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Hope Is The Closest Thing …

Hope Is The Closest Thing To Magic One Can Ever Witness.
With It’S Power And Strength, Miracles Will Happen..!!

Never Say Goodbye…

Never Say Goodbye
On One Sunny Day We Will Meet Again.

Hope Has To Be Maintained…

Even If The Hopes You Started Out
With Are Dashed,
Hope Has To Be Maintained.

I Place No Hope In My Strength…

I Place No Hope In My Strength,
Nor In My Works:
But All My Confidence Is In God My Protector,
Who Never Abandons Those
Who Have Put All Their Hope And Thought In Him.

Our Great Hope Lies…

Little Progress Can Be Made By
Merely Attempting To Repress What Is Evil.
Our Great Hope Lies In Developing What Is Good.

The Capacity For Hope Is…

The Capacity For Hope Is
The Most Significant Fact Of Life.
It Provides Human Beings
With A Sense Of Destination
And The Energy To Get Started.

Hope Is The Thing…

Hope Is The Thing
With Feathers That Perches In The Soul,
And Sings The Tunes Without The Words,
And Never Stops At All.

Never Deprive Someone Of Hope…

Never Deprive Someone Of Hope;
It Might Be All They Have.

We Have Always Held To The Hope…

We Have Always Held To The Hope, The Belief,
The Conviction That There Is A Better Life,
A Better World, Beyond The Horizon.

Courage Is Like Love…

Courage Is Like Love;
It Must Have Hope For Nourishment.

My Hope Is To Amaze Myself…

My Hope Is To Amaze Myself.
The Anticipation Of Discovering New Possibilities
Becomes My Greatest Joy.