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When I’M Lifted Up…

When I’M Lifted Up,
I Shall Draw All Men To Myself.
His Assurance Has Risen Us In Easter
To Salvation,Love,Peace,Joy,Hope &
Break Thru In Our Life In Jesus Resurrection.

The Easter Feeling Does Not End…

The Easter Feeling Does Not End,
It Signals A New Beginning Of Nature Spring
And Brand New Life Of Friendship.
Happy Easter To My Best Friend!

The Budding Trees, The New Flowers…

The Budding Trees, The New Flowers,
And Birds That Sweetly Sing,
Whisper To Me That It’S Easter.
Here Is Wishing A Warmth For Your Soul
On Easter And Always! Happy Easter

Wishing You A Very “Happy Easter”…

Wishing You A Very “Happy Easter”
With Love And Best Wishes..
May That Easter Day Brings
Lot Of Happiness And Joys In Your Life.
May You Live Long Life…
And That Easter Day Will Comes In Ur Life Hundred Times…
Remember Me In Your Prayers..

Missing You A Lot On This Easter…

Missing You A Lot On This Easter.
Wishing You Were Here To Celebrate
This Holy Occasion With Me .
Happy Easter

What Do You Call Easter…

Q: What Do You Call Easter
When You Are Hopping Around?
A: Happy Easter!

The Resurrection Gives My Life…

The Resurrection Gives My Life
Meaning And Direction And The Opportunity
To Start Over No Matter What My Circumstances. – Robert Flatt

The Stone Was Rolled Away From The Door…

The Stone Was Rolled Away From The Door,
Not To Permit Christ To Come Out,
But To Enable The Disciples To Go In.” – Peter Marshall

I Am The First To Wish You Easter…

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
After 24 Hours
Everyone Will Wish You
I Am The First To Wish You Easter…

Jesus Cannot Forget Us…

Jesus Cannot Forget Us;
We Have Been Graven On
The Palms Of His Hands. – Lois Picillo

Let Every Man And Woman Count Himself Immortal…

Let Every Man And Woman Count Himself Immortal.
Let Him Catch The Revelation Of Jesus In His Resurrection.
Let Him Say Not Merely, “Christ Is Risen,” But “I Shall Rise.” – Phillips Brooks

The Lord Came To Earth…

The Lord Came To Earth
With A Life To Give,
So Each One Of Us
May Continue To Live.
Happy Easter!

The Spirit Of Easter…

The Spirit Of Easter
Is All About Hope,
Love And Joy Full Living.
Happy Easter!

Easter Is A Promise…

Easter Is A Promise
God Renews To Us In Each Spring.
May The Promise Of Easter
Fill Your Heart With Peace And Joy!
Happy Easter!

May Lord Bless You On…

May Lord Bless You On
This Auspicious Day Of Easter,
And May It Be A New Beginning
Of Greater Prosperity,
Success And Happiness.
Wish You A Happy Easter

Easter Bring Fun…

Easter Bring Fun,
Easter Bring Happiness,
Easter Bring God Endless Blessings,
Easter Bring Fresh Love…
Happy Easter To You
With All Best Wishes

Easter Says…

Easter Says
You Can Put
Truth In A Grave,
But It Won’T Stay There.