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Your mother-in-law fell into my pond…

A Man: “your mother-in-law fell into my pond
Which has some crocodiles into”.
The other man – “the crocodiles are yours,
So you willl have to save them”.!!

Question by a student…

Question by a student !!
If a single teacher can’t
teach us all the subjects,
How could you expect a single student
to learn all subjects ?.!!

I Saw It With My Eyes But Couldn’t Understand It…

I Saw It With My Eyes But Couldn’t Understand It
Took It In My Hands, But Couldn’t Understand It
Keep Thinking For A Long Time, But Again Couldn’t Understand It
It was Not A Dream,
It was Is Not A Love,
It was Not Even Friendship,

Then I Realized: “It Was Question Paper”.!!

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