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Wisdom Quotes

Wisdom Quotes

He Is A Wise Man…

He Is A Wise Man
Who Does Not Grieve For The Things
Which He Has Not,
But Rejoices For Those Which He Has.

Turn Your Wounds…

Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom.

A Mind Needs Books…

A Mind Needs Books As A Sword Needs A Whetstone,
If It Is To Keep Its Edge.

The Saddest Aspect Of Life…

The Saddest Aspect Of Life Right Now
Is That Science Gathers Knowledge
Faster Than Society Gathers Wisdom.

The Only True Wisdom…

The Only True Wisdom Is In Knowing You Know Nothing.

Don’t Base Your Decisions…

Don’t Base Your Decisions On
The Advice Of Those Who Don’t Have To Deal With The Results.

We Can Know Only That…

We Can Know Only That We Know Nothing.
And That Is The Highest Degree Of Human Wisdom.

Never Let Your Sense Of Morals…

Never Let Your Sense Of Morals Prevent You From Doing What Is Right.

A Wise Man…

A Wise Man Will Make More Opportunities Than He Finds.

Knowing Is Not Enough…

Knowing Is Not Enough;
We Must Apply.
Wishing Is Not Enough;
We Must Do.

Knowing Others Is Wisdom…

Knowing Others Is Wisdom,
Knowing Yourself Is Enlightenment.

Adopt The Pace Of Nature…

Adopt The Pace Of Nature: Her Secret Is Patience.

Am I Not Destroying My Enemies…

Am I Not Destroying My Enemies When I Make Friends Of Them?

A Fool Flatters Himself…

A Fool Flatters Himself,
A Wise Man Flatters The Fool.

An Educated Mind…

It Is The Mark Of An Educated Mind
To Be Able To Entertain A Thought Without Accepting It.

It Is Better To Remain Silent…

It Is Better To Remain Silent
And Be Thought A Fool Than
To Open One’S Mouth And Remove All Doubt.

Never Let Failure…

Never Let Success Get To Your Head
And Never Let Failure Get To Your Heart.

True Wisdom Comes To Each Of Us…

True Wisdom Comes To Each Of Us
When We Realise How Little We Understand About Life,
Ourselves, And The World Around Us.

Count Your Age By Friends…

Count Your Age By Friends, Not Years.
Count Your Life By Smiles, Not Tears.

Money Makes A Good Servant…

Money Makes A Good Servant, But A Bad Master.

Education Is An Admirable Thing…

Education Is An Admirable Thing,
But It Is Well To Remember From Time To Time That
Nothing That Is Worth Knowing Can Be Taught.

He Who Asks Is A Fool…

He Who Asks Is A Fool For Five Minutes,
But He Who Does Not Ask Remains A Fool Forever.

A Diamond With A Flaw…

A Diamond With A Flaw Is Worth More Than A Pebble Without Imperfections.

Better To Light A Candle…

Better To Light A Candle Than To Curse The Darkness.

Knowledge Speaks…

Knowledge Speaks, But Wisdom Listens.

Never Interrupt Your Opponent…

Never Interrupt Your Opponent While He’S Making A Mistake.

A Fool Will Learn Nothing…

A Fool Will Learn Nothing From A Wise Man, But A Wise Man Will Learn Much From A Fool.

He Who Angers…

He Who Angers You Conquers You.

Who Has Nothing To Lose…

Beware Of The Man Who Has Nothing To Lose, For He Has Only To Gain.

A Wise Person Knows…

A Wise Person Knows That There Is Something To Be Learned From Everyone.

God Gave Us Mouths…

God Gave Us Mouths That Close And Ears That Don’t.
That Should Tell Us Something.

Be Mindful Of What You Toss Away…

Be Mindful Of What You Toss Away,
Be Careful Of What You Push Away,
And Think Hard Before You Walk Away.

Regret Does Nothing…

Regret Does Nothing
But Slow You Down.
Learn And Move Forward.

A Man Who Has Committed…

A Man Who Has Committed A Mistake
And Doesn’t Correct It,
Is Committing Another Mistake.

Always Be Strong Enough To Let Go…

Always Be Strong Enough To Let Go,
And Be Wise Enough To Wait For What You Deserve.

You Can’t Be Brave…

You Can’t Be Brave
If You’ve Only Had
Wonderful Things Happen To You. – -Mary Tyler Moore

Worry Does Not Empty…

Worry Does Not Empty Tomorrow Of Its Sorrow;
It Empties Today Of Its Strength.

Learning To Live In…

Learning To Live In The Present Moment Is Part Of The Path To Joy.

If You Are not Happy Single…

If You Are not Happy Single,
You Will Not Be Happy Taken.
Happiness Comes From Within,
Not From People.

Be Careful Who You Give Your Heart To…

Be Careful Who You Give Your Heart To.
Because When You Give Your Heart To Someone,
You Also Give Them The Power To Hurt You.

To Be Upset Over…

To Be Upset Over What You Don’t Have,
Is A Waste Of What You Do Have.

People Will Always Judge You…

People Will Always Judge You.
That Doesn’t Mean You Have To Pay Attention To Them.

Go Where You Are Celebrated…

Go Where You Are Celebrated, Not Where You’Re Tolerated.

Sometimes The Best Way To Appreciate…

Sometimes The Best Way To Appreciate Something Is To Be Without It For A While.

Don’t Judge Yourself…

Don’t Judge Yourself By Your Past.
You Don’t Live There Anymore.

Don’t Confuse The People…

Don’t Confuse The People
Who Are Always Around With
The Ones Who Are Always There.

Following Your Heart…

The Cost Of Not Following Your Heart,
Is Spending The Rest Of Your Life Wishing You Had.

Whatever You Put Up With…

Whatever You Put Up With, You End Up With.

The Less You Worry About…

The Less You Worry About What People Think,
The Less Complicated Life Becomes.

The Most Dangerous Risk Of All…

The Most Dangerous Risk Of All –
The Risk Of Spending Your Life
Not Doing What You Want On The Bet
You Can Buy Yourself The Freedom To Do It Late.

The Less You Say…

The Less You Say, The More People Will Listen.

You Should Compare Yourself…

The Only Person You Should Compare Yourself To Is Who You Used To Be.

There’s No Need To Rush…

There’S No Need To Rush.
What’S Meant For You Always Arrives Right On Time.

What Other People Think…

What Other People Think Of You Is None Of My Business.

Pain Changes People…

Pain Changes People,
But It Also Makes Them Stronger.

You Are Giving It…

If You Are Giving Your All To Someone,
And It’s Not Enough,
You Are Giving It To The Wrong Person.

The Dictionary Is The Only Place…

The Dictionary Is The Only Place
Where Success Comes Before Work.

Knowledge Is Realising…

Knowledge Is Realising That The Street Is One-Way,
Wisdom Is Looking Both Directions Anyway.

He Who Trusts Secrets…

He Who Trusts Secrets To A Servant Makes Him His Master.

He Who Closes His Ears…

He Who Closes His Ears To The Views Of Others
Shows Little Confidence In The Integrity Of His Own Views


Energy Follows Thought…

Energy Follows Thought, Actions Expresses Priorities,
He Is Able Who Thinks He Is Able,
All Humans Die But Few Have Lived,
Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing,
It’S Not What You Are Underneath
It’S What You Do That Defines You !!

You Cannot Transmit Wisdom…

You Cannot Transmit Wisdom
And Insight To Another Person.
The Seed Is Already There.
A Good Teacher Touches The Seed,
Allowing It To Wake Up,
To Sprout, And To Grow.. !!

All The Great Things Are Simple…

All The Great Things Are Simple,
And Many Can Be Expressed In A Single Word:
Freedom, Justice, Honor, Duty, Mercy, Hope…

To Be In Thought Is To Be Human…

To Be In Thought Is To Be Human;
To Be Below Thought Is To Be Animal;
To Be Beyond Thought Is To Be Divine.
Good Morning

Our Passions Have Their Own Wisdom…

Our Passions Have Their Own Wisdom,
They Guide Our Thought
And The Choice Of Our Values,
And Our Survival.. !!

By Three Methods We May Learn Wisdom…

By Three Methods We May Learn Wisdom:
First, By Reflection, Which Is Noblest;
Second, By Imitation, Which Is Easiest;
And Third By Experience, Which Is The Bitterest..!!

Generosity Is A Choice…

Generosity Is A Choice That Feels Right And Joyful.
Generosity Comes From Believing
You Have Enough To Share.
When We Truly Master The Art Of Giving,
We Give Out Of The Goodness Of Our Hearts
With No Self-Serving Motives.
Giving Becomes A Blessing For The Giver And Receiver..

He Who Asks Is…

He Who Asks Is A Fool For Five Minutes,
He Who Does Not Ask Remains A Fool Forever.

Man Is Honoured For His Wisdom…

Man Is Honored For His Wisdom,
And Loved For His Kindness.

The Best And Most Beautiful Things…

The Best And Most Beautiful Things
In The World Cannot Be Seen Or Even Touched
– They Must Be Felt With The Heart.

An Apple Fell And Newton Discovered…

An Apple Fell And Newton Discovered The Law Of Gravity
But Hundreds Of Bombs Fell On Gaza
And Yet No One Discovered The Law Of Humanity!!

Be A Poet When You Are Alone…

Be A Poet When You Are Alone,
Be A Child Hearted When You Love,
Be A King When You Command,
Be A Scientist When You Work,
Be A Lover When You See Arts,
Be A History When You Die.

They Have Something To Say…

Wise Man Speak Because They Have Something To Say
And Fools Because They Have To Say Something.

Many Are The Names Of God…

Many Are The Names Of God
And Infinite The Forms That Lead Us To Know Him.
In Whatsoever Name Or Form You Desire To Call Him,
In That Very Form And Name You Will See Him.

A Lot Of Trouble Will Disappear…

A Lot Of Trouble Will Disappear
If Everyone Learns
To Talk To Each Other
Instead Of
Talking About Each Other.

Whenever You Are Pissed Off…

Whenever You Are Pissed Off,
Just Remember That
It’S Better Than Being Pissed On.

Money Is A Guarantee That…

Money Is A Guarantee That
We May Have What We Want In The Future.
Though We Need Nothing At The Moment
It Insures The Possibility Of
Satisfying A New Desire When It Arises.

You Can Only Become Truly Accomplished…

You Can Only Become Truly Accomplished
At Something You Love.
Don’T Make Money Your Goal.
Instead, Pursue The Things You Love Doing,
And Then Do Them So Well That
People Can’T Take Their Eyes Off You.

A Wise Person Should Have…

A Wise Person Should Have Money In Their Head,
But Not In Their Heart.

The Ultimate Test Of Man’S Conscience…

The Ultimate Test Of Man’S Conscience
May Be His Willingness To Sacrifice Something Today
For Future Generations
Whose Words Of Thanks Will Not Be Heard.

Wise Men Talk Because…

Wise Men Talk Because
They Have Something To Say;
Fools, Because They Have To Say Something.

Don’t Take Life – Make Life…

“Don’t Take Life – Make Life”.
Very Simple Ideology.
I Believe You Can Sit Around
And Complain About Everything;
Or Get Up And Move Around
And Make Things Happen For You.
No One Else Will Do It For You.

Don’t Waste Your Time…

Don’t Waste Your Time With Explanations:
People Only Hear What They Want To Hear.

A Smile Is A Language Of Agreement…

A Smile Is A Language Of Agreement.
A Smile Is A Language Of Peace.
A Smile Is A Language Of Good Looks.
A Smile Is A Good Weapon.

A Lamp Doesn’t Speak…

A Lamp Doesn’T Speak.
It Introduces Itself Through Its Light.

Achiever Never Expose Themselves,
Their Achievements Expose Them.

Leadership Is The Art Of Getting…

Leadership Is The Art Of Getting
Someone Else To Do Something
You Want Done Because He Wants
To Do It.
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Learned About Acceptance…

A Couple Things I Have Learned About Acceptance;
It Can Be A Struggle When We Don’t Understand,
It Is Something Most Of Us Long For,
And Something A Lot Of Us
Will Not Get By The People We Want It Most From.
Just Remember,
As Long As You Accept Yourself,
It Doesn’T Matter Whether
Or Not Anyone Else Accepts You.
Remember To Pray
If You Have A Hard Time Accepting Another.
Live True To You Knowing
We Are All On Our Own Journey With Our Own Lessons To Learn.

Beginning Today…

Beginning Today, Treat Everyone You Meet As If,
They Were Going To Be Dead By Midnight;
Extend Them All The Care, Kindness And Understanding You Can Muster,
And Do It With No Thoughts Of Rewards.
Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again.

Speak Not Of My Debts…

Speak Not Of My Debts Unless You Mean To Pay Them.

A Still Tongue…

A Still Tongue Makes A Wise Head.

Tell The Truth…

Never Be Afraid To Raise Your Voice For Honesty
And Truth And Compassion Against Injustice And Lying And Greed.
If People All Over The World…
Would Do This, It Would Change The Earth. !!

The Wise Man Avoids…

The Wise Man Avoids Evil By Anticipating It.

In His Timing Rely…

Trust- In His Timing Rely
– On His Promises Wait
– For His Answers Believe
– In His Miracle Rejoice
– In His Goodness Relax
– In His Presence Come Near To God,
And He Come Near To You…Amen !!

A Conclusion Is The Place Where…

A Conclusion Is The Place Where You Got Tired Thinking.

Before You Go And Criticise…

Before You Go And Criticise
The Younger Generation,
Just Remember Who Raised Them.

The Opposite Of A Correct…

The Opposite Of A Correct Statement Is A False Statement.
The Opposite Of A Profound Truth
May Well Be Another Profound Truth.

The Right Word & Almost Right Word…

The Difference Between The Right Word
And The Almost Right Word Is
The Difference Between Lightning And A Lightning Bug.

The Reasonable Man…

The Reasonable Man Adapts Himself To The World;
The Unreasonable One Persists To Adapt The World To Himself.
Therefore All Progress Depends On The Unreasonable Man.

There Is Nobody So Irritating…

There Is Nobody So Irritating
As Somebody With Less Intelligence
And More Sense Than We Have.

Millions Long For Immortality…

Millions Long For Immortality Who Do Not Know
What To Do With Themselves On A Rainy Sunday Afternoon.

Education Is What Remains…

Education Is What Remains
After One Has Forgotten
What One Has Learned In School.

Honest Criticism Is…

Honest Criticism Is Hard To Take,
Particularly From A Relative, A Friend, An Acquaintance, Or A Stranger.

Discipline Is Just Choosing Between…

Discipline Is Just Choosing Between
What You Want Now
And What You Want Most.

A Wise Man Is Superior To Any Insults…

A Wise Man Is Superior To Any Insults
Which Can Be Put Upon Him,
And The Best Reply To Unseemly Behavior Is Patience And Moderation.

Books Serve To Show A Man That…

“Books Serve To Show A Man That
Those Original Thoughts Of His Aren’T Very New After All.”

If You Desire To ‘Blossom’…

If You Desire To ‘Blossom’ Like A Rose In The Garden,
You’Ll First Have To Learn
The Art Of Adjusting With The Thorns.
Good Day!

Wisdom Is Knowing…

Wisdom Is Knowing What To Do Next…
Skill Is Knowing How To Do It…
And Success Is Doing It ! Do The Best In The Test…
Let Your Path Smooth And Easy Examination May Be More
And More Easy..
Let Your Success Come To True, That My Best Wishes To You!

As You Get Older…

As You Get Older,
You Will Understand More And More That,
It’S Not About What You Look Like
Or What You Own,
It’S All About
The Person You Have Become…

The One Who Breaks Your Heart…

“The One Who Breaks Your Heart
Is A Devil Of His Love,
The Victim Is The Angel
And The Light That Shines Above.”

The Biggest Enemy Of Success…

The Biggest Enemy Of Success Is “Fear Of Failure”
So When Fear Knocks At Your Door,
Send Courage To Open The Door
Success Will Wait For You.