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Amazing Quotes 2020

 A Candle May Melt…

A Candle May Melt And Its Fire May Die,
But The Friendship You Have Given Me
Will Always Stay As A Flame In My Heart.

No Candle Loses Its Light…

Amazing Quotes - No Candle Loses Its Light

No Candle Loses Its Light
while Lighting Another Candle….
So Never Stop Sharing And Helping Others
It Makes Your Life More Meaningful.. !!

 You Never Know…

You Never Know
What Life Is Going To Throw At You
So Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Chance
Because It Might Just Be The Best Thing
Going To Happen To You !!

Every Single Person…

Every Single Person On The Planet Has A Story.
Don’t Judge People
Before You Truly Know Them.
The Truth Might Surprise You !

Every Soul Is Beautiful…

Every Soul Is Beautiful And Precious;
Is Worthy Of Dignity And Respect,
And Deserving Of Peace, Joy And Love.

They Did Not Understand Life…

When I Was 5 Years Old,
My Mother Always Told Me That
Happiness Was The Key To Life.
When I Went To School,
They Asked Me
What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up.
I Wrote Down ‘Happy’.
They Told Me I Did Not Understand The Assignment,
And I Told Them
They Did Not Understand Life.

No Matter How Many Mistakes You Make…

No Matter How Many Mistakes You Make
Or How Slow You Progress,
You Are Still Way Ahead Of Everyone Who Is Not Trying.

Sometimes The Heart…

Sometimes The Heart Doesn’t Agree With The Mind,
What’s Important Is That
You Should Know When To Compromise,
When To Let Your Mind Win
And When To Let Your Heart Decide

Life Is Too Ironic…

Life Is Too Ironic.
It Takes Sadness
To Know What Happiness Is,
Noise To Appreciate Silence,
And Absence To Value Presence!

Easy To Be Amazing…

It Shouldn’t Be Easy To Be Amazing.
Then Everything would Be.
It’s The Things You Fight For
And Struggle With Before Earning
That Have The Greatest Worth.
When Something’s Difficult To Come By,
You’Ll Do That Much More To Make Sure
It’s Even Harder―Or Impossible―To Lose.

Between Yesterday’s Mistakes…

Between Yesterday’s Mistakes
And Tomorrow’s Hope,
There Is A Fantastic Opportunity, Called “Today”!!
Live It In Style!!…Happy Lohri

Missing Me And Reading My Sms…

Let Me Guess What You Are Doing…
Reading Book?
Na Na!
Listening Music?
Uh You!
Watching Tv?
Caught You!
Missing Me And Reading My Sms .!!
Oh Now You Are Smiling. !!

If Each Leaf Of A Tree Is Your Smile…

If Each Leaf Of A Tree Is Your Smile
Then I Promise You My Dear,
I Will Water It Through Out My Life
To See Your Evergreen Smile Forever

The Worst Part Of Success…

The Worst Part Of Success Is
Trying To Find Someone Who Is Happy For You.

Some Songs Can Make You Cry…

Some Songs Can Make You Cry
When You Hear Them.
Actually It Is Not The Songs,
It’s The People Behind The Memories.

Every Girl Has Her…

Every Girl Has Her
Unique Type Of Guy
Unique Love,
Unique Story,
Unique Frustration &
Unique Heartache..
One Thing Among
Girls Is Common..
The Way They Cry Over
For The Wrong Guy..!!

Even In Your Absence I Feel You Near…

A Word To Say,
A Word To Hear
Even In Your Absence I Feel You Near
Our Relation Is Strong..
Hope It Goes Long
We Will Remain The Same Till The Life Goes On!

Certain Things Leave You In Your Life…

Certain Things Leave You In Your Life
And Certain Things Stay With You.
And That’s Why We’Re All Interested In Movies-
Those Ones That Make You Feel,
You Still Think About.
Because It Gave You Such An Emotional Response,
It’s Actually Part Of Your Emotional Make-Up, In A Way.

The Moment We Cry In A Film…

The Moment We Cry In A Film
Is Not When Things Are Sad
When They Turn Out To Be More Beautiful
Than We Expected Them To Be.

It Cannot Be Seen…

“It Cannot Be Seen, Cannot Be Felt,
Cannot Be Heard, Cannot Be Smelt,
It Lies Behind Stars And Under Hills,
And Empty Holes It Fills,
It Comes First And Follows After,
Ends Life, Kills Laughter.”

Anger Comes Alone…

Anger Comes Alone
But Takes Away All The Good Qualities From Us.
Patience Too Comes Alone,
Brings All The Good Qualities To Us.
So Be With It….

It Is Amazing…

It Is Amazing
What You Can Accomplish
If You Do Not Care Who Gets The Credit.

Talent Hits A Target…

Talent Hits A Target
No One Else Can Hit;
Genius Hits A Target
No One Else Can See.

Simple, Clear Purpose And Principles…

Simple, Clear Purpose And Principles
Give Rise To Complex And Intelligent Behavior.
Complex Rules And Regulations Give
Rise To Simple And Stupid Behavior.

My Definition Of A Free Society Is…

My Definition Of A Free Society Is
A Society Where It Is Safe To Be Unpopular.

If God Wanted Us To Fly…

If God Wanted Us To Fly,
He would Have Given Us Tickets.

You Know You’Re Getting Old…

You Know You’Re Getting Old
When You Stop To Tie Your Shoelaces
Wonder What Else You Could Do
While You’Re Down There.

I Like Long Walks…

I Like Long Walks,
Especially When They Are Taken By People Who Annoy Me.

If It Weren’t For My Lawyer…

If It Weren’t For My Lawyer,
I Would Still Be In Prison.
It Went A Lot Faster With Two People Digging.

Success Consists Of Going From…

Success Consists Of Going From
Failure To Failure
Without Loss Of Enthusiasm.

When I Do Good…

When I Do Good, I Feel Good;
When I Do Bad, I Feel Bad,
And That Is My Religion.

Good Judgment Comes From Experience…

Good Judgment Comes From Experience,
And Experience Comes From Bad Judgment.

It Is Easier To Fight For One’s Principles…

It Is Easier To Fight For One’s Principles
Than To Live Up To Them.

Worry And Concern…

There Is A Great Difference Between Worry And Concern.
A Worried Person Sees A Problem,
A Concerned Person Solves A Problem.

Tomorrow Is Often…

Tomorrow Is Often The Busiest Day Of The Week.

I Don’t Know The Key To Success…

I Do Not Know The Key To Success,
The Key To Failure Is Trying To Please Everybody.

Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over…

Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over
And Over Again And Expecting Different Results.

You Can Never Get Enough…

You Can Never Get Enough Of What You Don’t Really Need…

The Pessimist Complains About The Wind…

The Pessimist Complains About The Wind;
The Optimist Expects It To Change; The Realist Adjusts The Sails.

I Respect Faith…

I Respect Faith,
But Doubt Is What Gets You An Education.

Eighty Percent Of Success Is Showing Up…

Eighty Percent Of Success Is Showing Up.

It’s Not That I AM So Smart…

It’s Not That I AM So Smart,
It’s Just That
I Stay With Problems Longer.