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Inspirational Christmas Messages

Inspirational Christmas Messages 2020

When We Were Children…

When We Were Children
We Were Grateful To Those
Who Filled Our Stockings
At Christmas Time.
Why Are We Not Grateful To God
For Filling Our Stockings With Legs?

Let Us Keep Christmas Beautiful…

Let Us Keep Christmas Beautiful
Without A Thought Of Greed,
That It Might Live Forevermore
To Fill Our Every Need,
That It Shall Not Be Just A Day,
But Last A Lifetime Through,
The Miracle Of Christmas Time
That Brings God Close To You.

Now I Am An Old Christmas Tree…

Now I Am An Old Christmas Tree,
The Roots Of Which Have Died.
They Just Come Along
And While The Little Needles Fall Off Me
Replace Them With Medallions.

The Christmas Heart Is A Giving Heart…

Let Us Remember That
The Christmas Heart Is A Giving Heart,
A Wide Open Heart That Thinks Of Others First.
The Birth Of The Baby Jesus Stands
As The Most Significant Event In All History,
Because It Has Meant
The Pouring Into A Sick World Of
The Healing Medicine Of Love
Which Has Transformed All Manner Of Hearts
For Almost Two Thousand Years…
Underneath All The Bulging Bundles Is
This Beating Christmas Heart.

Christmas Is A Bridge…

Christmas Is A Bridge.
We Need Bridges As The River Of Time Flows Past.
Today’s Christmas Should Mean
Creating Happy Hours For Tomorrow
And Reliving Those Of Yesterday.

At Christmas Play…

At Christmas Play And Make Good Cheer,
For Christmas Comes But Once A Year.

If We Keep Telling The Christmas Story…

I Truly Believe That
If We Keep Telling The Christmas Story,
Singing The Christmas Songs,
And Living The Christmas Spirit,
We Can Bring Joy And
Happiness And Peace To This World.

Not Only For Christmas…

Somehow, Not Only For Christmas
But All The Long Year Through,
The Joy That You Give To Others Is The Joy
That Comes Back To You.
And The More You Spend In Blessing The Poor
And Lonely And Sad,
The More Of Your Heart’s Possessing Returns To You Glad.

If There Is No Joyous Way…

If There Is No Joyous Way To
Give A Festive Gift, Give Love Away.

This Is Christmas…

This Is Christmas:
Not The Tinsel,
Not The Giving And Receiving,
Not Even The Carols,
But The Humble Heart
That Receives A New The Wondrous Gift,
The Christ.

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