100+ Relationship Quotes

Relationship With A Nice Person…

Relationship with a nice person is like a SUGARCANE

Relationship With A Nice Person Is Like A Sugarcane
You Break It, Crush It, Squeeze It…
Even Beat Or Grind It,
Still You Will Get Only Sweetness!!

Never ignore The effort of a person…

Never ignore The effort of a person

Never ignore The effort of a person

Never ignore The effort of a person
who tries to keep in touch with you
it’s not all the time someone who cares.

Distance Doesn’T Necessarily Ruin A Relationship..

Distance Doesn’T Necessarily Ruin A Relationship.
You Don’T Have To See Someone Everyday To Be In Love.

Relationships Don’T Come With A Label Of Perfection…

Relationships Don’T Come With A Label Of Perfection.
Every Relationship Has Problems, Fights And Arguments.
Sometimes It’S Better To Fight And Argue
And Try To Sort Out Problems By Talking Rather Than Keeping Quiet.
When You Love Someone
And Letting Them Go Is The Last Thing You Can Think About Then
Sometimes Fighting And Making Up Can Save Your Relationship
And Make The Bond Stronger Whereas Silence
Can Tear Your Relationship Apart And Create Unnecessary Distance.. !!

Invest In Happiness…

Sensex Is High…
Gold And Properties Are Not Affordable….
So Invest In Happiness, Relationships, Feelings And Friendships….
It Is The Only Investment Where You Get Guaranteed Good Returns…

Everyone Was A Different Color….

I Wish That Everyone Was A Different Color.
And When You Find The Other Person That’S The Same Color As You,
Then You Know This Is Your Soul Mate.
There Will Be People Close To Your Color Along The Way,
But Only One Person Who’S Truly The Same Color.. !!

Pain Your Heart Has To Feel…

It’S Amazing How Much Pain Your Heart Has To Feel
How Many Tears You Have To Cry In Order To Get To That Place
Where You Can See That You Deserve Better.. !!

How Far You Can Go…

Whenever You Find Yourself Doubting How Far You Can Go,
Just Remember How Far You Have Come.
Remember Everything You Have Faced,
All The Battles You Have Won,
All The Fears You Have Overcome.. !!

A Good Heart Can Win…

A Good Heart Can Win Many Good Relationships,
A Good Nature Can Win Many Good Hearts..!!

The Real Beginning Of Influence Comes…

The Real Beginning Of Influence Comes
As Others Sense You Are Being Influenced By Them,
When They Feel Understood By You-
That You Have Listened Deeply And Sincerely,
And That You Are Open.. !!

The Best Relation In Life…

Relationship Quotes - The Best Relation In Life Is Between Two Eyes

The Best Relation In Life…

It’S Between Two Eyes
They Blink Together,
Cry Together,
Sleep Together,
But Still
They Never See Each Other !!

Heartbreaks Last For A Long Time…

Try And Put In All The Efforts
You Can To Save Your Love Relationships
Relationships Can Be Broken Easily
But Heartbreaks Last For A Long Time.. !!

In A Quarrel…

In A Quarrel With A Person Dear To You,
Do Not Forget To Ask Yourself The Big Question:

I Want To Be ‘Right’ Or ‘Happy’..?

A Relationship Has Its Up And Downs…

A Relationship Has Its Up And Downs,
But When You Have Been Through
So Much With Each Other,
All The Arguments,
Fights And Conflict Seem To Be The Glue
To Keeping The Relationship Going…
You Can’T Have Love Without A Little Pain..
If The Bond Is Strong Enough To Overcome Its Obstacles
Then Its Worth Fighting For.. !!

In A Relationship You Need Somebody…

In A Relationship,
You Need Somebody Who’S Going To Call You Out,
Not Somebody Who’S Going To Let Everything Slide.
You Need Somebody Who Doesn’T Want To Live Without You, But Can.
Not Somebody That Is Dependent,
But Somebody Who Is Stronger With You.
A Relationship Is Two People, Not One.. !!

Relation Without Trust…

Relation Without Trust Is Like Mobile Without Network,
Because People Start Playing Game
With Mobile Without Network.. !!

A Man Who Calls Her Baby…

In Relationship !!
Every Woman Deserves A Man Who Calls Her Baby !!
Kisses Her Like He Means It,
Holds Her Like He Never Wants To Let Her Go !!
Doesn’T Cheat Or Lie…
Wipes Her Tears When She Cries !!
Doesn’T Make He Jealous Of Other Women !!
Instead Makes Other Women Jealous Of Her !!
A Man Who Isn’T Scared To Let His Friends Know How He Really
Feels About Her !!
And Always Reminds Her Of How Much He Really Loves Her !!

Everybody Has Gone Through Something…

Everybody Has Gone Through Something
That Has Changed Them In A Way That
They Could Never Go Back
To The Person They Once Were. !!

My Relation With You Is…

My Relation With You Is Not Only With Your Happiness
But Also With Your Pains And Sorrows
Your Life Is A Part Of Mine
What Else Shall I Say To You
My Relation With You Is Not Just Of Words
But Of Soul… !!

You Are So Much Important In My Life…

You Are So Much Important In My Life..
Not Because I Enjoy Your Company..
I Feel So Much Loneliness In Your Absence.. !!

Real Connections Live Forever…

When Connections Are Real,
They Simply Never Die.
They Can Be Buried,
Or Ignored Or Walked Away From,
But Never Broken.
If You Have Deeply Resonated With Another Person Or Place,
The Connection Remains Despite Any Distance,
Time, Situation, Lack Of Presence, Or Circumstance.

If You Are Doubtful Then Just Try It- Go
And Revisit A Person Or Place
And See If There’S Any Sense At All Of The Space Between Now And Then.

If It Was Truly Real,
You’Ll Be Instantly Swept Back Into The Moment
It Was Before It Left- During The Same Year
And Place With The Same Wonder And Hope, Comfort And Heartbeat……!

Real Connections Live Forever.. !!

Life Is So Stupid…

Life Is So Stupid
An Ordinary Person Makes You Smile
And A Very Special Person Always Makes Us Cry
Still We Care For The Special One.. !!

If They Miss You…

If They Miss You, They’Ll Call You.
If They Want You, They’Ll Tell You.
If They Care, They’Ll Show You.
If Not, They’Re Not Worth Your Time
You’Re Obviously Not Worth Theirs.. !

Relation Is Not An Exam…

Relation Is Not An Exam To Pass Or Fail,
Or Its Not A Competition To Win Or Lose.
Its A Feeling You Care For Someone More Than Yourself.

Health Is The Greatest Gift…

Health Is The Greatest Gift,
Contentment The Greatest Wealth,
Faithfulness The Best Relationship.

Your Name Is Safe In Their Mouth…

When Someone Loves You,
The Way They Say Your Name Is Different.
You Know That
Your Name Is Safe In Their Mouth.

Affection Is Not A Business…

Affection Is Not A Business Where You Give And Get,
It Is A Beautiful Feeling For Someone
Whom You Like To Give Even If You Don’T Get It.. !

Lovely Times Of Our Life…

Lovely Times Of Our Life Will Not Return Back Forever.
The Lovely Relation
‘N The Missing Memories Will Stay In The Heart Forever.

The Most Powerful Words In Relationship…

The Most Powerful Words In Relationship
Its Not “I Love You”
Not “I Am With You”
Not “I Will Die For You”
It’S Simply “I Can Understand You”.. !

Take Care Of Your Relationships…

You Never Pay Attention
To A Part Of Your Body Till It Pains Badly…

Don’T Let It Happen In Relationships.. !

Being In A Relationship…

Being In A Relationship,
It’S Not About The Labels Or Becoming Official.
It’S About Getting To Know Someone Well Enough To Develop Genuine Feelings For Them.
It’S About Being Understanding And Forgiving When Situations Are At Their Worst.
It’S About Loving Someone, Not For What They Have To Offer But Who They Are.

It’S Never About Blaming Your Significant Other For Not Treating You Like How You Want To Be Treated,
It’S About How Hard They Try To Keep You Around.. !

The Key To Any Long Term Relationship…

The Key To Any Long Term Relationship
Is For Both Of You To Never Ever Be Angry At The Same Time…
Take Turns Forgiving ‘N Keep Your Love Strong.. !

Some Relationship Come…

Some Relationship Come
When You Don’T Need Them..
Some Relationship Go
When You Realize You Need Them..!

Life Is Beautiful…

A Boy ‘N A Girl Were Playing Together.
The Boy Had A Collection Of Marbles. The Girl Had Some Sweets With Her.

The Boy Told The Girl That
He Will Give Her All His Marbles In Exchange For Her Sweets. The Girl Agreed.

The Boy Kept The Biggest And The Most Beautiful Marble Aside And Gave The Rest To The Girl.
The Girl Gave Him All Her Sweets As She Had Promised.

That Night, The Girl Slept Peacefully.
But The Boy Couldn’T Sleep As He Kept Wondering
If The Girl Had Hidden Some Sweets From Him The Way He Had Hidden His Best Marble.

If You Don’T Give Your Hundred Percent In A Relationship,
You’Ll Always Keep Doubting If The Other Person Has Given His/Her Hundred Percent.

The Purpose Of Relation Is Not To Have…

The Purpose Of Relation Is Not To Have
Someone Who May Be With You ‘Completely’,
But To Have Someone With Whom You Can Share
Your ‘Incompleteness Completely’.. !!

Never Apply Terms & Conditions…

Never Apply Terms ‘N Conditions In Your Relations…
Otherwise That Relationships Will Convert Into Contracts.. !

I’Ve Noticed That Being With You…

“I’Ve Noticed That Being With You,
I Smile A Little More Often,
I Anger A Little Less Quickly,
The Sun Shines A Little Brighter
Life Is Much Sweeter”.. !

The Only Reason Behind Broken Relation Is…

“The Only Reason Behind Broken Relation Is,
Either They Think That You Are Changed,
Their Thinking About You Is Changed”

Days Passes Away…

Days Passes Away Leaving Beautiful Memories,
Words Remain In The Form Of Stories
Beautiful Relationships Remain In Heart For Ever.. !

It’S Not About Who Hurt You…

It’S Not About
Who Hurt You And Broke You Down,
It’S All About
Who Was Always There To Make You Smile. !!

The Greatest Gift…

Beautiful Quote
“The Greatest Gift
We Can Give To Someone,
Is The Purity Of Our Affection”.. !!

If You Think Someone Yours…

If You Think Someone Yours
Then Keep Them Near To Your Heart
And Make Them Feel So,

If You Don’T Make Them Feel So….
Then World Would Teach Them To Live Without You !!

A Friend Waiting For A Break Up…

A Relationship Has :
A Girl..
A Boy..

An Ex Trying To Mess It Up..
A Friend Waiting For A Break Up. !!

Relationship Is Like A Garden…

Relationship Is Like A Garden
It’S Beautiful When Watered With
Love, Hugs, Tears And Cheers
But It Dries Up If Left Untouched

Stay In Touch With Your Love Ones

Starting A Relationship…

Starting A Relationship
And Breaking A Relationship Are
Considered As Very Common Situations.
But Always Have A Doubt Of
“Missing Something In Already Established Relationship”.. !!

A Good Hurt And Good Nature…

A Good Hurt And Good Nature Are Different Issue
A Good Hurt Can Win Many Relationship
A Good Nature Can Win Many Good Hurts.

Some Battles Have To Be Fought Alone…

Some Battles Have To Be Fought Alone,
Some Path Have To Be Crossed Alone,
So Never Be Emotionally Attached With Anyone…
You Never Know You Have To Be Walk Alone ..!

It’S Hard To Care For A Person…

It’S Hard To Care For A Person,
When You Know That,
One More Step Forward Will Make You Fall In Love
One Step Back Ruins Your Friendship.. !!

Good Relationships Are Like Trees…

Good Relationships Are Like Trees
They Demand Attention
Care In The Beginning
But Once They Blossoms
They Provide You Shade In
All Situations Of Life.!!