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I Am Mad For Her…

Very Touching Text By Shakespeare From His Novel,
I Am Mad For
Why I Am Not Made For Her?

Love Is An Illusion…

Love Is An Illusion!
Its A Highly Dependency Disorder
Of Weak Hearted People..
People With Strong Hearts
Believe In Flirting 😛

Meeting You Was Fate…

Meeting You Was Fate,
Becoming Your Friend Was Choice,
But Falling In Love With You Was
Completely Out Of My Control.

Government Imposing New Taxes…

Government Imposing New Taxes.
Dating Rs.10, Hug Rs.20, Kiss Rs.30, Love Rs.50.
You Don’T Worry, Flirting Is Still Free

Whats Is A B C D E F G?…

Do You Know Whats A B C D E F G?
A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl

Now Reverse The Order,
Can You Guess The Full Form Of: G F E D C B A ?
Girls Forgets Everything Done
‘N Catches(New) Boy Again..!

Smile To Old Means Respect…

Smile To Old Means Respect,
Smile To A Child Means Innocence….
Smiling In Front Of Mobile Means Mental…,
Still Smiling!!?? Confirmed…

I Don’T Wanna See You Die…

I Heard That Good Looks Can Kill…
So, Please Don’T Look At Me
I Don’T Wanna See You Die.!!!

A Kiss To Set Your Soul…

A Smile To Put You On High…
A Kiss To Set Your Soul Alright…
Would It Be Alright If
I Spent Tonight Being Loved By You?

Why Do Girls Look Beautiful?

Why Do Girls Look Beautiful?
Is It Real Or Due To Make Up?
All False
Girls Look Beautiful Because
Boys Have Good Imagination.=P:-)

I Can’T Help It…

I Can’T Help It.
It’S Not By Choice,
My Heart Beats Faster,
My Knees Get Weak,
My Stomach Hurts And
I Can Hardly Breathe
And Each And Every Moment Feels Brand New,
I Just Can’T Help It I’M Crazy For You.

Loving You Could Take My Life…

Loving You Could Take My Life,
When I Look Into Your Eyes,
I Know You’Re Worth That Sacrifice!

Boys Have Fun By Teasing Girls…

Boys Have Fun By Teasing Girls,
Then Girls Cry For Few Minutes
Girls Have Fun By Loving Boys
Then Boys Cry For Life Time!

Funny But It Is Fact..!

A Girl Proposed To Me…

What An Attitude :

A Girl Proposed To Me..
I Reply
”I Am Not Accepting Your Proposal
I Salute Your Choice”.. !!

When Someone Gets Angry…

When Someone Gets Angry With You
And Says…
I Will Never Talk To You…
And Later Comes Back To Inform
“I Am Still Angry”

Girl:Who Do You Like?…

Girl:Who Do You Like?
Boy:It Is A Secret
Girl:You Can Tell Me
Boy: Ok It Starts With A Why And Ends With You…!

Why Haven’T You Had A Boyfriend…

Boy:Why Haven’T You Had A Boyfriend Yet?
Girl:I’M Not Allowed,Why Don’T You Have A Girlfriend?
Boy: Cos You’Re Not Allowed To Have A Boyfriend Yet

I Saw You…

I Saw You.
I Liked You.
Our Small Or
Stupid Conversations Mean More Than
You Know.
I Still Get Excited,
Even When You Just Glance At Me.
But You Leave Me Hanging…
Tell Me Something I Want To Hear.

My Girlfriend Is Perfect…

Quote On Attitude
“I Can Prove,That My Girlfriend Is Perfect
I Am The Best Example Of Her Choice…”

Girls Are Like Ferrari Cars…

Girls Are Like Ferrari Cars.
They Are Good To See
And Feel,
Difficult To Own And Maintain…!

I Love You So Much That…

Cute Romantic Lines By A Flirt To His Gf:
I Love You So Much That
I See Your Face In Other Girls ‘N
So I Cant Stop Myself From Loving Them Also…

Boy Girl Conversation…

Girl: A, B, C
Boy: What?

Girl: Always Be Careful
Boy: Ahan Then?

Girl: D, E, F, G
Boy : ??

Girl: Don’T Ever Forget That
Boy: Forget That

Girl: I’M H, I
Boy: What H, I ?

Girl: Happilly Inlove
Boy: So
Girl: J, K, L, M, Just Keep Loving Me

Boy: ‘N How About N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z ?
Girl: No Other Person Quite, Reasonable,
Shall Treat U Very Well Xcept Me You’Ll Zee…;)

I Looked At A Flower…

I Looked At A Flower ‘N Thought
It Was The Most Beautiful Thing
I’Ve Ever Seen Till I Met You.. !

Why To Flirt…

Attitude For Life:

“Why To Flirt
When You Are Capable Of Being Loved..”

Good Morning. Have A Cool Day

You Look Exactly Like My Wife…

Boy : You Look Exactly Like My Wife….
Girl : Ohhh… What’S Your Wife’S Name?

Boy : I’M Not Married Yet…

Moral : Learn New Methods To Propose.. !

Mind Blowing Flirt…

Mind Blowing Flirt:

Boy: “Hey Do You Like Water?”

Girl: “Yeah…”

Boy: “Good, Then You Already Like 70% Of Me.”!!

A Sad Girl Was Sitting With Her Boyfriend…

A Sad Girl Was Sitting With Her Boyfriend.
Boy: You Are The 2Nd Most Beautiful Girl,
I’Ve Ever Seen
Girl: Who’S The First?
Boy: It’S You! When You Smile..!

Boy Sees A Hot Beautiful Girl…

First Day Of College..
Boy Sees A Hot Beautiful Girl Sitting Right Next To Him, & Writes On Paper “I Love You, Do You Love Me?”
He Passes Chit To Her..
She Replies “No”
He Didn’T Give Up, He Rubs Her Answer & Passed Same Paper To Another Hottie Sitting Left To Him..
And She Replies “Yes”
Moral Of The Story Is
Save Trees, Save Earth,Recycle Paper !

You Will Ask Me To Marry You One Day…

Cute Romantic Lines
Girl:Promise Me You Will Ask Me To Marry You One Day?
Boy:Only On One Condition.
Boy:Promise Me You Will Say Yes.. !

When Somebody…

When Somebody Who Is Deeply In Love With You Tells That
You Are Cute, Beautiful, & Angelic,
I Agree. That’S True,
Believe Me,
I Swear Because Love Is Definitely Blind.

I Do Not Think Much…

I Do Not Think Much,
I Do Not Think Very Often,
But When I Think,
I Think Of You.. !!

I Love All The Stars Shining In The Sky…

I Love All The Stars Shining In The Sky,
But They Are Nothing
Compared To The Ones In Your Eyes