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Funny Friendship SMS

It’s Been So Many Years That I Have Remained A Friend With You. I Wish You Knew How Hard It Was For Me To Put Up With Your Stupidity All These Years!

It’s Hard To Not Be A Friend With Someone Who Already Knows All The Dark Secrets Of You. Being Friends With You Is Not A Choice For Me Anymore; It Has Become An Obligation Now!

True Friends Don’t Judge Each Other, They Judge Other People Together 😉

Once A Stupid Person Made A Great Decision In Life, That Is To Become A Friend With Someone Equally As Stupid As Him. Congratulations!

A Good Friend Will Pick You Up When You Fall, But A Best Friend Will Help You Up, Laugh And Trip You Again.

A Lovely Star Dropped On Earth One Night And Asked Me What You Want A Million Dollar Or A Good Friend? I Choose To Have A Million Dollars. Because I Already Have You!

I Have All The Quality Of A Great Friend And More. You Should Really Be Feeling Lucky Everyday For Having A Friend Like Me In Your Life!

A Good Friend Will Come To Bail You Out Of Jail, But A True Friend Will Be Sitting Next To You Saying, “That Was Awesome.”

Thank You For Making Me Realizes That I’m A Loser. After All, Who Would Choose To Be A Friend With Someone So Weird As You Without A Loser Like Me.

I Heard That A True Friend Is Someone Who Helps You Hiding A Dead Body. I Will Manage A Friend Like That But Will You Be That Dead Body For Me?