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After A Shower Of Rain…

After A Shower Of Rain,
A Piece Of Luminous Sunshine Decorates
The Earth Wonderfully…
One Drop Of Dew On The Grass And
A Foggy Morning Gives To Urge To Live…
But A Illusive Smile From You Increase Vitality Of Someone…
So Keep Smiling…

Barisho’N K Mausam Main…

Yaadai’N Jaag Jati Hyn
Barisho’N K Mausam Main

Har Ghari Satati Hyn
Barisho’N K Mausam Main

Shaambhi Kisi Surat
Chain Se Nahi Kat’Ti

Subhai’N Bhi Satati Hyn
Barisho’N K Mausam Main

Zehen K Jharokey Main
Jab Koi Sada Ubhrey

Aankhai’N Bheeg Jati Hyn
Baarisho’N K Mausam Main

The Weather Forecast…

It Is Best To Read The Weather Forecast Before Praying For Rain.

A Walk In The Woods…

A Rainy Day Is The Perfect Time For A Walk In The Woods.

Power To Cut Stones…

Whose Soft Architectural Hands Have Power To Cut Stones,
Chisel To Shapes Of Grandeur The Very Mountains.

Some People Walk In The Rain…

Some People Walk In The Rain,
Others Just Get Wet.

Don’T Pray When It Rains…

Don’T Pray When It Rains
If You Don’T Pray When The Sun Shines.

It Always Rains On Tents…

It Always Rains On Tents.
Rainstorms Will Travel Thousands Of Miles,
Against Prevailing Winds For The Opportunity To Rain On A Tent.

Let The Rain Kiss You…

Let The Rain Kiss You.
Let The Rain Beat Upon Your Head With Silver Liquid Drops.
Let The Rain Sing You A Lullaby.

I’M Just Waiting For People…

I’M Just Waiting For People
To Start Asking Me To Make The Rain Disappear.

I Can See Clearly Now…

I Can See Clearly Now,
The Rain Is Gone.
I Can See All Obstacles In My Way.

Rains On Your Parade…

And When It Rains On Your Parade,
Look Up Rather Than Down.
Without The Rain, There Would Be No Rainbow.

Rain Of Summer…

Rain Of Summer,
Snow Of Winter,
Grace Of Autumn,
Glory Of Spring,
May Beauty Of Every Season,
Give Ur Heart A Beautiful Reason To Smile.
May God Succeed You In Every Exams Of Your Life.
“Good Luck”