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Simple Music Can Make You Sing…

Simple Music Can Make You Sing,
A Simple Hug Can Make You Feel Better,
Simple Things Can Make You Happy.
Hope My Simple Hi…!!!
Will Make You Smile

I’Ll Grab My Crotch At You…

I’Ll Grab My Crotch At You.
It’S A Greeting, Like Hello,
Only More Provocative And Inviting !!

Like The Ocean I Wave…

Like The Ocean I Wave.
Hello And Goodbye Are The Same,
When I Talk With My Hand

Smiling Is The Way The Soul Says Hello…

Smiling Is The Way The Soul Says Hello.
Obviously A Frown Means Goodbye.
Is There A Word Halfway Between Hello And Goodbye?
Because That’S What My Soul Is Saying Right Now.

The Story Of Life Is Quicker Than…

The Story Of Life Is Quicker Than
The Wink Of An Eye,
The Story Of Love Is Hello And Goodbye…
Until We Meet Again !!

You’Ll Always Be Special…

You’Ll Always Be Special
You’Ll Always Be Loved
For The Warm Hearted Way That You Live ….
You’Ll Always Be Wished
Happy Days In Return For The Heart Warming Joy
That You Give !!

Days Are Empty…

Days Are Empty
When I Don’T Hear Something From You.
Just A Simple Hello And My Worries Are Through.
Why I Feel This? I Think I Have A Clue.
I Am Glad I Have A Friend Like U

I Wanted To Help Out…

I Wanted To Help Out.
A Smile On Your Face 2Day.
So, Before I Got All Tied Up.
In Another Busy Day.
I Just Had 2 Send You A Happy Hello!

A Simple Hello…

A Simple “Hello”
Can Be Soo Sweeet…
H= How Are You?
E= Every Thing Is K
L= Lik To See You
L= Love To Hear From You
O=Obviously I Misses You!
So…. Hello!