One day you are going to miss…

One day you are going to miss my boring texts,
my random calls, my silly questions.
You will miss my fights, my mood swings, my arguments .
You will miss my hugs, my kisses and my cuddles.
You are going to miss my jealousy,
My possessiveness and my insecurities.
You will miss my chasing you,
My annoying you and my irritating you.
You will miss my laughter,
My tears, my confessions and my innocent talks.
Most of all you will miss me for the way
I loved you and cared for you. !!

You cannot prove your love…

You cannot prove your love.
if you can prove it,
it is no more love.
it remains unproved and it is a beauty of it.

Dreams of having a beautiful life…

I fought, you made up.
I argued, you agreed.
I cried, you reassured.
I loved, you loved me back even more.
Thanks for making me realize that
dreams of having a beautiful life can actually come true.
It’s all your support and wishes that
I will be able study and start my career.

Those who want to live…

Those who want to live,
let them fight,
and those who do not want to fight
in this world of eternal struggle
do not deserve to live.”

May I reflect your beauty…

Lord, may I reflect your beauty,
The beauty of a Godly life
And to care not about what’s on the outside,
But rather on what’s inside.. !!

It’s going to be I love you or It’s over…

It terrifies me how talented you are
at turning your emotions ON and OFF.
How you can be so kind and loving one moment then cold like ice the next.
Whenever you open your mouth,
I never know whether it’s going to be I love you or It’s over…