Beautiful You See On The Inside Of Them,
Suddenly You Are Able To See On The Outside Too.. !!

If You Find Someone…

If You Find Someone Else In Love With You
And You Don’t Love Her,
Feel Honored That
Love Came And Called At Your Door,
Gently Refuse The Gift You Can’t Return.
Do Not Take Advantage
And Do Not Cause Pain. !!

Love And Kindness…

Love And Kindness Are Never Wasted.
They Always Make A Difference.

Without Respect Love Is Lost….

Without Respect Love Is Lost,
Without Caring Love Is Boring,
Without Honesty Love Is Unhappy,
Without Trust, Love Is Unstable.

There Is More Love In Friendship…

Love Is-
When We Drink The Same Coconut Water
Putting 2 Straws Simultaneously…

Friendship Is-
When We Have 1 Coconut Water
And We Use Only 1 Straw Drinking 1 After Another
And Each Time Saying
“Oye Pura Mat Pee Jana, Tera Koi Bharosa Nai Hy” =P

Moral – There Is More Love In Friendship.. !!

Value Of Relation…

Value Of Relation
Is Not That How Much You Feel Happy With Some One . .
But It Is That
How Much Some One Feels Alone Without You!

I Am Not Sure What Life Could Bring…

I Am Not Sure What Life Could Bring..
I Am Not Sure If Dreams Come True,
I Am Not Sure What Love Can Do..
But Am Very Sure About One Thing
I Love You And Love You A Lot..!!

Lovely Relationship Depends On…

Lovely Relationship
Not Only Depends On The Spoken Words.,
Also Depends On Understanding The Unspoken Words.. !

A Woman Can’t Change A Man…

A Woman
Can’t Change A Man
Because She Loves Him,

A Man
Changes Himself
Because He Loves Her.

Top Love Messages 2020

Love Is Docomo…

Love Is Docomo, Do The New.
Marriage Is Idea, Can Change Your Life
Wife Is Hutch, Where Ever You Go She Follows
Friendship Is Airtel, Strong Bonding.. !!

A Husband’s Cute Love Quote:..

A Husband’s Cute Love Quote:
“Even My Child Started Walking
Without Any Support But My Wife
Still Feels To Hold My Hand While Walking”

Love Has Great Potential…

Love Has Great Potential To Enrich Your Life.
But If You Are Just Playing A Role,
Pretending To Love,
It’s Only Going To Poison You.
Because You Are Teaching Yourself That It’s Just A Game,
And Slowly But Surely
You Will Lose The Capacity To Open In Love.

I Am Not Looking For Someone…

I Am Not Looking For Someone
Who Has Everything,
Someone Who Has Time
To Spend With Me More Than Anything.. !!

To Make A Difference In Someone’s Life…

To Make A Difference In Someone’s Life,
You Don’t Have To Be Brilliant, Rich,
Beautiful, Or Perfect.
You Just Have To Care Enough To Be There.. !

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