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Touching Love SMS

Touching Love SMS 2020

Someone Who Truly Loves…

Someone Who Truly Loves You Will Never
Tell You That They Love You
Because They Believe In Making You Feel Their Love
Rather Than Making You Hear Their Love.!!

If You Really Love Someone…

If You Really Love Someone,
You Don’t Push Them Away
Because They Aren’t Who You Want Them To Be
You Help Them To Become Who They Are Meant To Be.!!

A Girl Who Fell In Love…

Cute Lines By A Girl Who Fell In Love –
He Stole My Heart
I Am Planning To Take A Revenge,
I Am Going To Steal His Last Name.!!

Love Is A Verb Act On It…

Love Is A Verb. Act On It.
Be The Reason Someone Feels Incredibly Loved And Needed
Give Your Love Away Like Your Life Depends On It.

I Wish I Had The Guts To Walk Away…

I Wish I Had The Guts To Walk Away
And Forget About What We Had,
I Can’t Because
I Know You Won’t Come After Me
And That’S What Hurts The Most.

In A Pool Of Water…

A Teardrop Is Insignificant In A Pool Of Water,
But It Can Touch The Soul As It Runs Down Someone’S Face.

I Hate To See The One…

I Hate To See The One
I Love Happy With Somebody,
But I Surely Hate It More To See
The One I Love Unhappy With Me..!!

When You Are In Love…

When You Are In Love
And You Get Hurt,
It’S Like A Cut… It Will Heal,
But There Will Always Be A Scar.

Touching Love Messages 2020

The Saddest Thing In The World Is…

The Saddest Thing In The World Is
Loving Someone Who Used To Love You.

It Takes A Minute To Like Someone…

It Takes A Minute To Like Someone,
An Hour To Love Someone,
But To Forget Someone Takes A Life Time.

About Unconditional Love…

The Most Challenging Part About Unconditional Love;
At Some Point In Time You Have To Realize That
Some People Can Stay In Your Heart
But Not In Your Daily Life.
Make Your Memories Now,
There May Not Be A Later Opportunity.. !!

We Cannot Be Together…

We Cannot Be Together,
But We Will Never Be Apart,
For No Matter What Life Brings Us,
You’Re Always In My Heart.!!

A Good Conversation…

There Are Few Joys In Life That Equal A Good Conversation,
A Genuine Laugh, A Long Walk, A Friendly Dance,
Or A Big Hug Shared By Two People
Who Care About Each Other.
Sometimes The Most Ordinary Things
Can Be Made Extraordinary
Just By Doing Them With The Right People.
So Choose To Be Around These People Every Chance You Get,
And Choose To Make The Most Of Your Time Together !!

You Say You Love Me…

You Say You Love Me And Want To Hold Me Tight,
Those Words Run Through My Head Day And Night,
I Dreamed You Held Me And Made Me See,
That Forever Together We Would Be.!!

Loveless Life Is Like A Fruitless Tree…

Loveless Life Is Like A Fruitless Tree
But Friendless Life Is Like A Rootless Tree
Tree Can Live Without Fruit
But Not Without Roots.!!

I Always Lose Control…

I Always Lose Control When You By My Side.
U Have Bcom The Light Of My Life.
I Always Enjoy The Time I Spend With You.
I Think I Am Falling In Love With You.!!

Avoiding Something Doesn’t Always Mean…

“Avoiding Something Doesn’t
Always Mean That You Hate It..
It Could Also Mean That
You Want It,
But You Just Know That It Isn’t Yours”.. !!

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