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Friends Are Like Shoes…

Friends Are Like Shoes,
Some Loose.. Some Tight..
Some Fit Just Right.
They Help You Walk Through Life.
Thanks For Being My Size.!!

I Thank You For Your Kindness…

I Thank You For Your Kindness
I Will Not Soon Forget
You’Re One Of The Nicest People
I Have Ever Met.!!

I Really Now Appreciate…

I Really Now Appreciate
You Made Me Learn Their Fun.
Thank You Very Very Much
For All You Have Said And Done!!

Thanks For Being My Friend…

Thanks For Being My Friend
Thanks For Thinking About Me
Thanks For Care About Me
Thanks For Everything You Did For Me
You Shouldn’T Have
But I’M So Glad You Did.!!

The World’S A Better Place…

The World’S A Better Place
Because Of Folk Like You
Who Take The Time To Do Nice Things
The Way You Always Do
Thank U For Being There.!!

Each Day God Sends His Angels To Guide Us…

Each Day God Sends His Angels To Guide Us.
We Don’T Expect To See Them With Wings,
Or With Halo Flying Above Their Heads.
Instead, They Come In Disguise And We Call Them Friends.
Thank You For Being An Angel To Me!

Love Is Good For…

Love Is Good For Reproducing The Humankind
But Friendship For Its Improvement.
Thank You For Being Good Friend.

Thank You For The Good Times…

Thank You For The Good Times,
The Days You Filled With Pleasure.
Thank You For Fond Memories,
And For Feelings I’Ll Always Treasure.

Make It A Habit…

Make It A Habit To Tell People Thank You.
To Express Your Appreciation,
Sincerely And Without The Expectation Of Anything In Return.
Truly Appreciate Those Around You,
And You’Ll Soon Find Many Others Around You.
Truly Appreciate Life,
And You’Ll Find That You Have More Of It.

Thank You For Coming Into My Life…

Thank You For Coming Into My Life And Giving Me Joy,
Thank You For Loving Me And Receiving My Love In Return.
Thank You For The Memories I Will Cherish Forever.
But Most Of All,
Thank You For Showing Me That There Will Come A Time
When I Can Eventually Let You Go.. !!