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True Love SMS

True Love SMS 2020

If Its Going To Be Hard…

Awesome Self Respect Line I Have Ever Heard…

If Its Going To Be Hard
For People To Choose Between Me And Someone Else
I Would Allow Them To Choose The Other One
I ‘M Not An Option.. !

Love So Strong…

Women Are Very Sensitive..
They Over Think Every Little Things..
Care More Than They Should..
That`s What Makes Their Love So Strong…!!

Sad Love SMS - Love Can Sometimes Be Magic

Kiss On The Lips…

Kiss On The Forehead: We’Re Cute Together .
Kiss On The Cheek: We’Re Friends.
Kiss On The Hand: I Adore You.
Kiss On The Neck: I Want You, Now.
Kiss On The Shoulder: Your Perfect.
Kiss On The Lips: I Love You…

If You Are Asking…

If You Are Asking If I Need You The Answer Is Forever,
If You Are Asking If I Will Leave You The Answer Is Never,
If You Are Asking Wat I Value The Answer Is You,
If You Are Asking If I Love You The Answer Is I Do…

I Feel Something In My Heart…

I Feel Something In My Heart,
It’S Like A Little Flame,
Every Time I See You,
This Flame Lights Up,
This Flame Is Special For You,
Because I Love You!

Whenever You Miss Me…

Whenever You Miss Me Don’t Look For Me In Your Dream
Don’t Try To Hear My Voice In Your Mobile
Just Put Your Right Hand In Your Heart
And You Will Feel Me In Your Heart Beat…!!

You Are My Valentine…

You Are My Valentine,
The One Who Filled My Life With Endless Joy,
Showed Me Colors I Have Never Seen.
Thank You For Loving Me,
I’Ll Be Next To You Till The End.
Wish You A Happy Valentine’S Day!

True Love Messages 2020

Even If We Never Talk Again…

Even If We Never Talk Again After Tonight,
Please Know That I Am Forever Changed
Because Of Who You Are
And What You Mean To Me.

You May Be One Person…

To The World You May Be One Person
But To One Person You May Be The World.

How Do You Keep The Past Behind…

How Do You Keep The Past Behind
When It Keeps Finding Ways To Get To Your Heart?
It Reaches Way Down Deep
And Tears You Inside Out Till You’Re Torn Apart.

You Have Known Forever…

There Is People You Have Known Forever,
Who Like Know You In This Way That Other People Can’t.
Because They Have Seen You Change.
They Have Let You Change.

When I Look Back Now…

When I Look Back Now,
That Summer Seemed To Last Forever,
And If I Had The Choice,
I Would Always Want To Be There,
Those Were The Best Days Of My Life.”

I Cannot Say Goodbye…

I Cannot Say Goodbye
To Those Whom I Have Grown To Love,
For The Memories
We Have Made Will Last A Lifetime,
And Will Never Know A Goodbye.

All I Want In This Life Is…

All I Want In This Life Is
To Matter To Somebody Like You Matter To Me
And To Change Somebody’S Life
Like You Have Changed Mine.

I Want To Be The Kind Of Person
That Somebody Can Count On,
The Kind That Somebody
Always Knows Will Know Just What To Say.

I Want To Be As Special To Somebody – Someday
– As You Have Been To Me Each And Every Day.

True Friendship Continues To Grow…

I Have Learned That
True Friendship Continues To Grow
Even Over The Longest Distance.
Same Goes For True Love. !!

The Love You Can’t Have…

“The Love You Can’t Have,
Is The Love That Lasts The Longest,
Hurts The Deepest,
And Feels The Strongest”.. !!

I Don’t Want Someone Perfect…

I Don’t Want Someone Perfect.
I Just Want Someone To Act Silly With,
Someone Who Treats Me Well,
And Someone Who Loves Being With Me
More Than Anything Else.. !!

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