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No Matter How Many Times We Argue…

Mom Quotes - No matter how many times we argue

No Matter How Many Times We Argue,
How Many Times I Don’T Understand You,
And How Many Times I Get Scolded By You,
I Still Think That You Are The Best
And Will Always Be The Greatest Mom In The World.

If You Have The Best Mom In The World…

6 Years: Mom Knows Everything!
8 Years: Mom Knows A Lot!
12 Years: Mom Really Doesn’t Know Everything!
14 Years: Mom Knows Nothing!
16 Years: Mom, What Mom!
18 Years: Mom Is Outdated!
25 Years: Maybe Mom Knows!
35 Years:Before Deciding, Let’s Ask Mom!
45 Years: I Wonder What Mom Thinks!
75 Years: I Wish.Mom Was Here To Ask Her!
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A Real Woman Always Keeps Her House Clean…

A Real Woman Always Keeps Her House Clean And Organized.
She’S Always Well-Dressed And Hair Done.
She Behaves Gracefully In All Situations And Circumstances.
And No Matter What, She Never Swears,
She Has More Than Enough Patience To Take Care Of Her Family,
Always Has A Smile On Her Lips,
And A Kind Word For Everyone.
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My Queen, My Mother…

My Queen, My Mother,
I Offer Myself Entirely To Thee.
And To Show My Devotion To Thee,
I Offer Thee This Day, My Eyes,
My Ears, My Mouth, My Heart,
My Whole Being Without Reserve.

Wherefore, Good Mother,
As I Am Thine Own, Keep Me,
Guard Me As Thy Property And Possession.
Amen. !!

I Never Knew How Much Love…

I Never Knew How Much Love
My Heart Could Hold
Until Someone Called Me “Mommy”

Any Woman Can Be A Mother…

Any Woman Can Be A Mother
It Takes Someone Special To Be Called “Mom”.

Mom I Love You…

Mom I Just Want To Let You Know That
Everyday I Thank God For Blessing Me With A Mother Like You
If I Had One Wish I Would Wish That
Everyone Else Would Atleast
Have A Mom Half As Wonderful As You Are…
You Are Not Just My Mom
But One Of My Best Friends
I Love How U Understand Me
And I Can Come To You For Advice
Thank You For Always Being Here For Me
I Appreciate All That U Give Me

Mom I Love You !!

A Human Body Can Bear…

A Human Body Can Bear
Only Upto 45 Del (Unit) Of Pain.
But At The Time Of Giving Birth,
A Woman Feels Upto 57 Del Of Pain.
This Is Similar To 20 Bones Getting Fractured At A Time!!!!

Mom I Love You..!!!

Love Is Blind Because…

Love Is Blind Because
“My Mother Started Loving Me
Before Seeing My Face”

If I Had A Flower For Each Time…

If I Had A Flower For Each Time
I Thought Of My Mother,
I Could Walk In My Garden Forever.

My Mom Held Me…

My Mom Held Me In Her Stomach For 9 Months,
She Watched Her Feet Swell,
She Struggled To Climb Stairs,
She Got Breathless Quick,
She Suffered Many Sleepless Nights.
She Loved Me Despite What I’Ve Done To Her,
She Became My Nurse,
My Chef, My Teacher And My Friend.
She Struggled For Me.
While Most Of Us Take Our Mom For Granted,
There Are People Who Have Never Seen Theirs!!

It Takes Brave To Be A Mother…

It Takes Some One Really Brave To Be A Mother,
Someone Strong To Raise A Child And
Someone Special To Love Someone More Than Herself.

A Young Boy Said To His Mother…

A Young Boy Said To His Mother,
‘How Old Were You When I Was Born?’
His Mother Replied, ’23.’ ‘Wow,
That’S A Lot Of Time We Missed Spending Together.’

You May Be Treated Like The Maid…


You May Be Treated Like The Maid,
You May Be Treated Like The Gardner,
You May Be Treated Like The Daycare,
You May Be Treated Like The Chauffer,
You May Be Treated Like Many Things.
But One Thing Is For Sure,
You Will Always Be Loved.
For A Fathers Work May Be From Sun Up Till Sundown,
But A Mothers Work Is Never Down.
And All That I Have, Am, And Hope To Be, I Owe To You,
So This Is For All The Times I Forgot To Say Thank You!!

Best Love Message I Have Ever Heard..

Best Love Message I Have Ever Heard..
“I Believe In Love At First Sight”…
I’Ve Been Loving My Mother Since I Opened My Eyes….

Mothers Hold Their Children’S Hands…

Mothers Hold Their Children’S Hands
For A Short While,
But Their Hearts Forever.

A Mother’S Love…

A Mother’S Love

Your Arms Were Always Open When I Needed A Hug.
Your Heart Understood When I Needed A Friend.
Your Gentle Eyes Were Stern When I Needed A Lesson.
Your Strength And Love Has Guided Me
And Gave Me Wings To Fly.

The Full Form Of Mother…

The Full Form Of Mother…

“M” Is For The Million Things She Gave Me,
“O” Means Only That She’S Growing Old,
“T” Is For The Tears She Shed To Save Me,
“H” Is For Her Heart Of Purest Gold;
“E” Is For Her Eyes, With Love-Light Shining,
“R” Means Right, And Right She’Ll Always Be,
Put Them All Together, They Spell “Mother,”
A Word That Means The World To Me.