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Thank You For Being A Great Dad To Us…

Thank You For Being A Great Dad To Us!
Your Memories Will Always Live In The
Very Core Of My Heart.
I Miss You Daddy…
Happy Father’S Day!

Every Mother Generally Hopes That…

Every Mother Generally Hopes That
Her Daughter Will Snag A Better Husband
Than She Managed To Do…
But She’S Certain That Her Boy Will Never
Get As Great A Wife As His Father Did.

God Gave Me The Greatest Gift I Ever Had…

God Gave Me The Greatest Gift I Ever Had,
God Gave Me A Best Friend In The Form Of My Dad.
Father’S Day Wishes For A Dad Who Is One In A Million!’

My Father, My Guiding Light…

My Father, My Guiding Light
Dad, You’Re Like The Sun To Me,
A Sure Thing, Always There,
Beaming Light And Warmth On My Life.
Whatever Is Good In Me Today,
I Owe To Your Wisdom, Your Patience,
Your Strength, Your Love.
You Taught Me By Example,
As A Role Model,
How To Be My Own Person,

You May Be…

You May Be Out Of Sight
But You’Re Always In My Mind.
Happy Fathers’Day

What You Have Inherited From Your Father…

‘What You Have Inherited From Your Father,
You Must Earn Over
Again For Yourselves,
Or It Will Not Be Yours.
~ Happy Father’S Day ~’

Happy Fathers Day Means More…

Happy Fathers Day Means More
Than Have A Happy Day
It Means I Love You First Of All
Then Thanks For All You Do
It Means You Mean A Lot To Me
And That I Honor You.

If Father Is Happy Then God Is Happy…

‘If Father Is Happy Then God Is Happy
And If Father Is Angry The God Also
Angry So Try To Happy Your Father.’

The Greatest Gift…

The Greatest Gift
I Ever Had
Came From God;
I Call Him Dad!

I Am Glad You’Re My Father…

I Am Glad You’Re My Father;
You’Re Really The Best;
As A Dad, You’Re A Fine One;
I’M So Very Blessed.
You’Re Smart, And You’Re Strong,
Just A Perfect Dad Blend;
You’Re My Father, My Counselor
And A Really Good Friend.

It Is Easier For A Father…

It Is Easier For A Father
To Have Children Than
For Children To Have A Real Father.
I’M Glad To Have You Dad,
Happy Fathers Day

You Kept Me Warm And Safe…

You Kept Me Warm And Safe,
Held My Hand To Show Me The Way,
Supported And Inspired Me Through Night And Day,
Love You In Every Way.
Missing You On Father’S Day

First-Class Father…

First-Class Father
Dad, I’M Blessed To Be Your Son
I Knew It From The Start.
You’Re A First-Class Father;
You’Re Loving, Kind, And Smart.
You Show Me How To Be A Man
You Help Me, Guide Me, Along The Way.
You’Re Strong, And Yet You’Re Gentle, Too.
I Hope I’M Just Like You, Someday!

For The Best Dad Who Always Had A Smile For Me…

‘For The Best Dad Who Always Had A Smile For Me.
Though We May Be Far Apart Right Now,
But Here’S A Big Hug And Kiss For You
To Let You Know How Special You Are
Happy Father’S Day!’

I Cannot Think Of…

‘I Cannot Think Of
Any Need In Childhood
As Strong As The Need
For A Father’S Protection.
Happy Father’S Day!’

So Many Wonderful Moments…

So Many Wonderful Moments
We Have Spent Together,
So Many Wonderful Years
In All Kinds Of Weather,
Thinking Of U Father Brings
Memories To Mind,
Wonderful Moments I Ll Treasure,
These You Gave Me Sincerely That’S Why My Dad ,
I Love U So Dearly.
Happy Fathers Day My Dear Dad

Dad, Your Guiding…

Dad, Your Guiding
Hand On My Shoulder
Will Remain With Me Forever.
Happy Father’S Day

I Know Just The Person Who Needs…

I Know Just The Person Who Needs
“101 Ways To Be A Great Dad”.
Don’T Worry It Isn’T You!
Happy Father’S Day!

Thanks For Being There Through The Tears…

Thanks For Being There Through The Tears,
Laughter And
Dirty Diapers.
Happy Father’S Day!

Be Kind To The Father…

Be Kind To The Father,
For When Thou Were Young,
Who Loved Thee So Fondly As He?
He Caught The First Accents That Fell From Thy Tongue,
And Joined In Thy Innocent Glee.
– Margaret Courtney

My Daddy Is The Greatest…

My Daddy Is The Greatest;
The Best Dad There Ever Was.
He Always Brings Me Lots Of Joy;
He’S My Very Own Santa Claus.
My Daddy Can Do Anything;
He’S Smart As Smart Can Be.
I Love To Walk And Hold His Hand
To Show He Belongs To Me.
I Love My Daddy!

You’Ve Seen Me Laugh…

You’Ve Seen Me Laugh
You’Ve Seen Me Cry
And Always You Were There With Me
I May Not Have Always Said It
But Thanks And I Love You
Happy Father’S Day

Being A Great Father Is Like Shaving…

Being A Great Father Is Like Shaving.
No Matter How Good You Shaved Today,
You Have To Do It Again Tomorrow.

I Salute Your Father…

Pay My Regards To Ur Father
Who Is Tolerating Such A Dumb Duffer Child,
What A Stamina He Has Got..
I Salute Your Father

Dad You Are Never Wrong…

‘Dad You Are Never Wrong
The Only Time You Are Wrong
Is When You Think,
I Forgot About You.
Love You Dad!
Have A Grand Father’S Day!’

No One Can Beat Him He Is The Best…

F= Forever With His Family
A= Always There For You No Matter What
T= The Only One Who?S There
H= He?S My Hero Till The End
E= Encouraging In Everything I Do
R= Really The Only One?

No One Can Beat Him He Is The Best!!!