Words are so very powerful…

Words are so very powerful
and we never know what state of mind someone is at that time..
You choose your words
but you cannot choose the effect it will have on some people…
Always speak out of love,
True power does not crush others
but help them to see their own greatness.. !!

If they really love you…

If someone really loves you,
they love you just as you are..
Their love is not dependent whether you get a tummy tuck,
wear their favorite outfits, do a downward dog.
Their love is not conditional on whether you meet their every need,
their every whim, their every fantasy.
Their love is not contingent on your working on your issues.,
changing your lifestyle, transforming your personality.
If they really love you, they hold you in the highest light.
If they really love you…they are too busy giving to you to notice petty details…
If they really love you they see God when they look your way…
And God is not in need of improvement before she/ he is loved. !!

My aim is to cherish…

It’s not vanity to feel you have the right to be beautiful..
Women are taught to feel were not good enough…
That we must live up to someone else standard
But my aim is to cherish Myself as I AM.. !