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My Nights Are Going Sleepless…

My Nights Are Going Sleepless,
My Days Are Going Useless.
So I Asked God,
“Is This Love?”.
God Replied,
“No Dear, Result Is Near”.

Human Brain Is The Most…

Human Brain Is The Most Outstanding Object In World.
It Functions 24Hrs A Day,
365Days A Year.

It Functions Right From The Time
We Are Born,
Stop Only When We Enter The Examination Hall.

Bring A Chit On Exam Day…

Special Offer…
Bring A Chit On Exam Day,
Scratch And Show It To Your Nearest Teacher
And Win Free Trip To Principal’S Office
And Enjoy 3 Years Vacation At Home.
Hurry Offer Valid Until Exams Only..

Which Paper Was It…

Height Of Coolness:

Finishing The Paper,
Coming Out Of The Exam Hall,
Having A Cold Drink
& Asking Your Friend:
“Dude, Which Paper Was It?”

It Is Time For Examination…

It Is Time For Examination..
Study With Concentration.,
English With Punctuation…
Maths With Calculation..
Biology With Classification..
Chemistry With Combination
Now Where Is Time 4 Relaxation

I Am Switching Off My Cell…

Hey Friends
I’M Switching Off My Cell Due 2 Exams
As I Have To Work Hard.
Plz Contact Me After
15 Mins
Tab Tak Mera Bhoot Utar Jayega

The Shortest Relation In Life Is…

The Shortest Relation In Life Is
Between Student & Books.
They Get Committed Couple Of Days Before Exam.
After Exam..

Break Up… !!

Those Are Damn Serious…

What Is The Difference Between
People Who Pray In Temples
And People Who Pray In Exam Centers ?
Those Are Damn Serious..

According To Newton’S 4Th Law For Exams…

According To Newton’S 4Th Law For Exams-
Every Book Will Continue To Be At Rest
Or Covered With Dust Until
Some External Or Internal Exam Moves It !!

All I Want You Is To Be Courageous…

All I Want You Is To Be Courageous
Be Calm And
Be Self Equipped With Facts And Figures
To Conquer This Exams Battle.

I Wish You Is Best Of Luck In Your Exams !!

Whats The Height Of Hope…

Whats The Height Of Hope??
It’S Sitting In The Exam Hall,
Holding The Question Paper In Hand
And Telling Yourself
“Dude,Don’T Worry.
Exams Will Get Postponed!”

Good News For University Students…

Good News For University Students
Exams Of Uni Have Been Postponed Upto June
To Confirm Goto Site
Www.Stop Dreaming & Start Studying.Com

Exams Are Like Girl Friends…

Exams Are Like Girl Friends
– Too Many Questions
– Difficult To Understand
– More Explanation Is Needed
– Result Is Always Fail!

Say No To Exams…

It Takes 15 Trees To
Produce The Amount
Of Paper That We
Use To Write One Exam.

Join Us In Promoting The Noble
Cause Of Saving Trees.
Say No To Exams.

The Funniest And Highly Impossible Message…

The Funniest And Highly Impossible Message
A Student Can Ever Send
I Finished Studies. Did You?

Know What It Feels Like While Exams…

Know What It Feels Like While Exams?

Tick Tock
Mind Block
Pen Stop
Eyes Up
Time Shock
Jaw Drop
No Luck
Time’S Up
Exams Suck
Still Good Luck !!

Genius Is A Person Who Can Do In 1 Day…

Genius Is A Person Who Can Do In 1 Day
What Any Fool Can Do In 100 Days
Just As
We Complete Syllabus In A Day Before Exam,
While The Faculty Take 1 Year !!

People Who Sacrificed Their Sleep…

Long Back,
People Who Sacrificed Their Sleep,
Food, Laughter And Forgot
Their Family Were Called Saints.

But Now They Are Called “Students”

Our Mind Is Like Time…

Our Mind Is Like Time.
Once Time Passes It Doesn’T Come Back.
Once We Read
We Never Remember In Exams.

Thousands Of Yesterdays Are Gone..

Today’S Students Thinking
Thousands Of Yesterdays Are Gone..
Millions Of Tomorrows Will Come..
But Still A Hope Is Alive..

Tomorrow On Wards I Will Start Reading

To My Studious Friend…

To My Studious Friend-
Exams May Come And Go,
Marks May Come And Go,
But Once You Become Mad
You Will Be Mad Forever,
So Don’T Study Much.

Exam Rule Of Newton…

Exam Rule Of Newton:
Half Of What You Read Is Waste,
Half Of The Rest You Don’T Understand,
Half Of What You Understand You Won’T Remember
The Half Of What You Remember Is Never Asked !!

Exams Are Near…

Exams Are Near,
Subjects Are Not Clear,
Questions Appear,
Answers Disappear,
Oh! My Dear,
Don’T Fear,
Because I’M Here 2 Wish U,
All Clear!
Have A Great Exam Fest!
All The Best, Best Of Luck For Exams

Great Students Like Us…

Great Students Like Us
Work On The Principle Of Rocket…

Not Because That We Aim 2 Sky.
But Because
We Don’T Start Studying
Until Our Tail Is Fired On!!

To Accomplish Great Things…

To Accomplish Great Things,
We Must Not Only Act,
But Also Dream,
Not Only Plan But Also Believe,
Best Wishes For Exam.

Exam Life…

Exam Life :-
9Am- Wakeup
10Am- Brkfast
11Am- Thinkng 2 Score 80%:-)
12 Am-Watch T.V
1Pm- Lunch
2 Pm-Thori Nind Le K Padhnge Dimag Set Hoga:-P
4 Pm-Games
5Pm- Thinking 2 Score 60%:-|
6 Pm-Troubling Frnds “Kuch Padha?”:-P
8 Pm-Searching Books.
9Pm- Dinner
10 Pm-Lo Bhai Light Gai:-P
11Pm- Hey Bhgwan! Bs Smbhal Lena

How To Spend 3Hrs In Xam Hall…

How 2 Spend 3Hrs In Xam Hall? (2Pm To 5Pm)

2:00- 2:10 Writ D Reg No&Sub Cod
2:10-2:40 Read Crfuly D Instrctn Given
2:40-3:40 Read D Questn Paper Twice
3:40-4:15 See If You Understand Any Question
4:15-4:20 Ask 4 Water & Drnk
4:20-4:50 Check Whether U’Ve Filled Al D Details Carfuly

#Last 10 Mnts Relax..

7 Things Students Do During Exams Preparation…

7 Things Students Do During Exams Preparation:
1) Sleeping.
2) Eating.
3) Sms.
4) Watch Movies.
5) Chat With Friends.
6) Dream Of Touching Books.
7) Asking Others “Have You Read Anything”..?

Behind A Successful Student…

Behind A Successful Student,
There Is A Good Teacher.
Behind A Failed Student…..

A Beautiful Teacher !!

Attitude During Exams…

Attitude During Exams:

They Gave Me The Questions
Which I Don’T Know,
So I Wrote Answers Which
They Don’T Know.

Tit For Tat…This Is Called Attitude.

I Don’T Know Even A Single Answer…

World’S Best Feeling Comes When
We Got To See A Very Wonderful Question Paper
In Examinations Hall
And We Smile At Each Other And Say:

I Don’T Know Even A Single Answer

Examination Is Garden…

Examination Is Garden
Success Is Flower
God Bless You Power To
Pluck This Flower..
My Best Wishes

May Beauty Of Every Season…

May Beauty Of Every Season
Give Your Heart A Beautiful Reason To Smile.
May U Succeed In Every Exams Of Your Life.
Good Luck And All The Best