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Prayer Is Not An Optional Extra…

Prayer Is Not An Optional Extra…
Nor It Is A Last Resort
When All Other Methods Have Failed..
When Man Works , Man Works!
When Man Pray, God Works!
Start And End The Day With A Prayer…

Sending You My Morning Hugz!
Have A Blessed,
Hopeful Perfect Day To Begin With…

Good Morning Everyone.. !!

May God Give You…

May God Give You…
For Every Storm, A Rainbow,
For Every Tear, A Smile,
For Every Care, A Promise,
And A Blessing In Each Trial.
For Every Problem Life Sends,
A Faithful Friend To Share,
For Every Sigh, A Sweet Song,
And An Answer For Each Prayer.

Prayer Is Not A “Spare Wheel”…

Prayer Is Not A “Spare Wheel”
That You Pull Out When In Trouble…
But It Is A “Steering Wheel”
That Directs The Right Path Throughout Life.. !!

Pray Not For Things…

Pray Not For Things,
But For Wisdom And Courage.

A Prayer Spokes…

A Prayer Spokes With
Essence Of Pure Gratitude
Is The Most Powerful Energy
In The Universe.. !!

I Don’T Pray Because It Doesn’T Work…

I Don’T Pray Because It Doesn’T Work.
Prayer Doesn’T Fix Anything.
Bad Things Happen Anyway.

Prayer May Just Be…

Prayer May Just Be The Most Powerful Tool Mankind Has.

It Is Better To Have A Heart…

In Prayer It Is Better To Have A Heart
Without Words
Than Words Without A Heart.

The More You Pray…

The More You Pray,
The Less You’Ll Panic.
The More You Worship,
The Less You Worry.
You’Ll Feel More Patient
And Less Pressured.

You Pray In Your Distress…

You Pray In Your Distress
And In Your Need;
Would That You Might Pray Also
In The Fullness Of Your Joy
And In Your Days Of Abundance.

If The Only Prayer…

If The Only Prayer
You Said Was Thank You,
That Would Be Enough.

Prayer Is Not Asking…

Prayer Is Not Asking.
It Is A Longing Of The Soul.
It Is Daily Admission Of One’S Weakness.
It Is Better In Prayer To Have A Heart
Without Words Than Words Without A Heart.

Prayer Of An Employee…

Prayer Of An Employee :

Dear God,
Give Me The Wisdom To Understand My Boss.. ..
Give Me The Love To Forgive Him.. ..
Give Me The Patience To Understand His Deeds.. ..
But Dearest God Don’T Give The Power Because…
If You Give Me Power,
I Will Break His Head.