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Nobody Need To Wait A Single Moment…

How Wonderful It Is That
Nobody Need To Wait A Single Moment
Before Starting To Improve The World.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of…

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beer Holder.

I Don’T Suffer From Insanity…

I Don’T Suffer From Insanity-
-I Enjoy Every Minute Of It.

Everyone Has An Enemy…

Everyone Has An Enemy
That’S Why God Gave Us Baseball Bats
Well, He Gave Us Trees,
But We Knew What He Meant.

Always Apologize First…

Always Apologize First-
-It Annoys The Crap Out Of People.

I Succeed At Finding…

I Don’T Fail
I Succeed At Finding
What Doesn’T Work.

Every Great Man Was Thought To Be Insane…

Every Great Man Was Thought To Be Insane
Before He Changed The World
Some Never Changed The World
They Were Just Insane.