Friendship SMS

Friendship SMS

Are You Searching For Friendship SMS To Share With Your Beloved One.? Then You Are At A Perfect Place Where You Can Discover Wide Range Of Latest Friendship SMS 2020 Which Will Help You Express Your Feelings With Your Beloved Ones. You Can Share Your Favorite Friendship SMS Via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter Or Any Other Platform Of Your Wish.

A Good Friend Is A Connection To Life…

Friendship SMS - A Good Friend is a Connection To Life.

A Good Friend Is A Connection To Life.
A Tie To The Past,
A Road To The Future,
The Key To Sanity In A Totally Insane World.

So Many Straws…

So Many Straws, In 1 Milk Shake Glass
So Many Fight, For Thori Si Pepsi
So Many Hands, In 1 Chips Pack
So Many Friends, On 1 Bench
So Much Laughter, On 1 Stupid Joke
So Many Phone Calls, On Birthday Night
So Many Hugs, For 1 Little Worry
So Many Tears, For 1 Little Fight

Friends Are The Best Part Of Our Small Life…

Friends Are The Best Part Of Our Small Life..
So Don’T Lose And Forget Them At Any Cost.

Life Ends When You Stop Dreaming…

Friendship SMS, Life SMS - Friendship Ends When You Stop Sharing

Life Ends When You Stop Dreaming,
Hope Ends When You Stop Believing,
Love Ends When You Stop Caring,
Friendship Ends When You Stop Sharing…
So Share This With Whom Ever You Consider As A Friend“!!

I Am Not Wealthy But I Have Rich Heart…

I Am Not Wealthy But I Have Rich Heart,
I Am Not Best But I Will Try My Best,
I May Not Be Right Every Time
But I Am Surely Not Wrong
To Choose You As My Friend!

Having Someone To Remember…

Having Someone To Remember Is Pleasing Enough To The Heart,
It Doesn’T Matter If You Remember Me Once In A While,
What Matters Is We’Re Friends At All Times.

My Friendship Is Not Like Rain…

My Friendship Is Not Like Rain
Which Comes And Goes Away,
My Friendship Is Just Like
Air Which Is Some Time
Silent But Always Around You.

You Have To Be Lovers…

Friendship Day SMS - Liking someone doesn’t mean you have to be lovers

Liking Someone Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be Lovers,
Sometimes You Just Have To Be Friends.

Friendship Is A Wonderful Word…

Friendship Is A Wonderful Word,
It Might Be The Most Beautiful One On Earth.
Friendship Is Something Powerful,
A Gift Of Great Value!

If Care Is A Wave…

If Care Is A Wave, I Give You Sea.
If Respect Is A Leaf, I Give You Tree.
If Trust Is A Planet, I Give You Galaxy,
If Friendship Is Life, I Give You Mine For Free..

Friends Hold The Best Place…

Out Of All Relations
Friends Hold The Best Place.
No Ego
No Break-Ups
No Frustration
No Commitments
Just Sharing The Best
And The Worst Too!
Remembering You,
My Dear Friend!

The Ring Of Friendship…

friendship ring - The Ring Of Friendship

The Ring Of Friendship….
I Can’t Miss Such An Amazing Person Like You.
Give This Friendship Ring To Everyone
Whom You Don’t Want To Lose In ..”2020“.
Including Me If You Care!!