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Betty Botter Bought Some Butter…

Betty Botter Bought Some Butter
But The Butter, It Was Bitter
If She Put It In Her Batter
It Would Make Her Batter Bitter
So She Bought A Bit Of Butter Better Than Her Bitter Butter
And She Put It In Her Batter And Her Batter Was Not Bitter
So ’Twas Better Betty Botter Bought A Bit Of Better Butter.

If You Must Cross A Course Cross…

If You Must Cross A Course Cross
Cow Across A Crowded Cow Crossing,
Cross The Cross Coarse Cow Across
The Crowded Cow Crossing Carefully.

Ned Nott Was Shot…

Ned Nott Was Shot
And Sam Shott Was Not.
So It Is Better To Be Shott
Than Nott.
Some Say Nott
Was Not Shot.
But Shott Says
He Shot Nott.
Either The Shot Shott Shot At Nott
Was Not Shot,
Or Nott Was Shot.
If The Shot Shott Shot Shot Nott,
Nott Was Shot.
But If The Shot Shott Shot Shot Shott,
Then Shott Was Shot,
Not Nott.

What A Terrible Tongue Twister…

What A Terrible Tongue Twister,
What A Terrible Tongue Twister,
What A Terrible Tongue Twister…

Shot Shot Nott Not Shott…

However, The Shot Shott Shot Shot Shot Nott Not Shott.

Can You Can A Canned Can…

Can You Can A Canned Can
Into An Uncanned Can Like
A Canner Can Can A Canned
Can Into An Uncanned Can?

Sea Shells By The Sea Shore…

She Sells Sea Shells By The Sea Shore.
The Shells She Sells Are Surely Seashells.
So If She Sells Shells On The Seashore,
I’M Sure She Sells Seashore Shells.

A Skunk Sat On A Stump…

A Skunk Sat On A Stump And Thunk The Stump Stunk,
But The Stump Thunk The Skunk Stunk.

If You Understand…

If You Understand, Say “Understand”.
If You Don’T Understand, Say “Don’T Understand”.
But If You Understand And Say “Don’T Understand”.
How Do I Understand That You Understand? Understand!

2 Friends, “See” And “Saw”…

2 Friends, “See” And “Saw”:
1 Day “See” Saw Sea Nd “Saw” Didnt See Sea.
“See” Saw Sea And Jumped In Sea.
“Saw” Didnt See Sea But Jumped In Sea.
“See” Saw “Saw” In Sea Nd
“Saw” Saw “See” In Sea. “See”…

One Smart Fellow…

One Smart Fellow, He Felt Smart.
Two Smart Fellows, They Felt Smart.
Three Smart Fellows, They All Felt Smart.

Fisher Named Fischer…

There Was A Young Fisher Named Fischer
Who Fished For A Fish In A Fissure.
The Fish With A Grin,
Pulled The Fisherman In;
Now They’Re Fishing The Fissure For Fischer.

Are You Fluent In English…

Are You Fluent In English?

Sure ?

Very Fluent?

Read It Fast…

“Upper Roller Lower Roller
Roller Lower Roller Upper”

Where Is Your Fluency??

Predict On This Conversation…

3 Guys Name

What, Why, ‘N When Were Talking
What:Why What R U Doing?
Why:I Dont Know What Are You Doing.
Why:Why R U Caling Me? What?
What:Now Why Did U Cal Me?
Why:What! When Did I Cal U?
When:What Is Your Problem Why Are You Calling Me?
Why:What? Did I Call You? When?
What & When: What
When:Why Are You Calling Yourself?
Why:Did I Call Myself, When?

Love Is Not Love Without…

Love Is Not Love Without The Person Who Loves,
Without The Person Who Loves There Is No Love.
Without Love There Is No Person To Love,
But With Love There Is A Person To Love.

To Love A Person You Think You Love,
Is A Mistake Number One In The Books Of Love.
In The Books Of Love It Quotes “Do Not Love”
“Unless You’Re Loved By The One You Love”

So Search The World For That Great Love,
‘N When You Find It Don’T Fall Inlove.
Test Their Love To Be Sure U’Re Loved
Then When You’Re Sure,Be Ready To Love.

We Can’T Stop Love When We Start To Love,
So Shower Your Lover With All Your Love.
A Small Favour That You Can Do For Love,
Is To Return The Love Of Your Great Love!