Somewhere deep inside of me…

Somewhere deep inside of me,
are precious things you will never see.
They make me laugh or cry and sing to the top of my lungs…
Extreme emotions they can bring..
Sometimes, life is TOUGH with what it may deal…
but I would never change how much I feel…
STRENGTH is the essence of sensitivity.
My feelings help me made “ME”
When we are struggling to cope
and don’t feel quite “whole”
Look to the infinite precious things
within your soul. !маттерхорнmiami florida condosflordia housesoptions binary $100 bonus no depositраскрутка сайта регистрацияuk regulated binary options

Who will work in my absence…

Who will work in my absence ?
– Sun Asked entire world during Sunset.
Everyone remained Silent,,,,
But Candle Whispered “I will try my best”…

It’s not The matter of Size or Status,
But It’s The Attitude that Shines !!red bull base jumpingщо потрібно для сафарісмотреть восхождение олимпадать бесплатное объявление в авитореклама в гуглеgrammar check and correction online

Nature will always heal…

Nature will always heal.
If I have had a bad day
and feel the need to start over,
I just lay on the grass
and watch the clouds pass by.
Or I will run on the beach
and watch the sunset,
even just seeing the ocean is enough.
Or I will sit under a tree and meditate.
Let nature heal you.ноутбук-планшет lenovo ideapad yogacondo in south beachчто сделать в блендереонлайн смотреть секс мастурбацияооо полигонпродвижение сайтов поисковое

Giving is better than receiving…

Giving is better than receiving.
Whether it’s gratitude, a rock, a flower, or food, or love, or a pair of shoes, or inspiration,
it is always better to give. I have learned and am still learning to be less selfish, to be more selfless.
I would rather see someone smile
because I gave them something than smile because of what I was givenMaseratiкупить защитную пленкукакие сковородки самые хорошиеukladka parketaпорно аниме с большими сиськамисмотреть онлайн порно видео русское

Someday you will forget the closeness we have…

Someday you will forget the closeness we have
and the jokes we shared.
You will meet someone
Who can GET ALONG with You more than I can…
what I hope is someday You will realize that
I am someone who has touched Your Life.. !!экскурсионные туры в россиюare bed covers truckтуры в кению ценаseo оптимизация киевlink baitingпродвижение сайта

If they really love you…

If someone really loves you,
they love you just as you are..
Their love is not dependent whether you get a tummy tuck,
wear their favorite outfits, do a downward dog.
Their love is not conditional on whether you meet their every need,
their every whim, their every fantasy.
Their love is not contingent on your working on your issues.,
changing your lifestyle, transforming your personality.
If they really love you, they hold you in the highest light.
If they really love you…they are too busy giving to you to notice petty details…
If they really love you they see God when they look your way…
And God is not in need of improvement before she/ he is loved. !!homes in fl for saleавтошины continentalmens luxury watchcar cover insuranceчастное видео группового сексаполигон ооо

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