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You Want To Become My Son In Law…

Lady : So , You Want To Become My Son In Law ?
Boy : Not Really,
But I Don’T See Any Other Way To Marry Your Daughter.!!

Happy Birthday To You…

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You!
You Were Born In The Zoo,
You Were Born In The Zoo,
With D Monkeys ‘N Donkeys That Looks Just Like You.!!

Hey Friend Remember That Without…

Hey Friend Remember That Without
Stupidity There Can Be No Wisdom
& Without Ugliness There Can Be No Beauty..
So The World Needs You After All.!!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,
You Should Know What You Are,
And Once You Know What You Are,
Mental Hospital Is Not So Far.!!

Government Of Australia Has…

Government Of Australia Has
Introduced A New Rule
Good Looking People Should Be
Thrown Out Of Country!!!
You Are Safe..
Oh! No Where Should I Hide You?.!!

Painful Situation In Life…

The Most Painful Situation In Life Is
When We Are Waiting For Our Dear One
Without Knowing That They Are Avoiding Us.!!

Meaning Of Wife…

Husband Asks: Do You Know The Meaning Of Wife?
It Means? Without Information, Fighting Every Time!
Wife Says: No Darling,
It Means :- With Idiot For Ever

The Meaning Of Stupid…

Do U Know
What Is The Meaning Of Stupid?

S = Sari Zindagi
T = Tumse
U = Umar Bhar Ki Dosti
P = Pana Chahta Hon
I = Is Liye
D = Duaon Main Yaad Rakhna.

Ok Stupid?

Someone Misses You…


Misses You.

Needs You…

Worries About You.

Lonely Without You.

Guess Who?

The Monkey In … The Zoo ..!!

So Sweet Is Your Smile…

So Sweet Is Your Smile???

So Sweet Is Your Style???

So Sweet Is Your Voice???

So Sweet Is Your Eye?????

See …….How Sweetly I Lie.

People Should Love Animals…


I Lo

I Lov

I Love

I Love You…

I Love You The Most.

I Love You The Best.

I Love You A Lot..

Because Menaka Gandhi Said
“People Should Love Animals” !!

I Am Your Girlfriend…

I Am Your Girlfriend:

Right Na ??

In Short I Am Your S.I.S.T.E.R.

I Miss You A Lot Dear….

I Miss You A Lot Dear….

Ketrina Kaif

Message Centre:

” Don’T Get Excited. She Sent It To Me.”

You Will Be A Brother For All Cute Girls…

You Will Be A Rose For All Trees
You Will Be A Smile For All Faces
You Will Be Water Falls For All Hills
You Will Be A Brother For All Cute Girls.

If You Are In Tension…

If You Are In Tension,
If Nothing Seems Right,
If You Find No Way Out,
Then Just Think Of Me Only Once,
I Will Be Always There To Increase Your Tensions.

Clouds Are White But The Sky Is Blue…

Clouds Are White But The Sky Is Blue,
Monkey Like U Should B Kept In The Zoo,
Don’T Get Angry You’Ll Find Me There Too,
Not In The Cage But Laughing At U. Ha! Ha! Ha!

God Thought That…

God Thought That Since
He Couldn’T Be Everywhere
He Made A Mother.
Then Devil Thought That
He Couldn’T Be Everywhere
He Made A Mother-In-Law.

As Per The Weather Report…

As Per The Weather Report

There Is A Chance For Heavy Rain For The Next Two Days…

Use This Rare Opportunity…!

Don’T Miss This Chance…!

Acche Se “Naha Lena”.

Define A Boss…

Question: Define A Boss?
Ans: An Idiot Who Thinks That Nine Women
Can Produce A Child In One Month . . .

Are You Always…

Are You Always This Stupid Or Are You Making A Special Effort Today.