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Sardar Sent A Sms To His Pregnant Wife…

Sardar Sent A Sms To His Pregnant Wife.
Two Seconds Later A Report Came
To His Phone And He Started Dancing.
The Report Said, Delivered .

Sardar Returns Book To Library…

Sardar Returns Book To Library, Bangs It On Table And Says – What A Shit ?
“I Read The Whole Book, Too Many Character, No Story At All” ?.
Librarian : So, You Are The One Who Took The Telephone

Sardar Was Writing Something Very Slowly…

Sardar Was Writing Something Very Slowly.
Friend Asked: Why Are You Writing So Slowly?
Sardar: Im Writing To My 6 Years Old Son,
He Can’T Read Very Fast.

Sardar Saali Se…

Sardar Saali Se,
Teri Didi Busy He
Tu Bache Ko Dudh Pila De,
Saali Mera Dudh Hi Nhi Ata,
Sardar Kamaal He “Display” To Bahut Bada Hai
Or “Stock” Kuch Nahi..

Sardar Apni Biwi Se…

Sardar Apni Biwi Se:
“Tumhare Wo Gol Gol Kidhar Hai Jo Ladkiyo Ko Hote Hai?”
Biwi: “Madar Chod Kabhi Mujhe Sidha Letaya Ho To Pata Chalega

Story About Sardar To Read…

Guys Here Is Real Story About Sardar To Read:
Some Friends Were Going From Delhi To Jaipur In A Taxi Whose Driver Was A Sardar (Sikh).
All Of The Friends Were Making Jokes On Sikh,
Sharing It With Eachother And Laughed At On The Journey.

The Sikh Driver Dint Speak Anything
During The Whole Journey.
He Just Listened To Them Politely And Remained Patient.
At The End Of The Journey,
He Called One Of Them ‘N Said
“I Will Not Stop You On Making Jokes On Sikh Neither
I Will Tell You The Stories Of Their Bravery.
Just Take This 1 Rs. Coin ‘N Give It To Any Poor Sikh Beggar.”
6 Months Passed That 1 Rs.
Coin Is Still With Those Friend.

You Know Why?
Because He Dint Find Any Sikh Begging Anywhere.
Sikhs Never Give Up.
They Earn With Their Hardwork ‘N Never Beg Till Their Last Breath.
Still People Don’T Stop Making Jokes On Them..
Some Of Us Have Realized.
Let The Whole World Know It!!

Sardar Mobile Company Me Job K Liye Gya…

Sardar Mobile Company Me Job K Liye Gya.
Pehle Hi Sawal Me Use Maar Kar Bhaga Diya Gya.
Sawal Tha -Sabse Famous Network Kaun Sa He.?
Sardar : Cartoon Network !!


1Sardar Shampo Sar K Sath Kandho Par Bhi Laga Raha Tha
Wife Ne Pucha-Kandho Pe Shampo Kyo Laga Rahe Ho?
Sardar : Are Ye Koi Aam Shampo Nahi He Ye Head & Shoulder Hai

A Sardar Died And Went To Heaven…

A Sardar Died ‘N Went To Heaven.
When He Got To The Pearly Gate Saint Peter Told Him That
New Rules Were In Effect Due To The Advances In Education On Earth.
In Order To Gain Admittance A Prospective Heavenly Soul Must Answer Two Questions:
1. Name Two Days Of The Week That Begin With “T”.
2. How Many Seconds Are There In A Year?
Sardar Thought For A Few Minutes & Answered:
1. The Two Days Of The Week That Begin With “T” Are Today & Tomorrow.
2. There Are 12 Seconds In A Year.
Saint Peter Said: “Ok, I’Ll Buy The Today & Tomorrow,
Even Though It’S Not The Answer I Expected, So Your Answer Is Correct.
But How Did You Get Only 12 Seconds In A Year?
The Sardar Replied, “Well, January 2Nd, February 2Nd, March 2Nd, Etc..”
Saint Peter Lets Him In Without Another Word..!

I Am Selected Balle Balle…

Interviwer: Tel Me D Opposit Of Good?
Sardar: Bad
Int: Come
Sardar: Go
Int: Ugly
Sardar: Pichhli
Int: U R Wrong
Sardar: I’M Right
Int: Shut Up!
Int: Get Out
Sardar: Cum In
Int: O My God!
Sardar: O My Devil!
Int: U R Rejected
Sardar: Im Selected Balle Balle.

Mai Yaha Nai Rahunga…

Sardar In Hotel-
Mai Yaha Nai Rahunga,
Mere Paise Wapas Karo!
Itna Chota Room?
Mujhe Jaanwar Samjha Hai Kya?
Mere Bap! Room Me Chal,
Ye Lift Hai.

Sardar Was Reading Financial Times…

Sardar Was Reading Financial Times.
Headlines : “Microsoft Buys Yahoo Messenger For $ 8.5 Billion…”

He Says ” O Teri… Kharida Kyu ? Download Kar Leta Pagle.

Exam K Liye Questn Paper Banaya…

Sardar Teacher Tha.
Exam K Liye Questn Paper Banaya..
Paper Dekhte Hi Sare Bachhe Behosh Ho Gaye..
1. China Kis Desh Me Hai?
2. 15 Aug Kis Date Ko Aata He?

Wo To Theek Hai Par Jana Kaha Hai…

Martin Luther-
“If You Cant Fly, Run;
If You Cant Run, Walk;
If You Cant Walk, Crawl.
But Keep Moving.”

Sardar- “Wo To Theek Hai Par Jana Kaha Hai?”

The Greatest Justice In Life Is That…

“The Greatest Justice In Life Is That
Your Vision And Looks Tend To Go Simultaneously.”

Good Morning !!

Sardar Apni Biwi K Sath Auto Me Beitha…

Sardar Apni Biwi K Sath Auto Me Beitha.
Driver Ne Side Mirror Adjust Kiya.
Sardar-Sale Meri Biwi Ko Dekhta H.
Chal Piche Beith Auto Me Chalaunga..!:D