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Somewhere deep inside of me…

Somewhere deep inside of me,
are precious things you will never see.
They make me laugh or cry and sing to the top of my lungs…
Extreme emotions they can bring..
Sometimes, life is TOUGH with what it may deal…
but I would never change how much I feel…
STRENGTH is the essence of sensitivity.
My feelings help me made “ME”
When we are struggling to cope
and don’t feel quite “whole”
Look to the infinite precious things
within your soul. !

Nature will always heal…

Nature will always heal.
If I have had a bad day
and feel the need to start over,
I just lay on the grass
and watch the clouds pass by.
Or I will run on the beach
and watch the sunset,
even just seeing the ocean is enough.
Or I will sit under a tree and meditate.
Let nature heal you.

Someday you will forget the closeness we have…

Someday you will forget the closeness we have
and the jokes we shared.
You will meet someone
Who can GET ALONG with You more than I can…
what I hope is someday You will realize that
I am someone who has touched Your Life.. !!

There Will always be the last time…

The saddest truth about life…

There Will always be the last time you do something or meet someone,
and you won’t know that it was the last time.

The last time you played gully cricket in your hometown.
The last time all 5 of your best friend gang went on a trip.
The last time you met the school teacher you liked the most.
The last time you slept in your room in the home you grew up in.
The last time you wore those jeans!

Life seems like a series of things we move on to,
while letting go of the past events. One at a time.

why we all meet in this journey of life…

Relationship Special…

Nobody understands the reason why we all meet in this journey of life..
We may not be related by blood..
We may not know each other from the beginning
but God puts us together to share wonderful relations through our heart..

Life is like a Notebook…

Life is like a Notebook,
Two pages are already written by god..
First page is ‘Birth’ & last page is ‘death’
only center pages are empty,
fill them with happiness, honesty & Love !!

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