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Peace Of Mind Is A Beautiful Gift…

Peace Of Mind Is A Beautiful Gift,
Which Only We Can Give To Ourselves…

Just By Expecting Nothing From Anyone
Even After Doing Everything For Everyone.. !!

Acceptance Can Bring…

Only Full Acceptance Can Bring You True Peace.
Acceptance Does Not Mean Resignation.
Accept To Be Friend And Transform,
Instead Of Trying To Fight And Destroy.. !!

The Meaning Of Peace…

It Does Not Mean To Be In A Place
Where There Is No Noise, Trouble Or Hard Work.
It Means To Be In The Midst Of Those Things
And Still Be Calm In Your Heart..!!

True Peace Comes With…

True Peace Comes With The Discovery That We Can Respect
The Seasons Of Life With A Spacious
And Undefended Heart.
In It We Learn To Trust,
To Rest In The Truth Of The Way Things Are,
To Willingly Accept The Measure Of Joy
And Sorrow We Are Given.. !!

Peace Is Not A Relationship Of Nations…

Peace Is Not A Relationship Of Nations.
It Is A Condition Of Mind
Brought About By A Serenity Of Soul.
Peace Is Not Merely The Absence Of War.
It Is Also A State Of Mind.
Lasting Peace Can Come Only To Peaceful People..!!

There Is No Time Left For Anything…

There Is No Time Left For Anything
But To Make Peace Work A Dimension
Of Our Every Waking Activity.

The First Peace…

The First Peace, Which Is The Most Important,
Is That Which Comes Within The Souls Of People
When They Realize Their Relationship,
Their Oneness With The Universe
And All Its Powers,
And When They Realize That At The Center Of The Universe
Dwells The Great Spirit,
And That This Center Is Really Everywhere,
It Is Within Each Of Us.

Peace Is The Marriage Of The People…

Peace Is The Marriage Of The People
And The Planet, With All Attendant Vows.

There Is No Trust More Sacred…

There Is No Trust More Sacred
Than The One The World Holds With Children.
There Is No Duty More Important
Than Ensuring That Their Rights Are Respected,
That Their Welfare Is Protected,
That Their Lives Are Free From Fear
And Want And That They Grow Up In Peace.

Peace Comes From…

Peace Comes From Being Able To Contribute
The Best That We Have,
And All That We Are,
Toward Creating A World That Supports Everyone.
But It Is Also Securing The Space For Others
To Contribute The Best That
They Have And All That They Are.

Peace In A Country Does Not Mean…

Peace In A Country Does Not Mean
Absence Of War But When Things Are In Order

Golden Gates In Your Pocket…

When You Are In Love,
It’S Like Having A Piece Of Heavens’
Golden Gates In Your Pocket
Like A Guardian Angel.